There Is No Fiscal Cliff!

Good morning everyone. Mattea Kramer (@kramervkramer) of the National Priorities Project, joins Sam today to discuss her new book, A People’s Guide to the Federal Budget and the myth of the fiscal cliff. Tune in at noon!

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6 Responses to There Is No Fiscal Cliff!

  1. Maddow Blog Maddow Blog ‏@MaddowBlog

    For GOP wrestling w/defeat, Maine’s guy may take cake. 1st: mysterious black voters. Then: voter-caging as a fix?

    What Sam is talking about now.

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  3. HolyCity2012 says:

    Romney: Obama won with ‘gifts’ to minorities, young

    “Mitt Romney is telling top donors that President Barack Obama won re-election because of the “gifts” he had already provided to blacks, Hispanics and young voters.”

  4. HolyCity2012 says:

    Tenn. GOP congressman’s ex-wife had 2 abortions

    DesJarlais espoused an anti-abortion position, saying: “All life should be cherished and protected. We are pro-life.”

  5. HolyCity2012 says:

    Senator Sanders: Ronald Reagan was Right
    Ronald Reagan: “Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit.”

  6. Steven says:

    Sammy, get one of the MMT people like Warren Mosler, Stephanie Kelton, Bill Black, et al., on to explain how things really work.

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