Digby, the Grand Bargain and the DNC

Welcome back everyone! On today’s show: Digby (@Digby56) on the specter of the Grand Bargain and the Democratic Convention.

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And go to the solidarity page of the striking Chicago Teachers Union and give them some support if you can!

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29 Responses to Digby, the Grand Bargain and the DNC

  1. Sam Stein ‏@samsteinhp

    Full Romney statement on chicago teachers union http://mi.tt/NVW9Bl

  2. Max Graham ‏@MaxGraham

    Good people who want to change the status quo are weeded out before they get into any position of power to make that change happen.

  3. ChicagoTeachersUnion ‏@CTULocal1

    Teachers went into 63rd street police station to use bathroom and got a standing ovation from police #FairContractNow for all city workers!

  4. Barracks O’Bama ‏@P0TUS

    ABC News has confirmed that the Mormons have posthumously baptized the mother of @BarackObama: http://huff.to/3GTDZ #Romney

  5. digby ‏@digby56

    MT @davidfrum: Rahm stands up 2 union bullies http://bit.ly/P4ZH0P /#scarykindergartenteacherthugs

  6. HolyCity2012 says:

    Paul Krugman Makes Rand Paul’s Head Explode With Facts In ‘Big Government’ Debate


  7. HolyCity2012 says:

    HEY!!!! “toniD”….. calm down______

    People post stuff on Twitter. We get it.

  8. Good Sam!! 2 days hosting Up with Chris!

  9. Ezra Klein ‏@ezraklein

    Romney, on whether he’d be willing to be a one-term president: “I could not care less about my political prospects.” http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/48959273/ns/meet_the_press-transcripts/#.UE3-gqRWogE

  10. DenisCampbell ‏@UKProgressive

    Chicago Teachers Uprising Takes on a 1 Percent Mayor, and the Labor Establishment to Boot http://bit.ly/P2vmQv

    The Teachers Union in Chicago was siding with Emanuel so much of the unions split away. See C.O.R.E.

  11. Luke Russert ‏@LukeRussert

    RT: @NBCNews: Ford to add 1,200 workers at Detroit plant http://nbcnews.to/S40PQQ

  12. West Wing Reports ‏@WestWingReport

    Carney, again: “no daylight” between U.S. & Israel on #Iran. Some Israeli reports have said Netanyahu “determined” to attack before Nov.

  13. Dr. Radmanthys says:

    Today’s show not posted yet? Also the website seems to be loading up super slow today. All those new one-month trial members slowing things down or something?

    • It looks like the Full show (MEMbers)podcast has been uploaded, but this web site has not been updated yet.

    • It looks like the PUBlic podcast for the (freeloaders) is also up.
      It looks like it was uploaded at the usual time , after lunch time.
      They must have forgoten to update this webpage.

      Not sure I can link to it, but here goes:
      28MB, 1:01:14

  14. Hammerhead says:

    I’m a member, and the podcast for today isn’t showing up for me…

    • If you know the actual address where the files are downloaded you can figure it out.
      All shows are archived there.

      If you are logged in look for a filename that starts with 09-10-12 ~

      that’s all i’m sayin’

  15. Eric D. says:

    Another member here, unable to download today’s show. Attention signor Kyle! Your services are required!

  16. raypayola@live.com says:

    Up and running for me now, both here & the Members iTunes podcast. Thanks guys!

  17. not-sam says:

    Sorry for all the problems today, folks. Our hosting provider was have issues all day. Nothing we could do but wait for them to fix it on their end. Thanks for your patience!

    – Matt

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