Tuesday April 12th 2011

Guest: Journalist Dahlia Lithwick

Joining us on today’s program, we have Dahlia Lithwick (@DahliaLithwick). She’s a contributing editor at Newsweek and senior editor at Slate.

In the news, Japan has raised their crisis alert level to the same level of Chernobyl, the mayor of DC has been arrested while protesting the budget cuts in Washington…we have a lot to talk about!

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26 Responses to Tuesday April 12th 2011

  1. Ah,,Where is the wind blowing that radiation to now,So.Cal or No.Cal ?

    Just wondering..

  2. Not Sam:

    Please turn On your Sammy Cam Mic ! Thanks..

  3. A forceful Obama ?

    Not gonna happen,unfortunately..

  4. lol yay for David Byrne!

  5. By Brad Friedman on 4/11/2011 9:05am

    ‘Democracy’s Gold Standard’ – A ‘Special Comment’ by Brad Friedman in the Wake of WI’s Supreme Court Election Debacle


    *For later in the show..
    I’m done bloggin to myself now.. 😉

    • Thanks! Another goody: “Fundamentals of Publicly Verifying Election Outcome Accuracy” on: http://kathydopp.com/wordpress/

      Ya know, all these uprisings highlight what democracy is. In WI, it’s unions; the workplace an oligarchy, protected by KochWalkerstan minions, like this county clerk.
      I’d gladly be 1 watcher! Then we’d all go to Mickey’s Tavern..

  6. YES! Sam and Dahlia on Manning! If only Sam ruled the world… 😉

  7. Linda in Denver says:

    What’s Sam doing tomorrow? If he said, I missed it. Thank you.

  8. gloryoski says:

    Cheezus Sam–place is a mess. You look cute in your lil’ preppy t-shirt tho’. (Just peeked in for a minute.) 😉

  9. gloryoski says:

    I wonder if Sam ever listens to Studio 360. I seem to remember him mentioning on Seder on Sundays or BRL that he liked a book by Kurt Anderson.

    Anyway, they had a piece on there” last weekend with a guy who made a corpus of all the words ppl used to self-describe in online-dating profiles. Top word for Wooster was “obnoxious.”


  10. Catching up on yesterday’s pod…

    Re: poison ivy –

    To say I react badly to poison ivy would be an understatement. At one point a few years ago, I lived in this little duplex. I discovered I had a very bad reaction to the back yard.

    So one day this guy comes around the neighborhood asking to mow yards. I thought “Cool, I can get this done without breaking out!” The guy mowed the yard, but I paid for it… more than just financially.

    My only interaction with the outdoors that afternoon was to answer the door and accept his services, then I open the door when he was done to hand him the cash. Within half an hour of that second interaction, my face had totally broken out. The mowing had aersolized the poison and my two minute interaction was enough to cover my face with enough poison ivy to give me trouble for days after.

    I don’t know if the poor guy who did the mowing had a similar reaction…..

    That back yard was neve mowed again while I was there.

  11. plooger says:

    Hey, where’s Avant, and the Recaps?

  12. Jimmy James Jr. says:


    As a former employee of a large NPR member station, I howled when you cleverly and correctly described KCRWs (Matt Miller’s) show “Right, Left and Center” as “Everybody’s Right, but I’m MORE Right!” POW, Sam! Seriously, you just described the entirety of NPRs programming. NPRs “view from nowhere” and “he said/she said objectivity” is exactly why now I financially support shows like Democracy Now, Kunstlercast, The Majority Report, and yes, WTFPod. Thanks for the chuckle. You earned my contribution today.


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