4/5 Cliff Schecter: The Democrats Heavy weight Brawl & Film Guy Matthew Weiss: What to Watch Instead of the Superbowl

February 5, 2016

Cliff Schecter explains why Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders pound on each other in last nights debate. How big of a deal are Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speeches. Was Bernie Sanders a flop on foreign policy. Why the Sanders campaign is focused on the wrong part of the Goldman Sachs speech controversy. Clinton’s corporate connections are a problem. The time Elizabeth Warren explained Hillary Clinton’s reversal on the bankruptcy bill. Where Hillary Clinton is failing in her attack on Bernie’s  gun record. How much does foreign policy matter in the Democratic Primary? And Hillary’s disturbing reference to Henry Kissinger. (13:00)

Film Matthew Weiss talks like Trump now as well. The uncomfortable closeups in the Democratic debate. The Film Guy’s new project. Matthew’s beef with Just Coffee. Jeb Bush was probably abused by Barbara Bush and Matthew says we should watch The Firm and read Alice Miller’s Drama of the Gifted Child. (57:30)

On The Fun Half: The Democrats show some unity. Should Bernie Sanders being talking about the military industrial complex? Jeb Bush tries to sound hard.

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