Casual Friday, Cliff Schecter & Isabel Gillies

Friday favorites round out our week.  From Libertas, LLC Cliff Schecter (@cliffschecter) discusses this week’s news and the fabulous Isabel Gillies (@isabelgillies) delivers movie reviews.  Also, songs of the week from the Screaming Majority  (@ScreamingMaj) and Jimmy Reefercake (@jimmyreefercake) — check out Jimmy’s new CD here!  Click thru to see the movie picks, the Susan G. Komen pink gun and pink bullets!  Use this post as today’s thread.

Isabel’s Movie Picks:  Man on Wire and For the Bible Tells Me So

Click to see the  Susan G. Komen Pink Gun
Don’t forget the bullets….

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45 Responses to Casual Friday, Cliff Schecter & Isabel Gillies

  1. CitiSucks says:

    morn 🙂

    • CitiSucks says:

      243,000 net new January jobs (i.e. Jobs added in Jan MINUS Jobs lost in Jan) is really bigger than 243,000. WHY?

      1) Private Sector was 257,000
      2) 60,000 Jobs added in Revisions (Dec & Nov)
      3) Each yr in Feb BureauLaborStats does annual revisions — surprise even more jobs

      If Obama were white, stats say he has just been re-Elected

    • CitiSucks says:

      Susan G Komen gave me a cold … from the grave RIP 🙁

  2. Eds gonna get it. On another note, it really hurts me after writing all those pro Obama songs when he refuses to answer the questions about pot. Please, Mr. President, step up to the plate!

  3. ramses says:

    Hey Cat Chew – how goes it??

  4. Sunshine Jim says:

    squeek! (wiggles nose!)

  5. Gin and Tacos has some reasonable suggestions for contributing to the fight against breast cancer as well as some well-deserved invective for you-know-who.
    (Found via a post at Balloon Juice.)

  6. MSNBC just announced that Komen Foundation has appoligized to Planned Parenthood and restored funding.

  7. CitiSucks says:

    Sammi can apply for Komen Breast exam grants?
    i wanna apply and examine some breasts! 🙂 😉

  8. CitiSucks says:

    When Dems goto extreme we support womens rights. When GOP goes to their extreme, we go to 1845… i.e. Dred Scott and blacks are not and cannot be citizens so sez #CliffSchecter 🙂

  9. From Greg Sargent’s Plum Line*

    Oh, well. It was worth a try: That initiative from Sherrod Brown and Jeff Merkley to get Senators to divest in stocks in companies impacted by their legislating failed yesterday in the Senate, 26-73.

    This general idea was first suggested by Obama in his State of the Union address but even many Dems couldn’t bring themselves to stomach it.

  10. steveweinstein Steve Weinstein

    NY atty gen. Schneiderman files suit against big banks over fraudulent MERS foreclosure system. per CNBC just now. #p2

  11. says:

    Morning all. In a hurry this morning, can’t stay. Heard on Pacifica radio this am about Republican connections of Komen Foundation officials, internal memo about one high level staffer saying she is against abortion, ie, conscious political policy against PP.

    I was chided by one HolyCity2012 last week for posting too much. Haven’t seen HC complain about anyone else (or did I miss it)? I suspect HC didn’t like what I was saying that day. TS, HC, and eat my shorts. I’m off disability after one more week (back to my wage slave job doing hiv research, fyi HC) but until then, I’ll post here as much as I like, same as everyone else. Hostile ad hominems instead of honest disagreement, it’s so in fashion now, filtered in from the Ayn Randians.

    Got a physical therapy appt., gotta go. Have a great weekend all. OMG no Eddie Pepitone today??

  12. rudepundit The Rude Pundit

    As others say, this Komen cave seems like it’s been written by lawyers with as much weasel room as possible:…

  13. ramses says:

    I was going to watch that movie the other day “For the Bible tells me so”

    I watched a movie on Benazir Bhutto – excellent movie by the way.

  14. jeffjarvis Jeff Jarvis

    Komen, like BofA, Verizon & others before, learns the swift power of the social shitstorm.

  15. Dave and the Screaming Majority, ending on a high note. you guys are awesome.

    what do you want, the guy is from new jersey!

  16. that was raw audio of ed, i just applied audacity’s “nixon effect”


    The movement as an end-in-itself? An interview with David Graeber

  18. yes, my website is for sale, but with your support the music will never end. here is the clicked through link to my album, so that you can buy it and support both the MR and JR without killing any birds whatsoever.

  19. b swan says:

    really like your show!!!

  20. BARBARA RICE says:


    Let me preface this by saying that I am a BIG CHRIS ROSEN fan. He’s such an anti-intellectual lazy couch potato, I enjoy the way he parades his ignorance, as Palin parades hers. I also LOVE the way you guys torture Rosen, so I just want to give you some Rosen torture fodder.

    Rosen article was denounced on NATIONAL RADIO. Chris Rosen’s article was trashed by Nick Digilio on WGN Radio in Chicago. Rosen wrote an article defending Katherine Heigl. Nick Digilio thought that Rosen was a total idiot and vigorously disagreed with him. He didn’t mention Chris by name; he just called him “that idiot who writes for Moviefone.”,0,3381540.mp3file WGN radio can be heard in 38 states, so Rosen was insulted NATIONWIDE.

    BTW, Digilio is a genius in his own right; a radio personality, comedian and stage director in Chicago. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if you had Nick D. review movies–if you could get him.

  21. Holy heck, I love Isabel Gillies, she does great movie reviews and the personal stuff is great and humanizing! If she talks too much it’s because she’s nervous. That will go away, and if she is just chatty then more power to her! It’s talk radio! Don’t let that guy komen your show!!

  22. Thought you meant The Band, no not a great name but a great band. They were rural goodness when everything was going crazy, distinctly Canadian smart and important? Scorcese is no slouch, he wouldn’t make a movie about a mere jam band!

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