Cliff Schecter & Senator Jeff Merkley — Netroots Nation 2012

UPDATE:  Casual Friday from the road – it’s the second day of Netroots Nation!   Sam goes over the week’s news with our Friday Favorite from Libertas, LLC, Cliff Schecter (@cliffschecter).  And Oregon’s Senator, Jeff Merkley (@jeffmerkley), talks about reforming existing government practices for good process, oversight of the banking industry and why he thinks social security is a false argument.  Click thru to find out who else stopped by.  Use this post as today’s thread.Gaius Publius (@Gaius_Publius) from AMERICAblog weighs in on what it will take to move Progressive ideals forward.  Why grassroots movements are not enough.

Joe Sudbay (@joesudbay) from AMERICAblog recounts his experience talking with Obama about marriage equality.  Should the tactics used in the gay rights movement be adopted more broadly by progressive groups?

Empty Wheel’s  Marcie Wheeler (@emptywheel) and Joan McCarter (@joanmccarter) senior policy editor for Daily Kos talk failures of Obama administration, Eric Schneiderman and banking foreclosure fiasco.

Ari Berman (@ariberman) political correspondent for The Nation on Rick Scott and Florida’s latest voter suppression push.  And, will a new bet be placed?

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7 Responses to Cliff Schecter & Senator Jeff Merkley — Netroots Nation 2012

  1. HolyCity2012 says:

    I do not understand what “click thru for a show update and links” means. How does one “click thru”?

    Yours Always, H.C.2012

  2. Sorry but the background noise is driving me crazy, hard to listen and concentrate,

  3. West Wing Reports ‏@WestWingReport

    The Great Depression, which had its roots in Coolidge/Hoover era, was into its 6th year (we’re six into current mess), when FDR hiked taxes

  4. Are we having a meetup at NN?

  5. Another Great Live remote broadcast, thanks!

  6. Cuervo Jones says:

    Merkley’s non-answers about Democrats cutting social security were very frustrating. Democrats like Obama have made it very clear they want to cut it, and Merkley’s only response is to hope it won’t happen. Unbelievable.

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