Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Guest: Political cartoonist Tom Tomorrow

Two new polls are in the news today. First a new Public Policy Poll shows if voters in Wisconsin could do-over the 2010 gubernatorial vote they would have elected the Democrat, Tom Barrett, by a 52-45 margin over Scott Walker.

The second, a CBS/NYT poll, shows that 60% oppose eliminating collective bargaining and 33% are in favor.  That ~30% number keeps popping up as the number of people who supported George W Bush, subscribe to the moral majority and tea party, watch Glenn Beck – that number doesn’t seem to either grow or shrink. It is just an eternal percentage of Americans who will never get it.

Product Details Sam’s interview today is the talented Tom Tomorrow, creator of the This Modern World cartoon strip as seen on Salon, Credo and Truthout.org websites and in many local papers. He has a new collection of comics chronicling the time of the 2008 elections and the rise of the Tea Party, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin and it is appropriately named Too Much Crazy.

Check out this week’s cartoon about the Tea Party.

Louis C.K. Asks Donald Rumsfeld: Are You A ‘Lizard From Outer Space‘?

What have the wealthy given up? Nothing. Yankees star Alex Rodriguez will get a $58,800  break on his $60,000 property tax bill for a $6 million apartment he is buying on the upper West Side.

Sam points out some Hyper-Douchebaggery in Congress; Four years ago the Democrats removed styrofoam in the cafe and replaced them with products that bio-degrade. Now that the Republicans are back they brought “foamed polystyrene” with them.

Dolphin deaths are 12 times the usual number in the Gulf of Mexico. We’re sure it has nothing to do with the oil or dispersants from last year.

Two weeks ago the USDA approved Monsanto’s GMO alfalfa despite a newly discovered a microscopic pathogen that could threaten our entire food supply.

Breaking – The 2012 asshole parade is gaining balloons as word comes that Newt Gingrich is going to announce he is opening a presidential exploratory committee.

Hydrofracking is more harmful than originally thought. And regulation is lax. I think we already figured that out.

If you are not a Majority Report member you miss out on the Members Only Show podcast where we had a pitch for 2 and a half Sam, learned that Seder had a work ethic in his younger years, and took a further walk down memory lane.

Note: Sam spoke about the children’s book Myla loves that was written by Tom Tomorrow, The Very Silly Mayor. A link to the book using the Majority Report Amazon link is below.

Product Details

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45 Responses to Tuesday, March 1, 2011

  1. Sunshine Jim says:

    norning gang!

    hows everyone doing?

  2. Rally in Ohio Today:

    RT: @mbrownerhamlin: Live stream of rally in OH against anti-worker SB5 http://bit.ly/en7YWZ #stateSOS #solidarityOH

  3. Sunshine Jim says:

    from Cee Cee:

    …products that feed the Koch habit.

    Angel Soft Toilet Tissue
    Brawny Paper Towels
    Compact Products
    DensArmour Plus Paperless Interior Drywall
    DensArmor Plus® Interior Panels
    DensDeck® Roof Boards
    DensGlass® Sheathing
    DensGlass® Shaftliner
    DensGuard® Tile Backer
    DensShield® Tile Backer
    Dixie Products
    enMotion Products
    FireDefender® Banded Cores
    FireDefender® FS
    FireDefender® Mineral Core
    Georgia-Pacific Communication Papers
    Georgia-Pacific Gypsum Products
    Georgia-Pacific Wood Products
    InsulAir Styro Cups
    Mardi Gras Napkins & Paper Towels
    Quilted Northern Toilet Tissue
    Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Tissue
    Soft ‘n Gentle Toilet Tissue
    Sparkle Paper Towels
    ToughRock Gypsum Board
    Vanity Fair Napkins
    Zee Napkins

    Just Say No.

  4. Pink Poodle says:

    Doing fine despite it all. How are you doing?

  5. SteveDuncan Steve Duncan
    by AndrewKroll
    I think the only way to get @msm @CNN interested in wisconsin is to ban them. #wiunion

  6. Pink Poodle says:

    I’m not a big wiper, (on account a being a poodle). This will be an easy boycott.

  7. Sunshine Jim says:

    i’d change regidsration if i had a “Working Class Party”

    to register with.

    AFL/CIO # 1546

  8. Pink Poodle says:

    Rahm’s new deal has probably been in the works for many years.

  9. Sunshine Jim says:

    pretty good P.P.!

    back surgery still ahead. looking forward to it.

    • How soon? Hope everything goes well for you.
      Very important to do physical therapy after operation. It will make you heal faster.

  10. I guess Newt announced he’s running for Prez…

    tomtomorrow Tom Tomorrow
    Who’s more deluded, Qaddafi or Gingrich?

