Thursday November 17 2011

NOTE: The audio player above is today’s podcast, which is the first 1 and 1/2 of today’s show. LIVE SHOW PLAYER is on the sidebar.

The big day has arrived — Happy Anniversary to Us!!!

To celebrate with you, our loyal listeners, we’ll be embarking on a 12-hour LIVE show marathon.  And what a line up we have for you today!  Joining Sam will be:

Fran Lebowitz, Marc Maron, Chris Hayes, Janeane GarofaloMarkos Moulitsas, Matt Taibbi, Jeremy Scahill, Glenn Greenwald, Digby and many, many more.

We’ll also look back on our year in song — featuring the great works of Jimmy Reefercake (@JimmyReefercake) and the Screaming Majority!

It’s going to be an exciting day – join us!



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  1. Sunshine Jim says:

    i’m Frist!
    thankyew MRR Crew!
    say hi to whatshisface for me!


  2. Rebecca Church says:

    What a day! National Day of Action, and MajorityReport 12hour show! It’s like the galactic alignment-woohoo!

  3. Chrissie Szilagyi says:

    I can’t listen to the whole show, please tell me it’ll be available to members on podcast!!! (You know, so I can be playing catch-up for a week:) )

  4. Rebecca Church says:

    Oh, and happy anniversary! Congratulations on one year of the best political podcast ever! Way to go MRR team! & hello to Mr. Sunshine Jim!

  5. Go Sam! I watched Tim (from ‘the other 99’ livestream) stream ows coverage for over 12 hours on Monday night/Tuesday. I love this marathon coverage!

  6. trapper says:

    Morning SJ, toniD!

    Santa is giving us an early present this year, a day off and 12 hours of Sam.

  7. Sunshine Jim says:

    eya Trapper!

  8. drmabuse Edward Champion
    As they marched into Zuccotti a few minutes ago. This should give you an idea of the police presence. #ows <a href=";

  9. Heya t! hey jim! Great to see you guys. Exciting times, ain’t it?

  10. CNN has been showing the Occupy Day of Action all morning. Sometimes split screen with other areas in the U.A. and other parts of the world.

  11. says:

    Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Morning NYC from the Left Coast!!

  12. nicolesandler Nicole Sandler
    RT @SusieMadrak: “I don’t see no riot here/ Take off your riot gear!” #ows #n17

  13. helenspitzer Helen Spitzer
    Amazing. Go, New York! RT @Slate Evicted from Zuccotti Park, #OWS protesters are now occupying Wall Street, literally.

  14. says:

    Will the whole 12 hours be available on podcast, does anyone know?

  15. says:

    Wow, two guests arrested – sure won’t hear that on any other show. Congratulations on being the best political podcast and 1 year anniversary! So proud of my hometown.

  16. RollingStone Rolling Stone
    OWS protesters don’t hate winners, writes @mtaibbi. The problem is, “Wall Street isn’t winning – it’s cheating.”

  17. says:

    News from OccupyCal, forgive the length, but wanted to give full info:

    Eva Hagberg, 832-794-2595,
    Alex V. Barnard, 928-606-3586,
    Mandy Cohen, UAW, 413-522-2795,

    At 3:30AM Thursday, November 17, more than fifty riot police from UCPD and other local agencies attacked Occupy Cal, forcibly removing the tent encampment and its inhabitants from Sproul Plaza at UC Berkeley. By all accounts, the raid was unprovoked. Occupy Cal was formed in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Oakland, and in opposition to the cuts to and privatization of California’s public education systems. Students, workers, faculty, staff, and community members had been using the camp to educate and organize students around the struggle for public education, using the space as an inclusive, public place of dialogue, organizing, and community-building.

    The first attempt to establish Occupy Cal on November 9 ended in the brutal beatings and arrests of students and faculty by Bay Area police. On November 15, UC Berkeley’s campus-wide strike and day of action culminated in the largest assembly in the occupy movement thus far, in which over a thousand people voted overwhelmingly to establish a tent encampment on campus as a form of free speech and free assembly.

