Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1, 2011

Guest: Political cartoonist Tom Tomorrow

Two new polls are in the news today. First a new Public Policy Poll shows if voters in Wisconsin could do-over the 2010 gubernatorial vote they would have elected the Democrat, Tom Barrett, by a 52-45 margin over Scott Walker.

The second, a CBS/NYT poll, shows that 60% oppose eliminating collective bargaining and 33% are in favor.  That ~30% number keeps popping up as the number of people who supported George W Bush, subscribe to the moral majority and tea party, watch Glenn Beck – that number doesn’t seem to either grow or shrink. It is just an eternal percentage of Americans who will never get it.

Product Details Sam’s interview today is the talented Tom Tomorrow, creator of the This Modern World cartoon strip as seen on Salon, Credo and Truthout.org websites and in many local papers. He has a new collection of comics chronicling the time of the 2008 elections and the rise of the Tea Party, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin and it is appropriately named Too Much Crazy.

Check out this week’s cartoon about the Tea Party.

Louis C.K. Asks Donald Rumsfeld: Are You A ‘Lizard From Outer Space‘?

What have the wealthy given up? Nothing. Yankees star Alex Rodriguez will get a $58,800  break on his $60,000 property tax bill for a $6 million apartment he is buying on the upper West Side.

Sam points out some Hyper-Douchebaggery in Congress; Four years ago the Democrats removed styrofoam in the cafe and replaced them with products that bio-degrade. Now that the Republicans are back they brought “foamed polystyrene” with them.

Dolphin deaths are 12 times the usual number in the Gulf of Mexico. We’re sure it has nothing to do with the oil or dispersants from last year.

Two weeks ago the USDA approved Monsanto’s GMO alfalfa despite a newly discovered a microscopic pathogen that could threaten our entire food supply.

Breaking – The 2012 asshole parade is gaining balloons as word comes that Newt Gingrich is going to announce he is opening a presidential exploratory committee.

Hydrofracking is more harmful than originally thought. And regulation is lax. I think we already figured that out.

If you are not a Majority Report member you miss out on the Members Only Show podcast where we had a pitch for 2 and a half Sam, learned that Seder had a work ethic in his younger years, and took a further walk down memory lane.

Note: Sam spoke about the children’s book Myla loves that was written by Tom Tomorrow, The Very Silly Mayor. A link to the book using the Majority Report Amazon link is below.

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