Myths & Truths: the Social Security Trust Account

Breaking down the Social Security Trustee Report, facts about the program’s financial health and why social insurance cannot increase the deficit.  Also, bringing the latest news from the BP Oil Spill Disaster settlement, Brian Barr from Levin Papantonio Thomas Mitchell Rafferty & Proctor, P.A. joins the program.  Use this post as today’s thread.  Click thru for links and updates.

Link to Trudy Lieberman’s article on the Media and Social Security Debate in last week’s Columbia Journalism Review.

Corporate Hypocrisy South of the Border – check out article by John Ackerman, Daily Beast

1TDay —  Celebrating 1 Trillion Dollars in Student Loan Debt

Occupy Student Debt click thru to learn more and find out about actions.

Weeks of Student Protest in Quebec — Stop the Hike, Canada

Support Bradley Manning

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  1. HolyCity2012 says:
  2. Mother Jones Mother Jones ‏ @MotherJones

    As the economy deteriorates, so does Social Security: via @kdrum

    [Kevin Drum explaines why the difference]


    Joe Scarborough said, again, this morning that Social Security is bankrupt….

    Bob Cesca ‏ @bobcesca_go

    Social Security Is Not Bankrupt. Not Even Close.


    The 2012 Social Security Trustees Report was issued the other day and — surprise — Social Security isn’t bankrupt like everyone in the press and in the Republican Party (and Democratic Party in some cases) are telling you.

    The most important take-away points from the 2012 Trustees Report will be that Social Security has a large and growing surplus; that without any Congressional action, Social Security will continue to pay benefits to America’s eligible working families for decades; and that with modest legislated increases in revenue, it will continue to pay those benefits for the next century and beyond.

    Atrios noted that Mark Warner (D-VA) is lying about the Trustees Report, suggesting that it says the fund “runs dry” by 2033.


  3. StephenHawking VoiceSynthesizer says:

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  4. Influence Industry Influence Industry ‏ @InfluenceIndust Thanks to Citizens United, Multi-National Mega Lobbyist Firm Salivates Over $4 Billion in Campaign Cash

  5. Denver Regional COG Denver Regional COG ‏ @DRCOGorg

    Via @nprnews: If The Health Care Overhaul Goes Down, Could #Medicare Follow?

  6. Center on Budget Center on Budget ‏ @CenterOnBudget

    Statement of Robert Greenstein on the 2012 #SocialSecurity Trustees’ Report

  7. Brennan Center ‏ @BrennanCenter

    Poll: 65% say they trust govt less because big donors to #SuperPACs have more influence than regular voters

  8. Bibi Mimi!!!

    Good to hear you Bib’s

  9. Obama talking at Chapel Hill, SC to college students:

    Says to the students: “Now check this out, I’m the president of the United States, but [clapping and laughter] But, Michele and I just paid off our student loans 8 year ago!”

  10. HolyCity2012 says:

    Sam Seder: New Life For News Corp Hacking Scandal Investigation

    Rupert Murdoch has had a really bad week, to say the least. After declaring that this week would be the start of a new era for his company News International, his company was hit with new allegations relating to the phone hacking scandal that rocked his media empire last year. A re-energized investigation taking place in the UK is working overtime to figure out how the Murdoch’s news outlets developed such cozy relationships with police officers, and how much the company was paying police for insider information. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Murdoch’s son James stepped down as Chairman of News International just days after the new investigation was launched. Sam Seder talks about the potential fall of Murdoch’s media empire with Ed Pilkington, the New York correspondent for The Guardian.

  11. Thanks for setting the record straight about Social Security.

    I really learned a lot from listening to this podcast.

  12. edik i am 100% sure you are rigth you and your staff are doing the work of the government thank you.go after there butt.

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