Thursday April 28 2011

Guest: Talk Show Host Nicole Sandler

After yesterday’s action packed show, how can we possibly top ourselves? Easy.

We have Nicole Sandler (@NicoleSandler) on the show today. We’ll hear from her about her arrest at an Allen West town hall meeting on Tuesday (full video at the link). Nicole hosts a progressive radio show at Radio or Not.

In the Member’s Only Show Sam plays the Pat Robertson clip, talks to a few listeners that attended local town halls, and responds to listener phone calls and IMs! To get the entire Majority Report podcast including the Member’s Only Show become a member and support liberal independent media!

Sam on the radio Alert! – Sam will be filling with Mike Papantonio on The Ed Schultz Show right after MR at 1:00pm EST today

Topics Discussed on Today’s Show:

Bonus topics from the Members Only Show (see what you miss when you are not a member!)

Media From Today’s Show:

Students take over school board meeting in protest of the threatened dismantling of their Mexican-American Studies program:


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13 Responses to Thursday April 28 2011

  1. Sunshine Jim says:

    eya gang!

    new layout on the home page eh?

    like it.

    found the player at the bottom of the page finally.

  2. Sunshine Jim says:

    eya gang!

    new layout on the home page eh?

    like it.

    found the player at the bottom of the page finally.

    my second effort to post btw. i seem to lose posts here lately

  3. Sunshine Jim says:

    “Donald ‘made in china’ Chump.


    he’s disgusting.

    Atlas Crashed!

    (i live for the irony)

  4. Sunshine Jim says:

    the town hall meeting from hell!

    get rm Nicole!

    what a pack of assholws.

  5. Sunshine Jim says:

    yay Richard!


  6. Here’s a URL for accessing today’s Ed Schultz Radio show, on which Sam is supposed to be co-hosting with Mike Papantonio…. (this is a Windows Media Player 11-compatible stream)

    Alternatively, just head over to Ed’s main web page.

  7. plooger says:

    “Atlas Shrugged” stunned Hollywood? Yeah, the five people that actually saw it.

    The movie is so inconsequential that it hasn’t even merited any “Audiences Shrugged” headlines.

  8. 🙂
    I love that Sam filled in with Mike Papantonio on The Ed Schultz Show. I’m a long time listener to MR, and having suffered the icky EdTrolls on Seder’s other blog, this is such a lovely win!

  9. says:

    Sam was talking about John Cassavetes the other day. Guess what? His son Nick Cassavetes is in Atlas Shrugged cast as Richard McNamara. There is also another guy named Jack Milo who also plays McNamara. So maybe at different ages? Searched all around and it seems like Cassavetes is in the film. His dad must be spinning right now.

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