Thursday, January 20, 2011

Guest: Professor Eric Kingson

All those that listen to the Majority Report know who has the most trusted name in news (ahem… Sam Seder) but when Public Policy Polling asked what network was the most trusted name in news last year, for some unknown reason Fox News came out on top.  Well, there’s change in the wind and this year they find that Fox News is the most distrusted name in news.  From Hero to Goat.  From the First to the Worst.  Sam seems to think the spread of Beck may be the cause of many of Fox News’ problems.

The LGBT community is finally getting hospital visitation rights.  It’s sickening that this is just happening.

The repeal of the health care overhaul, which is really only a symbolic vote, was approved by the House of Representatives yesterday marking “a fulfillment of a campaign promise.”  Leaders of the Democratic-controlled Senate will not act on the repeal measure. <Hey! Wha Happend?> <I don’t think so!>

Sam believes that anyone who writes emails in all caps are probably crazy, so guess how Representative Joe “YOU LIE” Wilson tweeted the repeal vote yesterday:

Sam’s right.  That is a sign of insanity.

Next Sam welcomes Professor Eric Kingson of Syracuse University’s School of Social Work and discusses his experiences being on staff on the 1982-3 National Commission on Social Security Reform and asks him to offer his expertise on Social Security issues. (Listen to the interview here.)

Strengthen Social Security… Don’t cut itWebsite and Twitter

Make sure you listen to the Sam’s interview with James Galbraith from Tuesday’s Majority Report to hear his views on actually lowering the age in which you can get full Social Security benefits.

Finally, in the soon to be sequestered MRP, Sam covers some news stories he didn’t get to in the main show (Lanny Davis/Joe Lieberman whore-off, Obama’s SS lies, Rep. Phil Gingrey is back) and takes listener IMs – Don’t miss it! Become a Majority Report Member or just spread the Majority Report Word across the internets to support the show!

Listen to clips of the show via Official.FM

Rep. Phil Gingrey is back in the news! Check out today’s podcast to hear what this douche is up to. In the meantime, enjoy this Break Room Live classic starring Gingrey and Rush.

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23 Responses to Thursday, January 20, 2011

  1. presenting “The Battle Hymn of Jimmy Reefercake”, by yours truly. With special guest missuss reefercake…enjoy!

    it is a train wreck allright.

  2. E Rock says:

    Good morning peoples.

    Sunshine, where are my deep thoughts for the day?

    • When the song of the angel is still,
      When the star in the sky is gone,
      When the kings and princes are home,
      When the shepherds are back with their sheep,
      The work of Christmas begins:
      to find the lost,
      to heal the broken,
      to feed the hungry,
      to release the prisoner,
      to rebuild the nations,
      to bring peace among people,
      to make music in the heart.
      – Howard Thurman

  3. americablog AMERICAblog
    Froomkin: Obama’s willingness to cut Social Security is ‘killing him with voters’

  4. Breaking on MSNBC:

    Three people shot in Miami , one is US Marshall, Local school in lockdown.

  5. Awesome guest today! Can’t wait for the video to re-listen.

  6. Excellent show. Keep the heat on, Sam.

  7. the conflict between health and greed.

    sigh… i still have to deal with SS in the US next year.

  8. Support SS! Tell the prez “Leave it alone!”
    Then CALL the White House! 202-456-1111


  9. heh!

    eya Annabelle!

    i remember that last show.

  10. why don’t we have satirical political comedy series?

    sure would be fun considering the ammo we have.

  11. awesome show Sammer.

    How’s everyone doing? Nice to see Sunny J, toniD, & Cat Chew are still around.

    when’s the last time anyone said PEACHES up in here?

  12. eya Bart!

    good to have ya back!

    we’re a bit scattered nowadays.

  13. sorry to miss the IMs today. I need to clear my schedule for the friggin live show…my priorities are all messed up. oh well, the podcast will be here soon.

    anyhow yesterday, when I complained about cable having no choices, what I am saying is if there was a cable service that had only sports, and none of the other channels, I may purchase it. in other words do not force feed me garbage. until then netflix all day every day.

    reefercake’s recommendation: Exit through the gift shop door – funny and true!

  14. kopanko says:

    Surprising info, Wilco’s frontman Jeff Tweedy is apparently endorsing Rahm Emanuel and doing fundraisers for him.

    Wilco+Billy Brag did the song “All You Fascists” which used to be the opening (or was it closing?) song on Sam’s old show… a cover of an old antifascist Woody Guthrie song.

    Surprising that this guy’s politics would allow him to back Emanuel.

    Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy To Headline Rahm Emanuel Fundraiser

  15. Catching up on the pod…

    Wilson and Palin taking credit for the repeal which hasn’t happened may not be *their* stupidity…

    I think they are counting on the stupidity of their folowers to buy into the whole “Obamacare has been repealed” storyline, and then when Obama “insists” on enacting the “repealed” law, they get to go on about how Obama is violating their rights, killing liberty, and being a fascist communist socialist.

    Its a win-win for them – they take credit for a “success” and then blame the opposition for their failure.

  16. I believe Sammy is wrong about Obama mentioning cutting social security benefits in the SOTU address. We will see.

    Furthermore, I think given the nature of social security, even if there is a distasteful compromise, I see the tables being turned on the conservatives on this one very, very quickly.

  17. On fridays on Sam Seder has Chris Rosen from on to talk about movie picks for the weekend. I have prepared 2 theme songs for Chris Rosen, in the unlikely event that Sammy has the hankering to use them. One is more mocking

    the other is more sympathetic

    and it just keeps snowing, reefercake junior gets another day at home from school! thank God for netflix and wii.

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