    Following this massive outcry against the repression of free speech and activism at UC Berkeley, Occupy Cal protesters called for Chancellor Robert Birgeneau and the UC administration to respect free speech and non-violent protest on campus. Attacking non-violent protesters who were asleep and at a time early in the morning when the number of supporters present were low explicitly suggest otherwise.

    Students, faculty, workers, and community members will regroup today, Thursday, November 17, at 10AM to plan for a series of actions against this repression, including a mass reconvergence at 5PM to precede the scheduled 6PM General Assembly on the Mario Savio Steps at Sproul Plaza.

  18. Sunshine Jim says:

    Tell Fran we love her!

  19. gloryoski says:


    Catching up on the marathon, getting up to speed a little bit on the national mess as I try to triage my local one. (It’s suddenly firkkin’ cold [I know cry you a river] and our power was cut off a few days ago…++++)


    (That right, muthafuckas. CAPSLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  20. says:

    Jean Quan, yup, spilled it to the BBC a few days ago, about that conference call with 18 mayors around the country that happened two weeks ago.

  21. Sunshine Jim says:

    the Rentacop ratio is what the deal is!

    17 heroes in that park!

  22. RT_America RT America
    Protester just told @LucyKafanov that another journalist arrested; cops kneeled on her neck #OWS #N17

    Maybe the NYC gov’t should make the cops take constitution classes. “Freedom of the Press!’

    • says:

      Cops are being f’ing brutal. Yeh, constitution classes, no kidding. Sounds like they’re taking pages out of the Mubarak handbook.

  23. says:

    Huh; not just the mayors, the DHS and immigration agency were in on that call too. Geez.

  24. mtracey Michael Tracey
    From around 7am: members of the new Zuccotti “security force” won’t say who they’re employed by.… #OWS

  25. Sunshine Jim says:

    utube it !

  26. says:

    So, podcast for members in…12 separate 1 hour files?

  27. Sunshine Jim says:

    Police start arrests at OWS Day of Action protest

  28. says:
  29. 25- 26 Arrested Reporters and What They Do
    By Choire Sicha @ 11:25 am

    Put together by Josh Stearns, this document has been a great resource to track journalists working on Occupy Wall Street stories around the country who’ve been arrested. So who are they? Only seven of the 25 arrested are full-time employed traditional news-gathering employees. A number were student reporters; a few were interns; a larger number were freelancers. Some work for traditional “objective” news organizations; others work for “non-objective” news organizations, like Alternet and Indypendent Reader. This means something—mostly about the media and what it is now, possibly also who the police perceive as media and relation of reporter to demonstration. But with the exception of a Journal-Sentinel photographer, two AP folks and one Daily News reporter, no major traditional news outlets have (yet!) had staff reporters or photographers arrested. As Erika Fry pointed out last month in CJR, this also has to do with who police departments consider a journalist, and why they decide that. (Turns out, wearing a shirt that says “reporter” doesn’t always help in the eyes of the police, as one Rochester student discovered.) A minimum of 40% of people news-gathering who were arrested are women.

    Here’s some of their names for the rest go here:

    • Natasha Lennard: Non-contract freelancer, now not covering politics for the Times.

    • Kristen Gwynne: freelance writer and editorial assistant, Alternet.

    • Marisa Holmes: Documentary filmmaker and activist, OWS organizer.

    • John Farley: multimedia web editor, WNET/Thirteen’s MetroFocus.

    • Bob Plain: recently laid off, at the time of the arrest was a digital reporter for WPRO.

    • Jonathan Meador, reporter, Nashville Scene.

    • Susie Cagle, freelance artist and cartoonist.

    • Ian Graham, freelance photographer, RVA Magazine.

    • Kristyna Wentz-Graff, staff photographer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinal.

  30. KagroX David Waldman
    Can a human mic create an LRAD sound? That’d be interesting.

  31. Happy 1st B-Day MRR 2.0 !

  32. Sunshine Jim says:

    good relevant film link, Thrive!

