Michelle Alexander, the Myth of Desegregation

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Civil rights lawyer, advocate and legal scholar Michelle Alexander is here to talk about the state of segregation in America today.  Her book is The New Jim Crow: The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.  Use this post as today’s thread and click thru to see Sam subbing for Keith Olbermann on CURRENT.   We’ve also got the crazy-town spoof staring Andrew Breitbart. 

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6 Responses to Michelle Alexander, the Myth of Desegregation

  1. juliet bravo says:

    Whitney Houston’s death at 48 is a sad and tragic event, and she was a genuinely talented singer.  But I was struck by the contrast between the dignified tributes to Whitney Houston and a clip during Chris Hayes’ interview Saturday of Syrian activist Karam Nachar, of the hasty burial under cover of darkness with constant gunfire, of a little 7 year old girl, wrapped in a sheet, her name scrawled in Sharpie, a victim of the Syrian conflict.

  2. Cathleen says:

    thank you for the Majority Report merch! The mug arrived a few days ago. It has the MR logo and it was great to see “Made in America” stamped on the bottom! Hadn’t heard of “Blue Collar Distro”–which makes the products. The T shirt has the many faces of sam seder–good advertisement for the show.

  3. “With friends like these who needs Cointelpro” ~Propaghandi. I have friends who would have gone too far in their youth. It is impossible to separate them from the “rest” of the movement. We shouldn’t divide our ranks, we should educate and implore activism in the safest smartest way.
    Blue Collar Distro and Blue Collar Press are located in Lawrence KS, we are owned and run by members of the bands Coalesce, The Anniversary, The Get Up Kids, etc. I am a transgender woman and have worked here for five years. Check out this bio, nothing but something to feel good about.

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