Friday, January 7, 2011

January 7, 2011

Guests: Movieline.com’s Chris Rosen

Today Sam is ironed, sweater-vested and clean shaven.  Sam picks out the most important information from the Marc Maron article in the New York Times:

He was fired by Air America.  Twice. A third project with the network, a Web-based show with the comedian Sam Seder, also failed.

It appears that the Maron blurb in Rolling Stone has nothing interesting to mention.

William Daley’s appointment as White House Chief of staff leads Sam to a post by Digby on Hullabaloo that focuses on Daley’s time as Al Gore’s campaign chairman during the 2000 Presidential election.  The “Corporatist with a Heart” Daley is quoted in Jeffery Toobin’s book Too Close To Call:

Even though the automatic recount had cut Bush’s lead dramatically in the previous three days, Christopher and Daley offered little hope that the margin could be eliminated completely. “Look you got screwed,” said Daley, “but people get screwed every day. They don’t have a remedy. Black people get screwed all the time. They don’t have a remedy. Sometimes there’s no remedy. There’s nothing you can do about it…

Senior Editor of Movieline.com, AP student, and Casual Friday regular Chris Rosen gives out his Netflix Streaming and On-Demand movies of the week:

Netflix – Joan Rivers – A Piece of Work

On-Demand – The Town

For the rest of the show Sam listed his “Best of” Wikileaks of 2010.  He was astounded (not really) that a piece in the The Guardian entitled Foreign contractors hired Afghan ‘dancing boys’ didn’t get much play since it uncovered child rape.  Other findings that Sam mentioned came from the CBS News story How WikiLeaks Enlightened Us in 2010.

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