David Graeber: Occupy Debt

Welcome back everyone! Professor and Occupy movement activist David Graeber (@davidgraeber) joins Sam to talk about Occupy’s new Rolling Jubilee campaign. Tune in at noon!

Check out the Rolling Jubilee here.

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9 Responses to David Graeber: Occupy Debt

  1. David Graeber: Occupy Debt – I think the more people/talking heads we have discussing the sham that has been perpetrated on the American public the better! It’s sick and criminal that the Loan Sharks have come back and rewritten laws allowing Pay Day Loan stores to operate, making it legal to charge up to 600% interest or more. Do we really want all the young people to become indentured servants & just work to pay off their student loan debt instead of pursuing their dreams?

  2. Nancy Cadet says:

    Rolling Jubillee is a good idea. My brother in law is being pursued for medical debt that he can’t pay (and shouldn’t have to since we need universal, affordable care as other countries do!). Needless to say, the debt collectors started harassing us. It’s easy to find relatives’ contact info online, frighteningly so…
    BTW , “poisson rouge ” is how the French designate gold fish. In the eye of the beholder indeed.

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  5. TriangleBill says:

    Sam’s takedown of that poor, poor, confused “Libertarian” today reminded me of a talk I heard recently which relates to the concept “rationing” of healthcare, which, as we all recall, was throw around as supposedly a weapon to use to fight against “Obamacare” by the right-wing fascists. The CSPAN/BookTV talk can be heard at this link –> http://www.booktv.org/search.aspx?For=beatrix%20hoffman Another very nice interview is here –> http://griid.org/2012/10/13/interview-with-beatrix-hoffman-health-care-for-some/

  6. David Graeber’s last line about saying “To hell with it, I’m going to spend this money on my kids’ education, You’re a bad person” really hit me where I live. I’ve stopped paying the mortgage on my (crappy) house because I couldn’t afford it and my sons’ college tuition and expenses. I figure that if foreclosure is delayed long enough, at least THEIR debt burden will be lower than it would be if I had not contributed to their payments.

    Fuck the banks. Lending is an inherently risky proposition, and the fraudsters lost on this one.

  7. tworivers says:

    Fantastic interview, Sam! Really eye-opening. Am thinking I need to read Mr. Graeber’s book

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