3/30 Rebecca Traister: All the Single Ladies: How Unmarried Women Are Revolutionizing America

March 30, 2016

New York Magazine and author of All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation explains the radical transformation of what single means in today’s world. The history of marriage as an institution. What marriage means across racial and class lines. Susan B Anthony and the historical resistance to marriage. Marrying later in life and less gendered relationships. Backlash against “PC culture”. Unmarried women and the transforming electorate. Why White men have always received government benefits. Why we need paid sick leave now and why marriage is becoming a new institution.

On The Fun Half: How to help Bernie now. More Police abuse. Trump and the revolution the debate continues. Fighting a Clinton Presidency from the left. Donald Trump backs out of his commitment to back the Republican nominee. Trump backs campaign manager who assaulted a Breitbart person. Alex Jones talks to Trump associate Roger Stone and your calls and IMs.

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