10/15 Josh Eidelson: Walmart Strikers Eye Black Friday

October 15, 2012

Labor journalist Josh Eidelson, caught us up on the latest news on the Walmart strikes, explained Walmart’s history of aggressive anti unionism, how its business modelis based on keeping people in poverty, why Walmart’s tactics have depressed wages across the service sector and what strikers are planning for Black Friday.

Also the Koch Brothers have sent out a helpful letter to their employees “suggesting” how they should vote in the coming election and Sam wonders what Libertarian would make of this corporate infringement on liberty.

On the Better Half:
Sam says don’t worry about the polls Obama is still probably going to win, Jason Thompson may have put the final nail in the coffin of his father Tommy Thompson’s WI Senate campaign bid with a birther joke, Billy Graham endorses Romney and scrubs all anti Mormon references from his website, Sam debates a friendly Libertarian, coaches President Obama on what to say in the next debate and George W Bush is now painting dogs, Dubya explains his creative process.

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