General Strike – Occupy May Day 2012

May 1, 2012

NO LIVE SHOW TODAY:  The rain has stopped here in NYC and Sam has interviews from Bryant Park, one gathering center for Occupy May Day 2012, International Workers Holiday marches in New York City.  We will post the show later.  Check back for the podcast!  Click thru for pics, links and updates from the day!

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Twitter Hashtags: #M1GS | #GeneralStrike | #MayDay
In NYC: #M1NYC | @OWSMayDay | @StrikeEverywher
Elsewhere: @OccupyGenStrk | @OccupyGenStrike | @BayAreaStrike | @oo_mayday
NYC Resources: Live May Day Radio NYC | Live May Day Protest Map
Other live-blogs: The Occupied Wall St Journal | Village Voice | The Nation

Link to an article on the history of May Day from the Guardian, UK.

To find out what’s happening across the nation,  check out Media for the 99%

Link to May Day NYC

For schedules and updates from  Occupy Wall Street click thru here.



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