Jeff Orlowski, Chasing Ice

On today’s show, Jeff Orlowski (@jefforlowski) the director of the new documentary Chasing Ice  which tells the story of the “Extreme Ice Survey” a project to gather undeniable photographic evidence of the global climate crisis.

Sorry folks! U Stream is down. So stream it from the site folks. Sorry again!

And stand with Walmart strikers! 

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22 Responses to Jeff Orlowski, Chasing Ice

  1. HolyCity2012 says:

    MR is trippin’ again?

  2. Michael says:

    No show today?

    • Dr. Radmanthys says:

      Not according to yesterday’s e-mail blast: “On Wednesday, I’ll be taking your calls and IM’s to help you navigate the minefield which is gong home for the holidays and seeing your right wing relatives, with my famous “Helping You Navigate The Minefield Which is Going Home For The Holidays and Seeing Your Right Wing Relatives” Show!”

    • not-sam says:

      We had audio streaming issues on the site but the stream is now back up. Sorry about that!


  3. not-sam says:

    We are aware of the Ustream issues that we are now having.


  4. Breaking News: Hillary Clinton just announced a Cease Fire Agreement in Israel/Gaza.

    Just now on MSNBC

    • Stuart Millar ‏@stuartmillar159

      Clinton begins with heavy praise for Egypt: “new govt assuming responsibility and leadership”

      [Clinton allowed the Egyptian Prime Minister to first announce the cease fire because he worked on it for days now.]

  5. Matt Bors ‏@MattBors

    This @RubenBolling cartoon is goddamn brilliant.

    O’Reilly’s Nightmare!

  6. al AirAn says:

    if you save $25,000 per year on average for 18 years you saved $450,000… if you earn 5% you will have about $800,000

    add one year to 19 years saving about $30,000 a year would get you about a million

    and you can buy a lifetime payout life annuity a get $3500 a month for life

    So GoldmanSachs Murray Gurfein is wrong! about beiung able to work 18 or 19 years and retire for 30 to 40 years

    • al AirAn says:

      Lloyd Blankfein is sooo wrong you can retire after 18 or 19 years of saving about 30% of your income…

  7. al AirAn says:

    Walmart workers have no unions, ergo Walmart can’t go to NLRB for an unfair labor practice act against their union, because there is no union!

  8. Netanyahu is about to speak about the cease fire.

  9. HolyCity2012 says:

    Sam should consider having a discussion w/ David Pakman about the Israel, Palestine conflict.

    If you are unaware of Pakman’s opinions then checkout his YouTubes about the subject.

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  11. How to deal with right-wing assy relatives:
    1) Say nothing during political discussions. This will hone your self discipline.
    2) While you are saying nothing have a smug, self-satisfied smile on your face, occasionally interspersed with a an expression of indulgent sympathy.
    3) Believe me, they will understand perfectly, and it will make them crazier than any words you could possibly say.

  12. juliet bravo says:

    Re: Bob’s remarks about the increase in doctors’ compensation, doctors will say they have to charge so much because they have to pay skyrocketing malpractice insurance premiums, and then grumble about litigious lawyers.

    Medical malpractice victims and their lawyers aren’t the problem, and “tort reform” i.e. capping damage awards, isn’t the fix. In fact, according to the nonpartisan National Bureau of Economic Research, “[d]irect costs of malpractice, which include premiums, damage awards in excess of premiums, and associated litigation costs, represent no more than two percent of health care costs.”

    And these costs represent about one-tenth of the real driver of health care costs, which is the $124 billion annual cost of treating the uninsured:

    Doctors may be paying large insurance premiums, but insurance premiums do not go down in states which pass tort reform, only in states like California which enacted insurance reform and required insurance companies to open their books, and even that seems to allow for a generous 200% profit:

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