Wednesday, November 10, 2010

On Today’s Show: ย Seder slams Blue Dogs and their water carriers (like Matt Bai) and their establishment buddies (like Lawrence O’Donnell).

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  1. trapper says:

    Hiya Jim, loved your ode to Odie.

  2. Nefferkitti says:

    Morning SJ and all to come.
    Coffee and tea bar is open – and I made muffins too.

  3. eya Trapper! delightful to read ya Neffer!

    just had cataract job on my right eyeball, typing even slower than usual.

    good to see these threads trending towards discussion between posters.

  4. Pink Poodle says:

    Good Morning Sam and Majority.fmers.

  5. taozen says:

    Fraternizing among the posters wow I forgot you can do that!

  6. Mirella says:

    sam kinda pre-announced yesterday that there was going to be a guest today; I wonder who it is. Should we do a poll? I think it’s either gonna be laura flanders, marc maron or jeanine aka katherine harris

    what’s your guess?

  7. morning all.

  8. plooger says:

    Ugh… SO wish they’d open the stream early, either w silence or musak (or something)… Now I gotta sit here continually retrying the connection until it catches.

  9. anybody got sound yet?

  10. stream is up guys

  11. in the mean time you can play pacman over at greenwald’s new site:

  12. No sound yet. Fashionably late?

  13. Mirella says:

    no, no sound yet

    but we do have muffins, i hear? Hi all and thanks Neffer; i’d like one of my favorites, the cranbarry orange, thanks a bunch!

    • Nefferkitti says:

      Cranberry orange muffin warming in the toaster oven for you – help yourself to any of the coffees or teas on the bar.

  14. Fraternizing among the posters””

    ya, it was a turning point in the old MRR blog. at first we posted AT the blog.

    it got really interesting when we began posting to each other.

    mornin Pink Poodle, welcome to the bloggie, coffee’s on the bar in the solarium.

  15. Got sound!

    Hello All !

  16. VCR mode? What century are you broadcasting from…?

  17. Nefferkitti says:

    Need to use alternate player for sound today -the one on the webpage isnt working for me.

  18. I wonder if the podcast will be available in BetaMax…

  19. no sound here.


  20. refreshed the page and the player began working

  21. Mic sounds tinny!

  22. mikes sound good enough.

  23. is there a group level im up and running?

  24. ya a bit tinny but i think that’s bounce off the walls not the mic’s

  25. hey all, Evan-the-producer here. Re-EQing the mic, let me know how it sounds.

  26. Nefferkitti says:

    Nice to see you Dan – no group IM or chat running and while originally sammy said they were thinking of having a Ustream channel – where we all remember having a chat room…. last he said maybe they were not going to have one so we don’t know. For now its here at the blog. Have some coffee and a muffin – best we can offer for now ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • i stopped in for the great company and to get some sammy

    • plooger says:

      > “last he said maybe they were not going to have one so we donโ€™t know”

      Last word from Sam, in a comment he made to his producer(s), was that they could probably find a chat application separate from their video streaming app. It’s all TBD.

  27. Student rioting in UK getting bad. People taken to hospital MSNBC reports

  28. Watch ToniD, the State Dept. will issue travel warnings for the U.K. soon, too…

  29. Sam, have you heard of the Pete Peterson Foundation?

  30. eya Evan

    sounds pretty good now.

    Sam’s voice tends to buzz a little bit on the percussives.

  31. eya catchoo!

    Paul Wellstone.

    seems that the crap really started flying after they crashed his plane and killed him.

    • plooger says:

      And Carnahan, if you’re going there.

    • plooger says:

      Re: Wellstone, though…. He was really starting to get some traction in his Senate re-election campaign when he began ramping-up the anti-war talk; even Mary Landrieu started echoing his approach.

  32. taozen says:

    live-1.m3u I am listening this way and I am getting a slight bit of warbling
    I like the mic-ing from yesterdays podcast better than today ‘s broadcast.

    the gain/ volume might be a little high or Sam is pushing a little bit (out of his sincere intensity) and not used to the distance from the mike that gives the best level. get him a Neumann ( yea thats in the budget). Run Up t0 B&H and see if they have the right mic for this kind of podcast

    • the podcast probably has a better bitrate than the webcast, TZ. The sound will be better, fuller.

  33. taozen says:

    court jester thats the only job the aristocracy would have for you.

  34. no prob Evan, delighted to have a good crew for the show.

    waiting for the call in number so we can yak at you all.

  35. hedge funds

  36. petersen also wants to turn management of social security over to “wall street”, for a small fee of course

  37. ya Taozen

    Sam was too close to the mike way back when they re-miked at the AAR studio a few years ago.

  38. Nefferkitti says:

    Moyers speech available online. But you all know that already.

