Jack Hitt, Kevin Baker & Dean Obeidallah: Live From the DNC!

Happy Thursday everyone! Joining Sam today Jack Hitt  (@JackHitt) and Kevin Baker  covering the convention for Harper’s Magazine on the DNC so far and what to expect from President Obama tonight. Also comedian Dean Obeidallah (@DeanofComedy), calls in to explain his Vice Presidential campaign tour.

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Chaos at the DNC as the platform changes are forced through:

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4 Responses to Jack Hitt, Kevin Baker & Dean Obeidallah: Live From the DNC!

  1. DNC platform revisions for god and Jerusalem need to be removed. Vote was not in favor.

  2. Democracy Now! ‏@democracynow

    As #DNC Pushes Through Jerusalem Vote, Critics Ask Why GOP is Dictating the Democrats’ Platform http://owl.li/dvWt3 #DNC2012

    Nicholas Kristof ‏@NickKristof

    The Democrats’ platform mess shows Romney was wrong: It’s not Israelis whom Obama throws under the bus, but Palestinians.

  3. JeffSharlet ‏@JeffSharlet

    Just to be clear, because it seems like a lot of people don’t get this, disliking the Democratic Party doesn’t equal liking the GOP.

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