Thursday August 11 2011

Bruce E. Levine joins us today to talk about his latest article at Alternet, 8 Reasons Young Americans Don’t Fight Back: How the US Crushed Youth Resistance.

Lots more to talk about, including the massive response we’ve received over our London Riot conversations and the YouTube video we posted on it yesterday!

BONUS! A surprise call from Katherine Harris (Janeane Garofalo)!

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9 Responses to Thursday August 11 2011

  1. Sunshine Jim says:

    Walworth Road – Only Fools no Horses

  2. Sunshine Jim says:

    England riots: Are brooms the symbol of the resistance?
    By Tom de Castella
    BBC News Magazine

    In the wake of the riots in English cities, law-abiding citizens have been picking up brooms and brushes and joining the clean-up. Is the broom the symbol of the resistance to the riots?

    After the rioting every night this week, the news headlines told a bleak story of communities under attack. But hours later locals wearing wellies and washing up gloves were reclaiming the streets with brooms, bin bags and dustpans.

  3. Sunshine Jim says:


    lots more all over the US, no reasons given to locals…

  4. aaaahaahaahaa
    “the three headed she-beast” ?

  5. Sunshine Jim says:

    heh! great Janeane bit as “Kathy” Harris!


  6. Lord Balto says:

    I just got that “literal though not metaphorical shadow” bit. 😉

    As for London, check out Lenin’s Tomb: by British author Richard Seymour.

  7. Rockyann says:

    Boy am I getting tired of listening to people bang on about the riots in the UK and getting on their moral high-horse about “thugs” stealing things. Jesus Christ, it’s not that hard to understand how these things happen in a society where there’s institutionalized racism and, really, no hope for young kids in the city. David Cameron is a real piece of work, let me just say that, and they don’t give a shit about poor people. It becomes a tinderbox. OF COURSE most of those kids don’t know why they’re rioting or looting. But that’s not really the point. Anyhow, if anyone is really interested, Arthur Silber has a great post up about the riots and I think it’s well worth a read. I’m too tired to link to it right now.

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