      • plooger says:

        From the video page…

        The first Howard Zinn Memorial Lecture is delivered by veteran journalist, Bill Moyers. Citing Zinn […]as his inspiration, Moyers focuses on the challenges facing our democracy. He decried what he says has been a 30-year trend toward plutocracy, where the rich get richer at the expense of the average citizen.

        Howard Zinn, the political activist and author who taught for 24 years in the College of Arts & Sciences political science department, died in January. The Howard Zinn Memorial Lecture is made possible by a generous gift from Alex MacDonald, Esq. (CAS’72), and Maureen A. Strafford, MD (MED’76).

        Presented at Alumni Weekend on October 29, 2010.

  39. sound effects a little low on the volume.

  40. Nefferkitti says:

    Visual aides – not so helpful on the audio cast. Just sayin’…..

    • plooger says:

      Sounds like they were working on a video recording. Not sure if it was simply a test or if we might expect a video podcast.

  41. the only difference between a fascist like kasich (the next governor of ohio) and mussolini is that mussolini had trains.

  42. it’s simple enough, we’re talking class warfare here.

    they made plans for this in the 1920’s.

    • plooger says:

      Yep, the PTB have been looking to rollback all the progress that the people and labor made over the 20th Century.

  43. i like the after show segment best

    • Mirella says:

      me too; i don’t think it gets podcasted though

      • plooger says:

        Thus far, the IM comments have been included in the podcasts, but Sam has alluded to them only being included in the “premium” package, in the future.

  44. Mirella says:

    sam’s like a little kid sometimes…. ๐Ÿ™‚ jet pack!

  45. plooger says:

    Re: Sam needing equipment… If you’re a Comcast customer, Comcast is currently running a Macbook Pro giveaway… one Macbook Pro per day.


  46. which im is sam on and whats the nic?

  47. back sam off the effin mic!

    when he turns his head he sounds better

    talking across the mic instead of into it is something to try

  48. possible loren sightings?


  49. good luck, he can be stubborn at times.

    (g’dam mike suckers…)

  50. Nefferkitti says:

    IM is AIM or any compatible


    • i loaded up pidgin which is supposed to be a universal im client. everything i’ve tried gets no response so i’m not sure what i’m doing wrong.

      • Nefferkitti says:

        hmmm I don’t know dan – I use AIM specifically for IMing Sam so cannot help with this. hopefully someone else here will be able to guide you futher.
        Fingers crossed.

  51. Sam could do Obama email nigerian scam spam.

    love his satire. please encourage him to bring out more of the humor and irony of this shituation.

  52. ya Dan

    last time i tried to IM i had the same hassles.

    i like the bloggie, more accessible and it’s a good written reference record.

  53. Thanks for the plug Sam!

  54. daveyeah says:

    Well, that was an abrupt ending… was that intentional or technical difficulty?

  55. Nefferkitti says:

    Time for me to get moving. Coffee and tea bar remains open as always help yourself.

    IM – For some reason AIM ims seem to not like outside clients – I dont know anything technical to suggest or to help – I hope others here might and will help those with problems – I installed and use AIM express specifically for IM’ing re: sammy and the show etc…. because nothing else worked for me.
    Have an awesome day everyone.

  56. I wrote a song about Paul LePage, Maine’s new governor. Sure he’s said a lot of insane things at tea parties, but hopefully he won’t mess up the state too bad. Follow the link below and you can get the mp3!

  57. plooger says:

    “Slams” might be overstating it.

  58. gloryoski says:

    Sam: Please do not fold guests. It is rude. Or with rope, etc, porno. Or possibly a circus. It’s really just a decision about your niche I guess.

  59. 1. By all means, save time & test equipment on the air, but don’t DISCUSS the testing on the air (people are tuning out or off during excessive show logistics talk; write notes down and discuss it later)

    2. LOVE the PODCASTs!!! (I too don’t own a TV and manage fine without cable….and will until Verizon/Google turns the net into a gated exclusive community…until we subscribe direct to Indian sat cos???)

    3. Happy to hear others find L O’Donnell self-gratuitious slurry, despite any other talents he may have! Every time Rachel Maddow plugs him, I try him again, and every time I turn it off (except when M Moore was on; I’ll look again to hear the show you cited), because every sentence he mentions has some kind of self-kowtow ego massage in it I would prefer to live without!

    4. Keep nailing the blue dogs & drawing the clear lines! Now how to get the social security thieving ultra-rich message out to the masses? (Your printed flier idea is sounding better suddenly to this new listener!!!)

  60. johnsalmond says:

    no entertainment stories, please!!!! — life is too short for yet another source of mindless chatter; you mix in plenty of your own entertainment while talking about stuff that matters; anyhow, you’ve got the inside scoop on Myla, who can match that

  61. that’s puritanism – dealing with people that don’t agree with your fundamental beliefs.

  62. KennyB says:

    Sam, I realize your principles won’t allow this, but on This Week in Tech (TWiT) podcast, they talked about how good Heil microphones were and the next week they received a shipment of them.

  63. Thank you for your post!

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