    THRIVE lifts the veil on what’s REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream — uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.

  33. HuffPostHill HuffPost Hill
    RT @pourmecoffee: Happy birthday to John Boehner. Aging is a kind of progress even you can’t obstruct.

  34. Sunshine Jim says:

    Live feed from the protest!

  35. Sunshine Jim says:

    yesterday “Occupy – Police Pepper Spray, Priest, 84 Yr Old & Pregnant Woman (15-Nov-11)(INSIDE THE USA)”

  36. democracynow Democracy Now!
    Paramilitary Policing of #OccupyWallStreet: Excessive Use of Force Amidst the New Military Urbanism #ows

  37. Linda in Denver says:

    Fran L – fascinating to listen to. Would make a great regular guest, Sammy! Great interview, great questions. I need to IM Sam. Matt, tell him to read this forum!

    Got to run an errand and miss the next hour. 🙁

    See everybody later.

  38. democracynow Democracy Now!

    Seattle pepper spray victim becomes face of #OWS movement.

    Dorli Rainey, the 84 yr old pepper spray victim….I predicted she would be the face of OWS!

  39. Linda in Denver says:

    Matt, when putting the podcasts together can you possibly title them – like “hour 2 – Fran L.” etc. ? Can you keep track today of who is on each hour?

  40. says:

    Well said, Fran! Bring back class consciousness in this country; and yes, multi-culti was indeed a major gift to the right, in a huge sense, as people spliced themselves into class-voided identities. This doesn’t at all negate the existence of racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc. But until the economic system that makes money the prime life motive is dismantled, we don’t have a chance of truly dealing with these isms. The isms won’t disappear magically, but the economic motivator of life will be out of the equation. Someday, I hope. OWS is our hope. Not the Obama shite kind of hope. I await Janeanne G., and Marc Maron, my other podcast pleasure is on soon. xxxooo

  41. says:


  42. says:

    You’re adorable, Marc (and you too Sam). Kisses to you both. Friends are happy when friends….lol
    You guys….

  43. says:

    William James, his brother. Yes, Henry James, writer. See, Marc knows his lit!

  44. says:

    Can you picture Marc playing a corporate consultant…

    • says:

      Sorry, just realized I should be replying to my own posts, I see how obnoxious my multiple posts look here. Please excuse!

      • Sunshine Jim says:

        heh! no biggie, this was always the weakness of this blog engine, been nagging Sam about it since the start.

        • says:

          TY Jim; I’m not well versed in some of these blog etiquette subtleties. This is about the only blog I’ve figured out how to even get onto, since I don’t do social media sites.

  45. democracynow Democracy Now!
    Indian Author Arundhati Roy Addresses #OWS Crowd, Applauds Protesters in Joining Movements Around the World.

    • says:

      Nov. 14th Against the Grain
      Indian writer and critic Arundhati Roy speaks with Sasha Lilley about armed struggle by Maoist tribal Naxalites against the Indian government, as well as Occupy Wall Street and anti-capitalism.

  46. says:

    Josh Fatal and Shane Bauer – two of the three hikers recently released from Iranian prison…

    • says:

      Yeah, what I call the Me Me Me Fuck Everyone Else mentality that reigns. Marc, yes, you’re hitting on what Fran L. was saying.

      • says:

        I don’t think other countries blame poor people for their own poverty – but hey, they’re learning! Thanks to globalization of the moneyed elite. Time overdue for us to globalize.

  47. Clarknt67 Scott Wooledge
    VIDEO #NYPD Officer wearing helmet #4562 lays an unprovoked baton beat down on #OWS protester. @OccupyWallStNYC

  48. Sunshine Jim says:

    sure good to hear Mark and whatahizface yakking

  49. lipstickham RoboCast
    Reporters For Right-Wing Publication Daily Caller Beaten By NYPD, Helped By Protesters #OWS

  50. says:

    I should have bathed last night. Too late now. People being kettled? The f’ing ustream cut out during Fran L. and now during this call.

