Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 18, 2011

Guest: Economist James Galbraith

Sam opens the show assuring us that The Majority Report will not be sponsored by a gold-shilling company or an erectile dysfunction drug unlike other political shows.  When the end-times come what would you rather have, a bar of gold or some Just Coffee? (use coupon code MAJORITY)

Congress will vote on the repeal falsely labeled “Job-Crushing” health care bill (formerly known as the “Job-Killing” bill) and Sam explains where the Republicans got this “fact” and why it is a lie.

Sean Hannity invited Sarah Palin on his show so he can lob softballs at her, giving her an opportunity to clear the “Blood Libel” controversy.  Obviously, it didn’t go so well.

The Battle Hymn of Sarah Palin – Yikes.

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Can lowering the age that you can get full Social Security benefits actually build a more robust SS program? Economist James Galbraith joins Sam to explain why he thinks it can.

Finally, in the soon to be sequestered Post Show, Sam’s growing grapes, praises Ricky Gervais on the Golden Globes, covers some news stories he didn’t get to in the main show, and takes listener IMs – Don’t miss it. Become a Majority Report Member or just spread the Majority Report Word across the internets to support the show!

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