Casual Friday, January 28, 2011

Guests: Radio Host Thom Hartmann, Corporate Watchdog Wendell Potter, and MovieLine’s Chris Rosen

Sam’s gone less casual (donning a sport-coat) while jumping over hoops and wrestling phone lines to get a live show out to everyone today on the road in Washington DC from the Families USA Health Action Conference.

Product DetailsRight off the bat Thom Hartmann joins Sam to discuss the Health Care Bill and the and how he sees individual states executing the bill to possibly bring a public option (and other progressive ideas) to their residents. Thom also discusses the power and history of the Supreme Court and its relationship with corporations which he has studied and also written about in his book Unequal Protection: How Corporations Became “People” – And How You Can Fight Back.

The audio-challenged Chris Rosen from joins for his weekly movie segment. Our apologies for the audio strangeness here folks, (Sam’s voice slows down into Satan Seder – and gets out of sync with Chris) but he still has some Oscar-themed picks for this week.

Netflix Instant – Restrepo

On Demand – Winter’s Bone

Product DetailsFinally Sam played his interview with former corporate PR executive and head of communications with CIGNA Wendell Potter. Since leaving CIGNA in 2008 he wrote the book Deadly Spin: An Insurance Company Insider Speaks Out on How Corporate PR Is Killing Health Care and Deceiving Americans and is now a corporate watchdog and senior analyst at the The Center for Public Integrity. They discuss the reasons why Mr. Potter thinks the insurance companies do not want the Health Care Bill repealed and how those companies are trying to warp the bill to fit their needs instead of the people.

Wendell Potter is also on Twitter

No Post Show today but Sam will be back with full live shows in studio next week M-F at 11:30am EST.

Listen to clips of the show via Official.FM

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36 Responses to Casual Friday, January 28, 2011

  1. you can hear thom but not sammy

  2. is streaming live video from egypt. thousands are in the streets. military vehicles are on fire. there is the sound of gunfire.

    • nationofbloodthirstysheep says:

      Shocked I tell you, simply shocked. As far as I can tell from this page, only Dan is aware that revolution is afoot in the colonies. Young Scott Horton has been mute for days and Sam’s show is gibble gabble as usual. Hope we’ve not been following “corporate lapdogs on the left.”

  3. i know its not funny, but you just hear thom say, yeah, sure, an uhuh.

    no sammy

  4. ahh – I put my headphones on, which are stereo and now I hear them both.

    i usually listen on my peice of crap pa, which is mono only.

    • Mirella says:

      i can hear sam but not hartman

    • Mirella says:

      i will have to wait for the podcast to make any sense of this conversation 🙁

      • they were definitely one of them on each channel once I got my headphones on.

        as to why anyone would get a mono PA system, well its cheap as hell, and still plenty loud….but I think the issue is on my end- it usually mixes both automatically…

        • yeah the on-the-road equipment is new and it seems Sam was running it stereo-only. Fixed in post, and fixed for the future.

  5. Nancy cadet says:

    Yes, re.sound. I was listening with one earbud , and only heard Sam. Put both on and got Thom’s voice in other ear.Strange.

  6. RT_America RT America
    Paul Ryan’s Roadmap to Nowhere [VIDEO] @Thom_Hartmann about 2 opposing taxation and spending philosophies on #CapitolHill

  7. Mirella says:

    finally, sam fixed it; now i hear both!

  8. there is a huge delay between sam and chris’ voice channels and the conversation is getting out of sequence… funny as hell.

  9. Mirella says:

    very casual this friday… now sounds like sam’s running out of batteries on whatever he’s using… sam needs more subscriptions if he’s gonna do this on the road

  10. kopanko says:

    Honestly, those Chris Rosen segments are so bad. Not just the delay thing, thee’s always some uncomfortable disconnect between the two. A movie reviewer who perpetually sounds like he’s the kid who forgot to bring his homework so he’s nervously bullshitting the teacher.

    • Mirella says:

      it’s like that on purpose, supposed to be funny not really useful…. though i have actually followed some of those recommendations and was pleasantly surprised….

    • without the theme song, the segment fell to pieces. although it still made me laugh. better have that theme song next week!!

    • kopanko says:

      If you actually want to do real movie reviews on the show ever, there’s a kid on youtube (Lelandb123) who does this who’s actually really great at it and who would fit in with the feel of the show:

      You guys should check him out at any rate. I don’t have any personal connection to this kid & am not plugging him for self-serving purposes–have just been impressed with his analysis & presentation.

      The awkwardness/comedy thing just seems like awkwardness on a show that’s still ironing things out. mho

  11. ringoffireradio Ring of Fire Radio
    This week’s show includes @mtaibbi, @markos, David Degraw, and Ramsay Adams from @mountainkeeper make sure you tune

  12. Clinton is now speaking about Egypt. “We support human right sof Egyptian People”!

  13. No post show?

  14. tommy D says:

    Can’t hear anything on the website.. keep getting the “network error” notation.. suggestions, or will it be fixed soon?

