Weekend Recap: February 21-25

February 27, 2011

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-Nick Burns

It’s Oscar weekend and since that’s all about plugging movies, I thought I’d start off plugging The Majority Report: The Members Only show is only available for MR Members so if you’re not a member join now so you don’t miss a thing. Buy coffee, tea, or chocolate from JustCoffee.coop with code MAJORITY to get 10% off. Buy anything from this MR Link to Amazon.com and take some of “The Man’s” money to benefit an independent, liberal voice. Donate your Twitter account. And spread The Majority Report word by sending links to MR audio or video to friends or posting them on blogs or web forums that you frequent. And the award goes to: The Majority Report Weekend Recap!

Investigative journalist and blogger Lindsay Beyerstein to talk about how Republicans swept into Congress this year promising jobs and fiscal responsibility but instead using their power to attack woman’s rights from abortion to family planning.

Journalist and author Naomi Klein disucsses the events in the Middle East and Wisconsin and how it is reminding citizens that “people power” still works.

AlterNet’s Washington bureau chief Adele Stan talks to Sam about how the billionaire Koch brothers are using Wisconsin as a battleground to break labor’s back.

Director and documentary filmmaker Eugene Jarecki discusses his new Reagan documentary and how he tried to show a balanced look of this almost mythical figure.

Sunday, Dummy Sunday – The talking head shows on Sunday morning continue their ignorance and David Gregory isn’t helping them get any smarter.

Lighting Cigars With Ben Franklins – Money: What it Means to Average People vs. Right Wing Billionaires

You Can’t Handle the Truth – Outlawing Collective Bargaining? Stupid States Do Stupid Things

KO DOMA – The Obama admin is no longer enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act

Look for the Union Label – WI state senator Chris Larson reminds us everything we have thanks to unions.

Books and DVDs from Sam’s guests this week:

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