9/11 Rick Perlstein…Chicago Teachers Fight Rahm Emanuel

September 11, 2012

On today’s show Sam and Rick Perlstein discussed the Teacher’s strike happening right now in Chicago. Rick explained how effective the Chicago Teacher’s Union has been in gaining public support, the corporate special interests funding the “education reform” movement and how Rahm Emanuel’s disdain for unions is driving Chicago politics. Sam focused on the ideological nature of the attack on public schools and Rick said that universal education has always been vital to our economic societal success.

On the Better Half: a Libertarian caller sounded a bit confused but definitely loved Gold, Sam went over Kurt Eichenwald’s new reporting on the Bush Administration’s stunning negligence before September 11th, Pat Robertson is confused as to whether men can be beat their wives in America but knows they can in Saudi Arabia and Sam shared his memories of September 11th.

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