Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On Today’s Show: Matt Taibbi, author of Griftopia, helps us talk to our right-wing relatives.

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  1. gloryoski says:

    Poke. Poke. πŸ˜‰

    Psycho-Babbling Obama

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

    “Rather than face the fact that Obama is not a friend of the people, leftish commentators insist on conducting a psychological analysis of the president.”


  2. Morning glory! I get a half hour of Sam before I go to work….Hope all is well!

    • gloryoski says:

      Morning Michele. Things are OK. Glad you made it to your visit yesterday.

      I got a couple Taibbi links upthread awaiting mod. Doh! I’ll never learn.

      • I had a beautiful drive actually. The sky opened up and all the snow was perfect!

        -7 in Minden this am…so crazy!

        • gloryoski says:

          We have been very lucky here (or not, depending on pov) so far. First lows below freezing of the season on Thursday and Friday nights.

  3. Kevin Krooss says:

    Top three reasons the Right opposes new TSA inspection procedures….

    Scanners will reveal the with of their stance

    Impossible for them to maintain denial of their sexual preferences after burly TSA agent gives them a firm pat down (honestly, I think this is one of their deepest fears. A post-pat down erection.)

    Opus Dei and Mormon identified via their underwear fetishs.

  4. utilitopia says:

    A guest post on Dmitry Orlov’s always-awesome Club Orlov blog.

    An American ex-pat puts American quality of life into perspective.

    “Patriots” may wish to cover their eyes and mumble their incantations to ward off the evil European socialists.

  5. I have never heard the who song before!

  6. If you’re in the NYT shadow, you’re in Hell’s Kitchen.

    Cabs’ maps call it “Clinton.” Which is, obviously, bullshit.

  7. gloryoski says:

    Good! Volume better now.

  8. gloryoski says:

    Update on speed dating.

  9. Pretty classy porn music!

  10. Hello,Hello All ! πŸ™‚

  11. ok, ok. I’ll be the first to call ‘BS’ on Sam’s little TSA friend…

  12. Straight mans pretty good!

  13. Sensual oils ?

    Sammy’s hitting new ground..
    Must be one of his buds..Hee..

  14. The Banana Hammock ?
    Ughh !

  15. Sandy McGee says:

    This guy is a WHACK JOB (pardon the pun)

  16. gloryoski says:

    Notice the shoulder massage part was what was finally too much for Sam. Sam you really oughta talk to someone about that…

  17. Nefferkitti says:

    I vote for Jon Benjamin as our TSA screener helpful gentlemen.

  18. Sandy McGee says:

    Who here I.M.’s sam after the show???

  19. Hey gang, how’s the sound today?

  20. Matt Taibbi rocks!

    I’ve read ALL of his RS articles; hope to get his book for Xmas…

  21. Sandy McGee says:

    I have an account with AOL to I.M. Sam – but he’s not getting them, so I’m
    just wondering why he’s not getting them??? What am I doing wrong?

  22. You guys switched to Nicecast? That’s what we use for live stuff. Rock solid and so many features it boggles the mind.

    • we’ve been using nicecast since the soft launch. rock solid, and you can plug in external effects. Great program so far.

      • I didn’t notice it until today. Tried using iTunes today and saw the RogueAmoeba on the streamline. I have and use everything they make, especially Fission for editing.

        The VU meters in Nicecast pretty much solved my levels problems.

        Should have known you guys would be on the bleeding edge of internet radio. πŸ˜‰

        • The VUs are fantastic, and the built in multi-band compressor is pretty transparent (not the single-band, for some reason though, which sounds reverby). Just wish the application mixer could hijack Google Voice… it cannot…

  23. plooger says:

    Wanna participate in The Majority Report?

    ===> Check this out <===

  24. plooger says:

    Am I the only one hearing the occasional “boop…boop” sound? I’ve noticed it during previous shows, but just heard it again.

    • gloryoski says:

      No. The boop boop is definitely there. I assumed it was akin to the lil noises you get in Skype sometimes.

      • plooger says:

        Thanks for the verification, Glory.

        With a bit more coffee in me, I realize that I shouldn’t have phrased my post as a question, as I’d previously verified that the boops were in the program audio stream — because they were present in the same locations in the podcast mp3s.

  25. Sandy McGee says:

    plooger, I sent him an e-mail yesterday & asked if he was getting them – he responded that he wasn’t.

  26. Y’sure it’s not your Facebook chat, Ploog?

  27. Love Taibbi.
    Love Seder.
    I was so depressed, but listening to you fellas has made me feel so much better…
    Thanks much.

  28. Sandy McGee says:

    Thanks plooger – πŸ˜‰
    Will see after the show if he says hi or what ever ….

  29. Sandy McGee says:

    Like Matt alot myself.

  30. Kevin Krooss says:

    Only believes FOX News….

    Remind them that it’s 2nd largest owner is a Muslim from the Saudi Royal family who’s Kingdom Group finances the building of mosques in America.

    FOX viewers finance American mosques.

  31. Brett knows a really good IM program
    that is Very Good
    & that u cam IM Aim but,don’t have to download all of Aim’s Bs..
    The name of the program starts with a “B”
    but,that’s all I remember..Buko something or other..
    Brett told me over a 1 1/2 yr ago..I can’t find where I filed it..
    Brett,get ready for a email.. πŸ™‚

  32. i like Sam’s blog ideas!

  33. Happy Thanksgiving Sam & All !

    Enjoy ! πŸ™‚

  34. Nefferkitti says:

    Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels everyone!!

    • plooger says:

      Thanks, Neffer. Back at ya, and to everyone else, as well. (gonna need your wishes, it appears, as Central Illinois is getting hit with sleet/freezing rain)

  35. gloryoski says:

    Yep! Happy TG!

  36. hahaha, Sammy Live from Hell’s Kitchen…. so appropriate…

    happy holidays All…

  37. My coauthor, Jason Reifler, and I looked at can the media effectively correct misperceptions, which seems like a simple question, but no one had really tested that scientifically.
    BROOKE GLADSTONE: And you found actually that when people had their misperceptions challenged certain people, at least, were more likely to become more firmly entrenched in that belief.
    BRENDAN NYHAN: That’s right. People were so successful at bringing to mind reasons that the correction was wrong that they actually ended up being more convinced in the misperception than the people who didn’t receive the correction. So the correction, in other words, was making things worse.
    BROOKE GLADSTONE: So tell me about your latest study.

    • It’s pride, vanity and mostly ignorance. That’s why life is like a broken record, skipping along repeating itself over and over…

      And over again.

      Think about and help if you can those folks who don’t see today as anything special cuz they’re too busy just trying to survive, eat, stay dry, etc.

      That’s the real tragedy of Amerika today.

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