Friday, January 7, 2011

Guests:’s Chris Rosen

Today Sam is ironed, sweater-vested and clean shaven.  Sam picks out the most important information from the Marc Maron article in the New York Times:

He was fired by Air America.  Twice. A third project with the network, a Web-based show with the comedian Sam Seder, also failed.

It appears that the Maron blurb in Rolling Stone has nothing interesting to mention.

William Daley’s appointment as White House Chief of staff leads Sam to a post by Digby on Hullabaloo that focuses on Daley’s time as Al Gore’s campaign chairman during the 2000 Presidential election.  The “Corporatist with a Heart” Daley is quoted in Jeffery Toobin’s book Too Close To Call:

Even though the automatic recount had cut Bush’s lead dramatically in the previous three days, Christopher and Daley offered little hope that the margin could be eliminated completely. “Look you got screwed,” said Daley, “but people get screwed every day. They don’t have a remedy. Black people get screwed all the time. They don’t have a remedy. Sometimes there’s no remedy. There’s nothing you can do about it…

Senior Editor of, AP student, and Casual Friday regular Chris Rosen gives out his Netflix Streaming and On-Demand movies of the week:

Netflix – Joan Rivers – A Piece of Work

On-Demand – The Town

For the rest of the show Sam listed his “Best of” Wikileaks of 2010.  He was astounded (not really) that a piece in the The Guardian entitled Foreign contractors hired Afghan ‘dancing boys’ didn’t get much play since it uncovered child rape.  Other findings that Sam mentioned came from the CBS News story How WikiLeaks Enlightened Us in 2010.

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  1. Jay Schiavone says:

    I forgot to emphasize in my tirade yesterday that further proof of White House influence in the destruction of Trent Lott as Senate Majority Leader was the installation of Rove’s boy Dr. Frist as his his replacement. Frist, we may recall, carried out the bidding of the administration because he was duped into believing he would be put on the fast track to the presidential nomination. We can laugh about it now. Actually, I laughed then, because Frist was crumpled up and discarded by Bushco after he had served his purpose. Sound familiar, Gen. Powell? I am reminded of Jack Nicholson as the Joker when he asks his henchman for his gun: “Thank you, Bob.”

  2. E Rock says:

    Good Morning my fellow bleeding heart liberals.

    Happy Friday!!!!!!!!

  3. E Rock says:

    Cant blame a guy for his family. Everyone has a dumb ass in the family.

  4. HI all!
    Say how do I IM sammy?

    • E Rock says:

      hit him up at MajorityFM on AIM

      • Thanks E Rock. I hate AOL and I think I lost my AIM acct a long time ago. Oh well. (Whenever I work on somebody’s PC the first thing I do is remove anything marked AOL unless they specifically ask me not to.) Thanks again! Have a great weekend!

  5. yay! Chris Rosen is an old friend of the blog and it’s good to hear him on the show.

    • E Rock says:

      What Blog, I keep seeing people talk about the blog. Is this the blog? If it is then im sorry for asking a retarded question.

      • it’s complicated.

        i wrote this whole long thing about it in reply to you and this thread ate it.

        heres part of it.:

        oh there are many blogs actually.

        “whats happened is that Sam’s audience is divided into communication tribes now.

        old school bloggers like me, the IM’ers, the twitters, the Facebookers and gawd knows what else.

        Sam, the shows and the fun generally will really get going when ALL those tribes can communicate with each other.

        what I wonder is if Sam will figure that out.

        Pnone in capability and the interviews “Peaked” the audience in the AAR shows.”

        • samsedershow dot com is THE bloggie. i’ve been there since the start going on 7 years pretty soon.

          this ones functionality is crippled for some reason. for example for some reason it won’t accept url’s in my posts today.

          my guess is it won’t take off till they get an admin for it.

          sort of wondering why Sam is running this one at all but seeing as he’s short of money and crew this keeps the option open.

  6. Hmm. It looks like the quality of your mp3 has been jacked up to 160 kbps. You should be advised that this makes it more difficult for those with low speed to acquire. If you want to have the broadest audience, you should keep the bandwidth requirement at a much lower level..around 30. It is only talk radio after all.

    • E Rock says:

      I totally agree! Even though I have no idea what all the tech gibberish means, it sounds real smart. Hear Hear!

    • Yea really. Not only does a 160kbs quality file take longer to download, a live stream at that rate is more noticable to a
      network administrator in a place of business. I don’t wish
      to get “busted” while listening to the show at work.

      There are good sounding 32kbs live stereo streams out there
      “EDGE Radio” for example, or bluerootsradio 64kbs.

      I would think a lower bitrate stream would allow more listeners to
      listen at the same time without any problems.

  7. Sam on Ring of Fire 12 noon Pacific time


    Saturdays at 3 o’clock Eastern, rebroadcasts Sunday nights at 8 pm Eastern

    To listen to Ring Of Fire please select one of the links below for streaming.

    * KPOJ in Portland:
    * 92.1 The Mic in Wisconsin:

  8. I’ve never understood how to IM anyone. I enjoy the ‘After-show” IMs but I guess I’m just not smart enough to participate. Maybe Sammy will explain it in terms that a five year old cold understand 🙂

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