Thursday July 28 2011

We have a great show for you this Thursday! A lot going on…a lot to talk about.

David Roberts (@drgrist) of Grist Magazine (@Grist) joins us to talk about the Tim Dechristopher sentence and the future of protesting for environmentalists. Be sure to tune in!

Tar Sands Action website David Roberts mentioned:

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  1. Good! DR! Read his tweets all the time and also his articles.

  2. “Republicans Seek Big Cuts in Environmental Rules With the nation’s attention diverted by the drama over the debt ceiling, Republicans in the House of Representatives are loading up an appropriations bill with 39 ways – and counting – to significantly curtail environmental regulation, The New York Times reported. ”

  3. MSNBC just announced that Gov. Chris Christie was rushed to hospital for trouble breathing. No more info just yet!

  4. Hearing crackling on the audio, Matt. Sounds like some one grushing tin foil in their hand!

  5. BreakingNews Breaking News
    by steveweinstein
    Mother of murdered girl believes she was targeted by News of the World’s investigator via phone given by Rebekah Brooks

  6. benjoya says:

    yes, stream sounds like crapola

  7. benjoya says:

    sounds good!

  8. ThePlumLineGS Greg Sargent
    New White House talking points being given to outside allies: House GOP plan would ruin your Christmas:

  9. HolyCity2012 says:

    I am unable to figure out how to declare an avatar image. Does anyone have some sort of clue?

  10. says:

    According to David Sirota on his Monday,7-25-11, hour 2 podcast reports that Obama is getting 1 in 3 campaign dollars through his campaign bundler’s from Wall Street. Even more in Wall Street donations than he received from Wall Street four years ago, when he became the recipient of more Wall Street dollars than any candidate in American history. Also, Obama is the top recipient of campaign contributions from News Corporation, Rupert Murdoch’s company. Sure made me wonder some things. Wonder why no one else is talking about this, or maybe I’ve just missed it. Later… cosbear

  11. clodene says:

    Talking Points Memo:

    To secure enough votes from his own members for his plan, Speaker Boehner is amending it to basically turn it into Cut, Cap, and Balance Lite.

    Here’s the key new provision that is apparently going to win enough GOP votes to pass the bill:

    The debt ceiling would be raised immediately but not by enough to get the government through next year. To get the second debt ceiling increase, House Republicans want a balanced budget constitutional amendment to pass both chambers first and be referred to the states.

    Never going to happen, but that’s where we are. It makes you wonder if there’s any compromise plan that can get through this House. That’s why, even though my gut says there’s no way the U.S. is stupid enough to default, I still can’t see a clear, viable way out of this.

  12. taozen says:

    Here is a place for the apple tree Sam

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