Wednesday April 6th 2011

It’s the day after elections in Wisconsin and the Supreme Court race is still too close to call!

Political Editor from The Progressive, Ruth Conniff (@rconniff), will be calling in from Wisconsin to talk with us about the close Wisconsin Supreme Court race between David Prosser and JoAnne Kloppenburg.

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10 Responses to Wednesday April 6th 2011

  1. sam is echoing guys

  2. Ahhhh, the echoing on this phone call is driving me up the wall!

  3. I would be willing to bet 70-80% of those early ballots not counted yet are for Kloppenburg… pissed off people tend to act more immediately than the average voter…

  4. not-sam says:

    Sorry for the echo before, folks. It was only during the phone call. Everything’s good now!

  5. Sammy cam sound is very low again. Had to go to regular stream to hear Sam so it doesn’t sound like he’s mumbling.

  6. William Hurley says:

    WI Court vote shows a) GOP’s “perpetual campaign” and b) an inexhaustible flows of funds level if not overmatch the bump temporary enthusiasm/anger (fury?) provides.

    The right ensures it’s minions are always at rage’s edge, making them easier to drag around by the nose.

  7. How do folks change their profile photos? I don’t see the option in the profile editor. 🙂

  8. domitype says:

    Regarding “Grandma’s Cat Food” – there has been something like this on Stephanie Miller’s show in the past few weeks. Mostly focused on the odd bits and parts (lips, eyelids and assholes) that we will all be eating when the cash runs out…

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