  51. ramses says:

    Happy Anniversary Sammy –

    Fucking cops – policed state as we speak & write

  52. MSNBC’s Richard Engel reporting that Syrian Troops defecting to fight Assad’s Military!

    • says:

      Good for them! Hope that spirit catches on! Too bad it’s not catching on in NYC right now. Motherfuckers.

  53. George Reeves says:

    The question is: What do you call a riot cop doused in gas and lit on fire?
    Roast Pork or BBQ’ed PIG???

  54. This sounds like a planned attack by police.

    MSNBC and CNN playing ads!

    • says:

      Wow. Figures. But Reuters carrying it live? Figures. And Michael Moore. Wonder what msnbc and cnn will cut back to after the commercials. I can’t monitor all that on my computer, I don’t have a tv. TY toniD, and Alyson Kilkenny.

  55. I think, if the police keep it up, like they are, eventually there will be some crazies that attack the police. People don’t like being beaten and eventually will beat back!

  56. 20-30 cops taking one protester into custody!

  57. says:

    Took SFPD and out of town police about three hours to arrest 100 occupiers at 50 California Street BofA last night. Going to be a loooooong day/night/day

  58. Tamron Hall on MSNBC now and showing the protester with the bloodied head,

  59. A man named Brenden was beaten, bloodied head and missing teeth. Showing on UStream right now,

  60. biggles says:


    first of all, congratulations.

    second, and this might just be me but i dont think so, the audio i hear will drop every 5-10 seconds, for about .5-1 second, effectively rendering any conversation unintelligible. most of fran leibozitz’s call was lost for me and i’ve since stopped listening. fwiw


  61. Brenden was kicking the barricades, the police tackled him from behind, started kicking him and ripping some of his clothes off. Now he’s arrested and charged.

    All those police for one protester from “the other 99%”

    A witness said the police pushed his head into the ground.

  62. INTLRevolver INTL.Revolver
    A young man Brandon was tackled slammed to the ground stomped stripped of his clothing and hit in head with baton by #NYPD #N17 #OWS

  63. mikestill mikestill
    We’ve gotten to a point where constitutional protections are seen by most Americans as quaint. #OWS

  64. Linda in Denver says:

    Matt, we might need a few threads instead of just one today!

  65. OccupiedWSJ OccupiedWSJ
    Misinformation is a weapon of mass destruction: “Fox Falsely Dubs Alleged White House Attacker As “ ‘Occupy’ Shooter“

  66. Sorry, had to run. I’ll be popping in and out as I can. Heya catchew!

    jim, email me yer number, georgeleutz at gmail dot com. You still have the same email, the sofrajones one? I can’t talk now, but later tonight I’ll have some time.

  67. RT_com RT
    Violent OWS arrests VIDEO: RT footage of cops in action #OWS #N17

  68. Drive-By Comment
    sounds like Chris Hayes is on, looks like I missed Maron

  69. OTOOLEFAN Don Millard
    RT @thinkprogress: White House shooting suspect will be charged with assassination attempt on President Obama (via @CBSNews)

  70. Linda in Denver says:

    I agree, Up with Chris is the best show on tv. I don’t have cable anymore so I watch it online here:
    They post the shows a few to several hours after they broadcast.

    There are a few places online where you can watch live too. I’ll post a link in a new comment, because I can’t remember if 2 links triggers moderating.

  71. Fucking right winger Hayes waffling about policy.

    Policy is not the problem TV boy.

  72. Smack-dab says:

    About libertarians and their idea of freedom, watch the three part documentary ‘The Trap’. I felt it addresses the lie put forth by conservatives about freedom better than almost anything else I’ve seen or heard.

  73. Sunshine Jim says:


    Cathie Harrisssss!


  74. Obama administration may have helped coordinate crackdowns on OWS protests:

    Face facts, Obama is the same as Bush, and the Democrats are just as bad as the Republicans.

  75. “get the gov’t outta my diaper!” blahahahahahaha!

  76. You want to hear some good libertarian ideas: end the war on drugs, dismantle the Department of Homeland Security, end the Patriot Act and other policies that violate our civil liberties, separate church and state, cut the bloated military budget by at LEAST 50%.

