Fast Food Workers Strike & Sam Attacks a Plutocrat

Welcome back everyone! On today’s show Sam talks with journalist Sarah Jaffe  (@sarahljaffe) about the Fast Food workers strikes that took place last week in New York City and walks us through his last appearance on Up With Chris.

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11 Responses to Fast Food Workers Strike & Sam Attacks a Plutocrat

  1. Seder vs Peebles! Good job Sam!

    • al AirAn says:

      why was Peebles such a jerk.. being dismissive to anyone not as rich as he was… Rich = Jerk (even if you are black)

  2. Yes Sam put that Peebles guy in his place.

    Peebles , like so many rich peeps, continued to
    put forth the lie that the rich people are the job creators.

  3. juliet bravo says:

    Sam was a bulldog on Up with Chris Hayes on Saturday, and the perfect foil for Peebles. I suspected that’s exactly why he was asked to participate.

  4. PublicPolicyPolling ‏@ppppolls

    51% of our national sample over the weekend voted for Obama and the party ID on it is D+12!!! People don’t want to be Republicans right now

  5. Cliff Schecter ‏@cliffschecter

    W/ some grt exceptions, wht does it say tht best fact-based news thse days frm comedians, sports anchors &replays of dead media legends #sad

  6. al AirAn says:

    Krugman makes clear what Sam Seder knows: it’s the Health Care costs. Medicare as single payer can say no to providers’ charges

  7. Steve in L.A. says:

    No iTunes podcast yet, as of 12:40 PST. Guess I’m spoiled, but I like to take Sam with me when I go to lunch!

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  9. juliet bravo says:

    Of course, the really important thing about Sam’s appearance on “Up” this weekend is that he is now a Double Pastriot (always an overachiever):

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