Wednesday is Hump Day

Happy Wednesday everybody. Sam is holding it down on his own today, and he will discuss a big charter school scam, Mitt Romney’s “Anglo Saxon Heritage”and why Peter Orszag probably thinks you shouldn’t have a post office and much more.

Tonight if you’re in NYC go see Sam at the Culture Project, where he will moderate a panel featuring Chris Hedges and Rob Johnson among others (type in ‘SUNK‘ under the promotion code for a free ticket!).

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  1. Talking Points Memo ‏@TPM

    Wall Street icon Sandy Weill: Break up the big banks

    Big news on twitterville this AM. Lots of tweets about what Dandy Weill said. He wants Glass-Steagall back!

    • ‏@euromoney

      Kaboom. From London, the sound of Sandy Weill dropping the break-up banks’ bomb has overpowered Olympic commotion & summer frolics.

  2. juliet bravo says:

    The plan to privatize the Post Office (and thus break a major union) sounds like the Bain Capital playbook – saddle the business with inflated debt, then declare it insolvent. Nice.

    Also, the idea that there’s all sorts of real estate waiting to be sold, being occupied by unsightly post offices, is the exact opposite of the concept of a universal post office. No private company would have any interest in serving rural communities – the same argument applies to rural airports.

  3. The Nation ‏@thenation

    Republicans Want to Freeze Government Regulation—Forever?

  4. says:

    I have to know… is Guillermo Eddie Peppitone?

  5. fabucat says:

    Holy crap! Third Eagle is hilarious. Truly the only LOL I’ve ever had. Check out his video denouncing the pagan phallic art in the Denver airport.

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