Michael Grunwald “One Nation on Welfare”

Happy Thursday everyone! On today’s show Time columnist, Michael Grunwald  (@MikeGrunwald) will talk with Sam about his new Time Magazine cover story “One Nation on Welfare” (subscription only). Find out why we are all “makers and takers” live at noon!

At StrangeAngels.com, we believe that corporations aren’t people — and people aren’t products. We shouldn’t look for love the way we shop for sneakers. We’re all in this together, let’s help each other out.


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8 Responses to Michael Grunwald “One Nation on Welfare”

  1. Mediaite ‏@mediaite

    Mitt Romney Defends Income Redistribution In Campaign Speech [Column by @tommyxtopher] http://mediaite.com/a/dygan

  2. Karl Frisch ‏@KarlFrisch

    For @MittRomney, a gaffe a day keeps the White House away.

  3. The Young Turks ‏@TheYoungTurks

    I liked a @YouTube video from @majorityfm http://youtu.be/iUEnLhr7o2c?a Romney’s Leaked Fundraiser Rant Reveals the Real

  4. Sam Stein ‏@samsteinhp

    RT @RussContreras: BREAKING NEWS @AP: Romney campaign pulls 2 key staffers from New Mexico #election2012

  5. Tina Dupuy ‏@TinaDupuy

    My new column: We Are All ‘Dependent on Government’ http://wp.me/pSjxr-t0

  6. SenorBean says:

    A day after a French magazine posted cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, public reaction in the Muslim world has so far been relatively muted, with isolated protests taking place in Iran and Afghanistan. But French agencies remain on high alert in anticipation of larger protests tomorrow.


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