    Any of you liberals want to disagree with those libertarian policies?

    • Smack-dab says:

      “Any of you liberals want to disagree with those libertarian policies?”

      Just because the libertarians get one or two things right doesn’t make them into something good overall. Mussolini made the trains run on time but that didn’t make him into a good leader.

      • Still better than the Democrats and Republicans who keep violating your civil liberties.

        • Nobody says:

          Did you know that Anarchism and Libertarianism are actually synonyms?

          You should understand the full implications of the label before you decide to wear it.

  77. Smack-dab says:

    Libertarianism was the default situation. That is how we started when the first Homo Sapien existed. We were all free, then someone wanted to be more than all the rest so he worked to basically enslave those around him. That’s why people wanted to form governments that are of the people, by the people, and for the people, so that things would be more like the default situation when all people were close to being equal.

    The hero of libertarians/objectivists is Ayn Rand. The hero of Ayn Rand was William Hickman who was a sociopathic killer.

    /would like to hear from Janeane Garofalo not doing her impersonation of Katherine Harris

  78. Jackson says:

    That libertarian caller had some really good points… I hope he calls back into the show. As he stated, it must be difficult to keep up with all of Sams points and hopefully he will get another chance. I really enjoyed it.

  79. Please lets hear from Janeane out of character after the the comedy.
    Thanks Sam.

  80. says:

    Damn, just got out of the shower and missed the Harris herself!! Gotta go to my surgeon, having mild complications of foot surgery (only reason I’m able to be on here, would be at work otherwise). Ok, so Harris was in hour #4, correct? I’ll listen on the podcast.

  81. I played a 60 hour marathon of the arcade game Qbert in July, I’m going for the world record. Should take about 72hrs. I’m trying again starting December 28th.

    If I can do 60 hours, you can certainly broadcast for 12!

  82. Sunshine Jim says:

    excellent blogger music!

    love creative lyrics!

  83. Greg Jones says:

    @ the liberals vs. libertarians exchange

    this is starting to get weak… this is what happens when you skip political science.

    modern government has been an experiment – evolving for the last few hundred years. @host: your perspective is too static…

    there are libertarians on the left and on the right.
    the possibility exists that we can displace government with direct democracy. this is why an open internet matters. imagine voting kiosks everywhere (following the ratification of something like the un’s universal declaration of human rights at general assemblies then in neighborhoods
    and across the internet and around the world – i mean ratification by people not governments). imagine issue per issue web debate and consensus process or voting… if you care about the issue; speak, vote. let rev talen be a proxy perhaps. let guilds manage infrastructure under same direct review…

    searchwords: mutualism, spokes counsel

    hadn’t we better see that damn social contract already?

    btw yer half way there. i can tell by your choice of against me etc. this is the fire to burn the buckpassing bullshit off of all of us liberal middle class people. government has seen it’s day.

    @florida senator at a paintball party, have fun, love you!


  84. Penn Jillette on Libertarianism:

  85. Penn Jillette on Libertarianism, Part 2:

  86. Jackson says:

    Thanks for the videos Jim… I hate to say it, but after hearing Penn Jillette, the previous caller (especially on violence) and reading more about this, Libertarianism, or the idea of it is very appeasing. I mean, isn’t this blog and radio just a free-market idea unwound? People joining peacefully together, donating, listening, discussing, all without a central agency?

    Be careful Sammy!!! You may have inadvertently converted me!

  87. Deborah says:

    Sam … still waiting for your addr. to mail my $ in to real addr. 🙂

    12 yr. anniv. and a “hell-of-a-protest” at the same time. Wow!

    I think your fans would empathize if you truly didn’t do a full 12 hrs. – gezzz – althou, you seem to have a full schedule.

    Not even Jerry Lewis went a full straight 12 hrs.

    I hope you’re taking Fri. off. You deserve it.

