Stephen Kohn, FDA Spies on Whistleblowers


Stephen Kohn, attorney, Executive Director of the National Whistleblowers Center (@StopFraud) and leading advocate of corporate and government whistleblowers, discusses the FDA’s surveillance of whistle-blowing scientists who warned journalists and lawmakers of dangerous radiation levels in medical imaging devices.   His book, The Whistleblower’s Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Doing What’s Right and Protecting Yourself.   Click thru for links and updates. Use this post as today’s thread.

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  1. HolyCity2012 says:

    How did an Audit the Fed amendment get through a dysfunctional Congress?

    Matt Stoller, former staff member for Representative Alan Grayson and writer for Naked Capitalism, talks to Cenk about the behind-the-scenes effort that was needed to include an Audit the Fed amendment in the 2009 financial reform bill, which Congress passed into law. This long interview provides well-informed insight into the operation of Congress, how legislation is made, and the political process in general.

    Matt Stoller has been involved in progressive politics in a variety of roles. He writes for and is currently the political correspondent for the TV show BrandX with Russell Brand, which airs Thursday nights on FX.

    (The echo goes away after about 20 seconds.)

    • HolyCity2012 says:


      Did none of you watch this? It’s fucking brilliant!

      Not a single reply in regards to this ground breaking interview?

  2. “I did not have sexual relations with that Bathroom stall(Or,that officer)But,
    I did want to blow his Whistle”.. – Craig..

    That’s all a got..Sorry,too early.. 😉

  3. United Republic ‏@unitedrep

    VIDEO: Current Campaign Finance Law Allows Secret Foreign Influence, GOP Senator Brushes Off Concerns


    A Chinese, Russian, or Venezuelan corporation can legally influence American elections in secret, simply by setting up a corporation here, then funding a 501(c) group with some innocuous name to run attack ads. The ads could help elect lawmakers who support trade or foreign policy issues favorable to these countries, and the whole process would be perfectly legal and undisclosed under our current campaign finance system.

    Shouldn’t Americans at least have a right to know?

    Yesterday, every single Republican Senator, even several lawmakers who have called for complete campaign transparency in the past, voted to filibuster the DISCLOSE Act, legislation that would force all campaign advocacy groups to disclose equally. The legislation would not limit communications, but simply force 501(c) groups to disclose the same way in which PACs and Super PACs are required. Currently, 501(c) groups — like “American Action Network” — face zero public disclosure, yet are spending hundreds of millions to influence elections this year.

    And earlier today, there was another vote on the bill, which met the same result. [more]

    • Money,Money,Money..
      Foreign Money,Money,Money..

      Very Scary,Toni..

      • says:

        Interesting they chose those 3 countries to lead off the article with, not any Arab countries or Israel. They just don’t like the competition coming from those 3 upstarts. Yes, there’s plenty of money, domestic and foreign, buying up property and assets everywhere, including the US Congress. Sorry, but this is what countries do under capitalism. The US, Britain, heck, the Vatican, own huge swaths of foreign land and other countries’ governments. Will this disclosure act force the likes of the Koch Bros. and their ilk to disclose in a timely manner? I doubt it. The rulers of the planet (see George Carlin’s famous riff on this) always get around these laws. Their handmaidens in Congress put on a good dog and pony show of hand wringing and outrage, for public consumption. Fills up tv, print and online blogs, and makes the public, including those of us who pay attention, think that we’re getting to the bottom of the corruption, when we’re not. That whole republicreport website serves to whip up public hysteria against foreigners, giving light treatment to our homegrown thieves, who have always colluded with overseas businesses to rob our assets for their mutual enrichment. US contractors built ships for the Japanese at the turn of the 19th c., even while the Hearst press was whipping up anti-Japanese hate here. Cheney’s Halliburton violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The examples are legion. Don’t buy the hype, follow the money and influence, and ask “Cui Bono?”, who *really* benefits?

        • Bernie Sanders;

          “What really frightens me is not just the disastrous nature of Citizens United, but the whole trend that we are seeing lately, economically etc., of moving this country toward an oligarchic form of government. What you have right now is incredibly unequal distribution of wealth and income,” Sanders says, going on to note that “the Walton family of Walmart itself owns more wealth — one family — than the bottom 40 percent of the American people.”

          He continues, “You’ve got that reality out there, and then what’s happening now — what Citizens United is about — is these guys are not content to own the economy, to own the wealth of America, they now want to own lock, stock and barrel the political process as well.”

          • says:

            That’s a bit more like it. Except that this country started out with the political process owned by corporations. Howard Zinn and Michael Parenti are good ones to read or look up on youtube about this.

  4. About the story that Sam was featuring today:

    Common Dreams ‏@commondreams

    FDA & GE: Extra Radiation? Who Cares?

  5. Crooks and Liars ‏@crooksandliars

    New At C&L: Judge Voids Wisconsin Voter ID Enforcement

    • says:

      Good! Let’s hope these appeals are successful. The idiots have got to be yanked away from the FOX vortex, the ones who vote for these id laws.

  6. Michael Skolnik ‏@MichaelSkolnik

    BREAKING: Sean Hannity will be interviewing George Zimmerman tonight at 9PM. The intvw will last an entire hour. #ThingsThatMakeYouGoHmmm

  7. America’s For Sale..Step right up !

  8. I wonder if Bushtard is still getting work-out visits from his old buddy Jeff Gannon ?

  9. PostPolitics ‏@postpolitics

    John McCain defends Huma Abedin against accusations she’s part of conspiracy

    She’s Hillary Clinton’s aide.

  10. BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking

    #Israel’s PM accuses #Iran of fatal bombing of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria. Details soon

  11. says:

    Smells like a Mossad/Shin Bet and co. covert op to me. I really doubt Iran would do this, because I don’t think they want to take on the biggest nuclear power in the region. Comparing Iran’s and Israel’s nuclear power, I’d say Iran is boiling water, while Israel has the whole lasagna already cooked. Bad analogy, but I’m short on time. have a great day, all!

  12. Turks trying to pretend they’re European again. They think a photo shoot in Elle will get them into the EU.

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