Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January 5, 2011

Guests: Blogger Digby from Hullabaloo

Have you gotten used to writing and saying “2011” yet?  Sam has, and is proud of it!

First, can someone still be considered alive if they have no pulse? Dick Cheney received a mechanical heart pump last summer and now:

Mr. Cheney’s heart will never beat at full strength again, doctors say. His new mechanical pump, a partial artificial heart known as a ventricular assist device, leaves patients without a pulse because it pushes blood continuously instead of mimicking the heart’s own beat.

<Perry Mason Sound>

Holy shit!  Dick Cheney could be a robot or even undead!  Sam demands to see Mr. Cheney’s birth certificate to prove that he was ever alive.  Though with all that said, we wish Mr. Cheney a long, healthy, pulse-less life.

Next, the “Death Panel” lies are back.  End of life counseling is once again a right-wing lie and Media Matters has about a minute and a half of lies from Fox News.  Does the Obama Administration stand up to these lies?  Of course not.

If The Fed has its way, even if a homeowner proves that the bank committed fraud on their mortgage they can loose their home to foreclosure.

Where are all the bees?

WOR in NYC drops the Glen Beck Show.

Sam welcomes Digby back to the show to talk about  the Obama Administration’s “Grand Bargain” and what that means to the future of Social Security.  Digby invites us to get to know Pete Peterson and how he fits into all of this.  Social Security should not have been part of the “Bargain.”  Don’t miss out on this in-depth discussion.

“Sam-ism” of the day:

Obama has become the first black president who was the first white present who was black.

Good luck with that one.

Finally, in the soon to be sequestered Post Show, Sam has some final words for Robert Gibbs and takes listener IMs – Don’t miss it. Become a Majority Report Member or just spread the Majority Report Word across the internets to support the show!

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