  15. Juvenal says:

    Kevin Baker’s SOTU e-mail.

    Dear Mr. @%$#%#,

    Thanks for the kind words. It was nice of Sam to be concerned about protecting my piece, but I wrote it free of charge, for a group of politically minded friends who call ourselves the Ice House Gang. Please feel free to disseminate it as widely as you like, as long as you attribute it to me. We’re looking to possibly get a blog going soon, and it would be good to get the word out.

    My original e-mail follows. The “quotes” from the speech are not exact, I’m afraid, but they are true to Obama’s meaning:

    The real problem with Obama’s speech tonight was, once again, the historical narrative that he led off with, and that he is determined to have us believe.

    That is:

    Once upon a time, Americans had all sorts of really good jobs because “they only had to maybe compete against their neighbor,” and they could count on getting ahead if they worked hard, “and maybe even see life improve for their children.”

    But then “over the course of a single generation, came great technological changes.” Steel mills “that had been employing thousands, now only needed hundreds of workers.” Countries such as “China and India” started “making adjustments, and teaching their kids math.”

    Americans suddenly found themselves competing with the whole world, and that’s been really tough, especially since our kids have gone from best-educated in the world to only ninth. But fear not. We “still have the best innovators in the world, the best colleges and universities. We still lead the rest of the world in patents.” All it will take is a lot of education, a little social investment here and there, some strict budget-minding, and…voila! We’ll beat anyone on this planet!


    Well-intentioned though it may be, this whole narrative makes no sense on the face of it.

    So, back in the good old days, we were the best at everything, but we did well only because “we just had to compete against our neighbors”?

    Say what? Which is it? Were we the best, or were we not?

    China and India sure did make changes. But of course the Chinese have been “teaching math” since long before the rest of the world knew the Americas existed, and didn’t India invent it? Were the changes so much better education, or the fact that the two countries emerged first from under Western thumbs, and then from suffocating systems of caste and communism over the course of the last couple generations?

    And how DID we fall behind? I mean, while still having the world’s best universities, best innovators, most patents, etc.?

    What Obama’s pseudo-history conveniently ignores is that what really changed is not Chinese students buckling down to their algebra homework, or “sweeping technological changes in the course of a generation.” What changed was government policy.

    American workers have ALWAYS operated in times of rapid, sweeping technological change. They’ve ALWAYS competed with other countries, in one way or another. And they’ve generally done pretty well.

    The reasons they did well included the fact that for most of our history, our government protected our industries against competition from countries with desperately underpaid labor. And because the people running the industries kept inventing new stuff, and ploughing money back into their American industries, instead of shipping their plants overseas and devoting all their time and capital to figuring out new financial Ponzi schemes.

    Still, though, the old America that Barack Obama refers to used to be plagued by constant, wrenching depressions. And those old industries didn’t necessarily help people make a good living, or improve their children’s standard of living.

    Being a steelworker, or an auto line worker, doesn’t INHERENTLY pay well. In fact, for many decades, such jobs didn’t pay much at all.

    Then the people who did them organized themselves, and forced higher wages out of owners (who didn’t have the option of searching out child slaves abroad), and elected representatives who defended and extended their rights.

    THAT’S the “magic formula” that American prosperity came out of. Innovation, education, inventiveness—sure. But also industrial policy, unionism, protectionism, real patriotism, and all those other things that Barack Obama and the whole, lovely class he hails from don’t want to hear about because they might chip away some small portion of their staggering wealth.

    But without acknowledging that narrative—without letting that narrative guide our future actions, which is the whole reason to learn history in the first place—we’ll just keep butting our heads against the wall.

    We can make our kids do math problems until their fingers’ fray…and they still won’t be able to compete with sweatshop dictatorships where workers make 20 cents an hour.

    We can talk all we want about making social investments…and they will never be made, as long as the financial oligarchy which has severed all bonds of loyalty to this nation continues to co-opt and buy off our leaders.

    But hey, in the meantime, let’s find common ground: fire all the teachers!

  16. Typo – corporste PR watchdog

  17. Jackrabbit says:

    OMG! I got so nostalgic listening to today’s intro music!

  18. Not Dave says:

    Wow, that podcast was a big mess.

  19. Did you hear that ‘Gallegher’ had an emotional tantrum on Marc Maron’s radio show?!/marcmaron

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  21. Wendall Potter rules. He’s irrefutable.
    thanks for keeping us current, Sam.

  22. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was fantastic. I don’t know who you are but certainly you’re likely to a famous blogger in the event you aren’t already Cheers!

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