Presidential Debate Round 2 Live!

Hey everyone! Sam and the Majority crew will be covering the debate. Tune in now! For our live running commentary as Obama and Romney go at in Long Island.

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26 Responses to Presidential Debate Round 2 Live!

  1. All down hill for Romney after his explanation on why he will not release his 2009 Tax return!

  2. No stream yet at 8:45… is your Internet connection working tonight?

  3. SOMEONE leaked the debate rules agreed upon by both Mitt Romney’s camp and Barack Obama’s camp to Mark Halperin of Time…

    This clip from the Majority Report, live M-F at 12 noon EST and via daily podcast at http://Majority.FM – private

  4. Seriously! What’s going on, guys?

  5. OK, now the stream is up but w/o sound.

  6. JugOPunch says:

    Finishing up with listening to Bob Kincaid at Head on Radio. Sammy’s and Clift’s commentary last week was fun.

  7. JugOPunch says:

    Great switch. We get O’s respone.

  8. Physicist says:

    All this racing to the right on energy policy (drill in fed land, more coal, more gas, etc.) and not a single mention of global climate change.

  9. JugOPunch says:

    Next time give my initial stream. What I’ve been buried by taxes?

  10. JugOPunch says:

    0+government = Olympic success

  11. JugOPunch says:

    Finding good women takes effort.

  12. JugOPunch says:

    did he want to say a flagging work force.

  13. JugOPunch says:

    Right! His name started with a B!

    Good one Sammy.

  14. JugOPunch says:

    Give Romney more TIME DAMNN IT!

  15. JugOPunch says:

    Obama is an idiot. Ganbanger too. that was a stupid thing to say.
    Check their papers?

  16. Physicist says:

    Romney is falling apart. After the “have you looked at your pension?”, “Ya but mine is not as big as yours so it doesn’t take as long” and since then it looks like Romney is on the verge of a mental breakdown.

    • Physicist says:

      Romney is totally falling apart. Breakdown.

    • Physicist says:

      After Obama slapped him down over the embassy killing Romney has looked weak and unpresidential. He looks desperate. Like a child on the verge of a tantrum. This race is over.

  17. JugOPunch says:

    He should have been giving out birth day cakes.

  18. JugOPunch says:

    47% percent on food stamps? What?

  19. Physicist says:

    They should replay the Libya clip. That was the turning point.

  20. JugOPunch says:

    This is a members only? Goodnight Sammy and crew. Thank You.

  21. Is it Pres. Obama fault that gasoline is $4.00 a gallon?

  22. Nancy Cadet says:

    Thanks Sam,

  23. Harvest says:

    Thanks for the commentary Sam!

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