Bill McKibben: Do the Math

Welcome back everyone. On today’s show, Bill McKibben (@billmckibben) joins Sam to talk about his new climate movement, Do the Math. Tune in at noon!

In the next few hours the Cuomo administration is poised to make a monumental mistake on fracking. We need you to put him back on track!
NYC Office (212) 681-4580
Albany Office (518) 474-8390

And please take our listener survey. Thanks so much!


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27 Responses to Bill McKibben: Do the Math

  1. David Dayen ‏@ddayen

    $40,000 Bowles & Simpson get for a 1-hour talk to business groups equals THREE YEARS of SocSec benefits for avg senior

    Sorry Sam, here’s the answer to your quiz. I thought of those two even before finding this tweet.

    I wish the pollys would stop mentioning these two . their plan isn’t good anyway!

  2. Slate ‏@Slate

    The Norquist Pledge, and other tax debate stuff that the media is over-hyping:

  3. nancy cadet says:

    Happy Birthday Sam, or “Joyeux anniversaire.”

    I love the songs on the show including “La Poupee.”

  4. trapper says:

    Happy B day Sammy, wrap this up and go get a drink on me.

  5. Happy Birthday Sam!!

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  7. Steve in L.A. says:

    Happy birthday, Sam.

  8. Happy Birthday, Sam!
    Wondering why today’s show is not available for member download, yet? Everything ok?

  9. Boudica says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  10. Eric D. says:

    Can’t download podcast. Is there a tech problem?

  11. Happy Birthday Sam!

  12. brightbartlett says:

    Still not able to dl today’s podcast at 5:30 est. But have a great birthday! By the way, have u heard about the new corduroy pillows? They’re making headlines!

  13. Russell Belding says:

    Thanks! I was just listening to Democracy Now. Amy Goodman mentioned Lindsay Graham, and I immediately waited to hear the closet door opening.

  14. Happy Birthday Sam! Have a great day and great year! Germo

  15. Yes happy birthday Sam first thing first, dying for my daily podcast though.

  16. JohnOsborn says:

    Damn, same here. iTunes member feed isn’t working. Can’t wait to listen to interview. McKibben’s awesome!

  17. Happy Birthday Sam!

  18. not-sam says:

    Sorry about the Members show not appearing. There was an error on our end. I just fixed it. All should be good now. – Matt

  19. Podcast DL is now available

  20. juliet bravo says:

    Thanks for fixing the poddast, Matt!

    Happy birthday, Sam! Touche pas à mon “Luna”! You can’t put art up for a vote. Moi aussi, j’adore “La Poupée Qui Fait Non” – but I’d love to hear the story of why Sam plays it. Just nosy.

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