Digby, Fiscal Cliff Showdown

We’re back live! Hope you enjoyed your Monday. We have a full schedule for you for the rest of the week. First up, today: Hullabaloo blogger Digby (@digby56) joins us today to talk the Dems plans for the fiscal cliff showdown.

Culture Project Event Sam will be a part of tomorrow: http://cultureproject.org/impact-sinking-ship/

Hunger Strike Twitter Feed: https://twitter.com/HungerStrikerLA
Info: http://nukefreenow.org/?page_id=107

Day of Action: http://nelpaction.wordpress.com/

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4 Responses to Digby, Fiscal Cliff Showdown

  1. Sunlight Foundation ‏@SunFoundation

    Watch the Senate’s hearing on super PACs and Citizens United live with us today at 2:30 pm ET: http://snlg.ht/OePFuB

  2. hampus.bystrom@gmail.com says:

    Digby is great, try to have her on more often

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