Thomas Frank “Pity the Billionaire”

Hey everyone! Joining Sam today, Harper’s editor and The Baffler co-founder Thomas Frank on the disappointments of Obama’s first term, the persistence of awful right wing ideas and the paperback release of his new book Pity the Billionaire.

At, we believe that corporations aren’t people — and people aren’t products. We shouldn’t look for love the way we shop for sneakers. We’re all in this together, let’s help each other out.

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4 Responses to Thomas Frank “Pity the Billionaire”

  1. Mona Eltahawy ‏@monaeltahawy

    I did what I did as part of that big fight over freedom of expression in #NYC. U don’t have to like me/my writings try to understand context

    The Egyptian woman who is also a journalist. She defaced, spray painted, the anti Islamist in NYC subway.

  2. eaglesfanintn says:

    Libetard: Ask me any question about the Liberty Movement and I’ll answer it.
    Sam: What is the Liberty Movement?
    Libetard: Oh, come on, you know what it is.
    Great answer there!
    Another idiot Sammy takes down.

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