    Takecare, 🙂 🙂 … Peace

  88. thomasmonopoly Dylan A. Marcheschi
    100s marching from union sq down 5th to city hall. NYPD tried to keep on sidewalks. No way. They didn’t even try when ppl flooded 5th #OWS

    robspill Rob Spillman
    CNN coverage of #OWS awful: clip of cop dragging woman by hair followed by ex-NYPD saying it is justified. Nice job

  89. watertigernyc watertigernyc
    Bloomberg holds conference to discuss injuries to riot cops? I think he used the wrong preposition. #OWS #policestate

  90. posmosh says:

    Props for playin’ the loc and or choking victim during the last break…. Only question, Matt, I thought you were straight edge? those dudes stayed at my house for like a week when they were in Cali and did more drugs than I had seen to that point…. Born to die would be another good song for a break… Keep it up!!!

  91. New poll shows majority support Walker recall

    Gov. Scott Walker has lost support among his Republican base, according to a poll released Tuesday that shows a majority of respondents want to recall him from office.

    The Wisconsin Public Radio/St. Norbert College Survey was released the same day that Democrats, labor unions and others, angry over his moves to curb union rights, began circulating petitions to get the 540,000 signatures needed to force a recall election next year.

    The poll showed that 58 percent of respondents believe Walker should be recalled from office. That compares with 47 percent who said in April that he should be recalled.

    The growth in support for a recall came, surprisingly, from Republicans. In the spring, only 7 percent of Republicans supported recalling Walker but that grew to 24 percent in the fall. Support among Democrats held mainly steady at 88 percent in the spring and 92 percent in the fall.

    Pollster Wendy Scattergood said Republicans who support recalling Walker are younger, have a lower income and are less educated than the rest of the sample in the poll. They also describe themselves as less conservative than other Republicans, she said.

  92. Marcos just admitted that most of his ideas had failed “we just realized…”

    A lot of people “realized” a long time before him that electoral politics was a dead end for making the big changes needed to make a livable society!

    He’s a good dude but I can’t take anything he says on left strategy very seriously.

    • Linda in Denver says:

      A lot of us knew we needed an uprising, but who thought it would actually happen now or this soon? I had been advocating civil disobedience for a long time, but in the mean time…

      Kos is a great guy, worth listening to.

  93. Liking this dude’s energy and ability to argue.

  94. Linda in Denver says:

    Great job, Jesse.

  95. Linda in Denver says:

    Somebody tweet Matt and tell him we’re going to need a new thread.

  96. Students joined the Occupy Wall St group

    just now on Live Stream

  97. Sunshine Jim says:

    Perfect satire Majority!



  98. Linda in Denver says:

    Looks like Sam decorated the wall for the show. 🙂 Did it have that much on it before today? Looks nice! 🙂

  99. Sunshine Jim says:

    good tunes Matt!

  100. Sunshine Jim says:

    first time i’ve had the Sammy cam up for months, does look cool don’t it?

  101. Loved that song Matt! Singing along here 🙂

  102. fabucat says:

    What was that tuneage played before you played Nirvana???

  103. Nirvana

    The ’90’s were just fuckin better 🙂

  104. Dorsey, Mila says you still smell.

  105. Sunshine Jim says:

    sam runs out of skype credit!

    and DORSEY calls in! yay!

    brilliant satire!

  106. HAHA – Rove rattled 🙂

  107. Gavin_McInnes Gavin McInnes
    Broadway’s shut down #OWS

  108. margbrennan margaret brennan
    RT @NBCNewYork: Chopper 4 just told by NYPD to move — they are closing airspace over protests. #OWS #N17

  109. blogdiva Liza Sabater
    FROM CBSNEWS HELICOPTER: “we havent seen a crowd like this since beginning of September”; they estimate +10,000 at #FoleySq #OWS #N17

  110. paulxharris Paul Harris
    Brooklyn Bridge open to cars and pedestrians but given vast numbers of cops and barricades it’s hard to see protesters getting near. #ows

  111. Linda in Denver says:

    Sam’s getting tired. Matt may have to take over!! 😉

  112. edshow Ed Schultz
    BREAKING: @SEIU President Mary Kay Henry has been arrested at entrance of Brooklyn Bridge. See tape of her arrest #edshow tonight #n17 #ows

  113. I pass the 420 mark in followers, and #majorityfm gets its 1 millionth download, what a day! Vote for your fav song at

  114. Smack-dab says:

    Under the libertarian model, a restaurant owner could serve his customers food that was filled with poisons or filler (like sawdust). It’s the same rationale behind not serving some subset of humanity, that since they own it they can do whatever they like with it regardless of the result on anyone else.

