Seth Freed Wessler, NYPD Commissioner’s Spy Machine

Seth Freed Wessler (@SethFW) from Colorlines talks about the massive, unregulated, secret surveillance operation created by NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly.

And in Bob McDonnell’s Virginia over the weekend, a peaceful protest “threatens” the State Capitol, dogs and riot police called in.  Click thru to see the video and to get a show update.  Use this post as today’s thread. 

Also on the show, Sam on Juan Cole’s latest piece, Top Ten Dangers for Obama of Iran Sanctions on behalf of Israel. Eric Holder gives a speech today justifying the assassination of Americans abroad and as advertisers drop Rush Limbaugh over his attack on Sandra Fluke Sam does another Random Rush.

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15 Responses to Seth Freed Wessler, NYPD Commissioner’s Spy Machine

  1. Sunshine Jim says:

    mornin folks!

    life goes on, diversity rules!


  2. Did you all hear that Current TV is expanding their Political shows in the morning and have hired Bill Press’s radio show and Stephanie Miller’s radio show to be morning line-up on Current.

    I’m hoping there’s a space for Sam there as well!

  3. Sunshine Jim says:

    eya T!

    would be nice!

  4. Ryan Devereaux ‏ @RDevro

    Rep. Peter King calls NYPD “foremost counterterrorism force” in US, says they are not “spying”.

    Ryan Devereaux ‏ @RDevro

    Rep. King says his father “trained” Commissioner Kelly 40 years ago, calls AP/NYT “left wing rumor mongers”.

    • Ryan Devereaux ‏ @RDevro

      Rep. King says he’s “not aware of any abuses whatsoever” as a result of NYPD surveillance.

  5. Sunshine Jim says:

    NYPD middle age ‘spread’?

    they’re wayyyyy too fat IMO!

  6. ThinkProgress ThinkProgress ‏ @thinkprogress

    BREAKING: Ninth advertiser, Tax Resolution, drops Rush Limbaugh

  7. I knew this would happen. It’s Rush’s M.O. Said it yesterday on twitter…

    Nicole Sandler ‏ @nicolesandler

    Rush is now badmouthing the sponsers that dumped his show. Wow

  8. Did you guys hear about Breitbart fans hacking Taibbi and posting his cell phone number?

    Apparently they threatened him and his wife.

    I thought it was a rather jovial column, and pretty toned down for Taibbi…

  9. Check below found on MediaBistro. Sam, get working to put your show on Current TV, of course, you might have to do 3 hrs but gosh I’d love to see you added right after SMS.

    New York, NY – March 5, 2012 – Current TV today announced the launch of a new morning news block featuring live simulcasts of the radio programs “The Bill Press Show” from 6am-9am ET and “The Stephanie Miller Show” from 9am-12pm ET every weekday starting early this spring. These additions further strengthen Current’s line-up of political commentary and analysis programs which include “Countdown with Keith Olbermann,” “The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur,” and “The War Room with Jennifer Granholm”.

  10. PS Keith twittered that Granholm has a contract till the end of the year and might not be back afterward. You would be good after his show, also but I prefer after Stephanie.

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