    Atrios Atrios
    oh no. newt might run. dems are doomed. it’s all over. obama should just quit now

  11. ahhh… the old “Garlic Covered Freedom Dildo” strategy… haven seen that one since the ’70s… an oldie but a goodie…

  12. Pink Poodle says:

    You’re going to need that back. I hope it goes smoothly with a speedy recovery

    • Sunshine Jim says:


      the consulting surgeon reccomended getting one of the best clinics to do it. i’ll have to wait a bit longer but it’s worth it.

  13. Sunshine Jim says:

    it’s a delight to hear the Tom Tomorrow interview.

    he’s lightened my mood many times.

  14. planetmoney NPR’s Planet Money
    by AndrewKroll
    U.S. owes China $1.2 trillion. For China, U.S. is too big to fail. http://n.pr/hi1dDS

  15. Pink Poodle says:

    Everybody except rich people.

  16. Pink Poodle says:

    They’ve given up worrying that the government will protect their wealth.

  17. Pink Poodle says:

    Juan recently won his second Polk award.

  18. Newt..Another Evil Huge Douche..

    I hope he ends up like 9-11Rudy..That would be Sweet !
    Good morning gang !

    Good luck on your back surgery SJ..
    Break a leg.. 🙂

    • Sunshine Jim says:

      tanks Michael. i’ll have to wait a bit longer but i’ll get the upper and lower done at the same time. i’ve got at least 7 damaged disks currently two of which they want to replace.

  19. Pink Poodle says:

    Corporate Watch is recruiting a full-time researcher to work on a new climate change-related project

    Tackling climate change requires systemic change. However, climate change politics is all too often dominated by the same companies and governments that perpetuate the problem. This skews climate change discourse towards individualised ‘solutions’ and market-based mechanisms, which ensure business as usual rather than radical change.
    Industry bodies, individual corporations and the PR companies hired by them are working hard to protect their destructive businesses: from extracting and burning fossil fuels, through expanding the aviation industry, to perpetuating unsustainable rates of consumption. False solutions, from techno-fixes, such as carbon capture and storage, to market-based mechanisms, such as carbon trading, present profit-making and market-expanding opportunities for corporations. The emergence of ‘green capitalism’ can be seen all around us: from the RBS, Tesco and EDF-sponsored ‘Climate Week’, to carbon trading and the proliferation of ‘eco-system services’.

    For more on the job and information on how to apply see:

    Please share this with others who might be interested.

  20. ProPublica ProPublica
    MT @charlesornstein Important SCOTUS ruling for media saying corps not entitled to “personal privacy” from FOIA http://bit.ly/erDwpP

  21. JasonLeopold Jason Leopold
    RT @russfeingold: It’s time 4 Gov Walker 2 stp dividing the state & get 2 fixing the budget. Watch my interview w/ WKOW http://bit.ly/gZemtg

    Sam! Seems like Feingold is giving interviews…now’s the time to call him!

  22. gfry Gilles Frydman
    by chrislhayes
    From huge influx of tweets from #Iran, pretty clear very violent clashes taking place in Tehran. Reported use of bullets, grenades, pepper

  23. Sunshine Jim says:

    i’m glad Sam is tackling the hydro fracking issue.

  24. ryangrim ryangrim
    News Corp is now carbon neutral while House GOP brings back Styrofoam cups http://huff.to/iibKgr #representativedemocracyfail @crwooters

  25. Pink Poodle says:

    That’s fishgrease territory.

    • Sunshine Jim says:

      yup. talked to him last fall, he’s doing good.

      i’ll call him and get an update.

  26. daveweigel daveweigel
    !! RT @news3jessica: Sen Fitzgerald says he met in person at the state line with some Sen Democrats about possible r

  27. ♪♫♪♫♪♫..Burn on big river, burn on…♪♫♪♫♪♫.

    FYI “Toluene” is the chemical in paint and glue that make people high when they huff it…

  28. Yes. the justcoffee organic TEA I S good

  29. I can’t believe I haven’t seen someone else say this yet….

    So I guess it’s gotta be me.

    I apologize in advance…

    What do you call people fooled by the Koch’s right wing nonsense?

    Koch suckers.

    (hey, I apologized in advance. you can’t say you weren’t warned!)

    • Sunshine Jim says:

      no apology needed.

      Hunter S Thompson looking at the whole mob called them all

      “Flag Suckers”.

  30. Maggiee says:

    This is way OT but does anyone have a good email address for someone with the show? I’ve been a member for a couple of months but have not yet received my password or any confirmation of membership other than the payment confirmations from PayPal. I can’t find a contact button on the web page. Can anyone help me?

  31. You guys know that Sammy’s mic is on,right ?
    Behind the scene thing is cool though..

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