    Those who open businesses in communities are allowed to do so if they don’t harm their community. That means they are not allowed to poison their customers or discriminate. If they can’t or won’t do that, then they’re put out of business by their community.

    Someone else made this observation about libertarians; oftentimes they correctly recognize the problems but their solutions to those problems are about the most wrong thing possible to do. Like the caller complaining about crony capitalism; his solution is to remove all the rules regulating capitalism.

    /don’t know why I bother as Sam never reads this

    • Harrison says:

      Why would a business owner who wants to make profit by selling food willingly poison his customers? You think that “these evil food pushers” don’t do this now just because of government regulation… Get real.

      The rules are created and constructed by and for the corporations, which are legal fictions created by the government. The market works much better is pushing out bad products and companies and finding those companies that are efficient and satisfy consumer demands.

      • Smack-dab says:

        In 2008 the Chinese were caught doping their milk with melamine. It caused the death of at least six infants. There have been numerous recalls of food products in the US due to contamination. So don’t tell me that a group wouldn’t do such a thing.

        • Smack-dab, when a group does stuff like that they get hit with lawsuits and their business suffers. Despite what happens in China and some unfortunate situations here, the majority of people are good and will not try to hurt or screw over others.

          • Smack-dab says:

            Isn’t China closer to the libertarian model than we are? If so, are you saying that we should be more like China? We should allow unfettered pollution and unregulated workplaces?

            The majority can be nicer than Mister Rogers but that doesn’t matter. Is it a majority that runs China or any other craphole place? It’s always small minority groups that make things horrible for the majority for the benefit of the minority group.

  115. Greg Jones says:

    libertarian socialism, not billionarian libertarianism.

    remember proudhon’s caveat; property is theft, when only a few have it
    but property is justice when everyone has some. imagine mutual banking institutions with no-interest credit. human nature leans towards cooperation and kindness; property corrodes that when people are forced to accept a system of usury.

    • Harrison says:

      Theft insinuates property.

      Further, to say that the US or China or any of these places are “free-market” is ridiculous. They are the exact opposite of free-market.

  116. From the NYTimes OWS update:

    Around 5:50 p.m., about 80 protesters were arrested after they sat down in the roadway in a coordinated action at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge. They included City Councilman Jumaane Williams.

    The protesters, all wearing white “99 percent” T-shirts, marched toward the bridge marched from the rally at Foley Square, about two blocks north, and stepped into the roadway at Centre Street at the entrance to the bridge. There, they sat down, blocking traffic and chanting “All day all week Occupy Wall Street.”

    After a few minutes, the police moved toward them. The protesters all stood at the same time and submitted to being peacefully arrested. The protesters filled two school-bus-sized buses parked at the base of the bridge.

  117. gloryoski says:

    SJ thanks so much for the help with the chard. It turned out great, for a green veggie. No time to open the other place. Have to research how to set up a bail fund.

    Luv ya.

  118. Smack-dab says:

    As to this libertard, how am I supposed to determine on my own whether or not my heart medication is real or a sugar pill? Am I supposed to die because I chose wrong and got a sugar pill so that the next guy will know not to buy from that particular manufacturer (never minding that the next guy won’t know because the crooked manufacturer will make my family sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to collect)?

    Libertarianism is a plague. It’s a harmful fantasy that won’t die no matter how much it is shown to be a harmful fantasy.

    • So you’d rather trust a government that could screw you over just as much as a corporation that could screw you over?

      • Smack-dab says:

        So you trust corporations more than our government? You may have only minimal say in our government but you have no say in any corporation.

        Look at Central and South American governments that were installed by our government. They were closer to the libertarian model than we are. They were paradises for corporations; they were hellholes for the average citizen there.

        • I don’t trust the government, the corporations, or the church. That’s why I consider myself a libertarian, because I don’t want either of these three organizations to have too much power over us.

          • Smack-dab says:

            You think that if the government stops being the big power that corporations won’t fill that void? That’s delusional. You think the corporations that pollute and do horrible things in other places in the world yet don’t do those things here are behaving that way out of some sense of patriotism and not due to laws preventing that behavior here?

          • Greg Jones says:

            libertarian socialism implies
            the free organization of groups and individuals in order to produce what society requires
            without government

  119. Smack-dab says:

    WTF is this idiot talking about? He’s saying that beta blockers are being kept from the market? There are at least a dozen beta blockers available right now.

    • Several beta blockers were kept off the market for more than a decade due to the FDA holding up their release.

      • Smack-dab says:

        Atenolol, a beta blocker, has been around since the seventies.

        Do you even know what a beta blocker is?

        • From the Cato institute, five examples of poor FDA delays:

          Dr. Louis Lasagna, director of Tufts University’s Center for the Study of Drug Development, estimates that the seven-year delay in the approval of beta blocker heart medicines cost the lives of 119,000 Americans.

          During the three and half years it took the FDA to approve the new drug Interleukin-2, 25,000 Americans died of kidney cancer even though the drug had already been approved for use in nine other countries. According to Eugene Schoenfeld, a cancer survivor and president of the National Kidney Cancer Association, “IL-2 is one of the worst examples of FDA regulation known to man.”

          In 1985 the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health stopped a study comparing a genetically engineered clot-busting drug called TPa because the study showed that TPa was so effective in reducing heart attack-related deaths that it would be unethical to withhold it from volunteer patients. Yet it took the FDA four years to approve the drug, despite the NIH decision. That delay cost 30,000 lives.
          Even though the generic Alzheimer’s drug Tacrine was being safely used by humans here and around the world, it took the FDA seven years to approve the drug. The FDA claimed that because the drug caused temporary liver toxicity it was unsafe.

          The generic anti-cancer drug Flutamide was available in Europe for years and was proven safe, but the FDA failed to approve it.

          According to Dr. Bruce Chabner, director of the National Cancer Institute’s Division of Cancer Treatment, “We’re talking about delays of years.” Subsequently the National Cancer Institute accused the FDA of being “mired in a 1960s philosophy of drug development, viewing all new agents as . . . poisons.”

          • Smack-dab says:

            For every drug you list that you claim was too slow to market, there’s a drug that was rushed to market and had to be recalled due to it being harmful. Phen-fen, Vioxx, Bextra, Cylert, Baycol, Palladone.

  120. Sounds like Digby to me 🙂

  121. Sunshine Jim says:


  122. Okay, Janeane Garofalo again proves she’s an unfunny idiot who knows NOTHING about libertarianism.

  123. Josh Orton, Janeane , Bill Scher,
    and now Jon Benjamin
    just like ol’ times.

  124. I listened to the first hour+ members portion…is there any way to hear more show via more Podcast files?

    (I’m not able to stream – just listen to Podcasts…)

  125. Sunshine Jim says:

    this has been a gooooood show!

  126. Sunshine Jim says:

    been a good 8 years of Sam

    Superb crews and guests too!

    And an amazing bloggie! Love y’all!

  127. Sunshine Jim says:

    excellent call from the rev! we made it across the river!

  128. Sunshine Jim says:

    yay Kyle!


  129. I have this fear that Lionel’s show will come on when the 12th hour ends.

  130. Linda in Denver says:

    Great job, Matt!

  131. Sunshine Jim says:


    sweet dreams!

  132. Linda in Denver says:

    Yes, here’s to another year!! Cheers!

  133. Linda in Denver says:

    Love Pilot Light. It never gets old.

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