Eliot Spitzer: Justice Departments Lanny Breuer Steps Down

On today’s show former New York Governor and Slate columnist Eliot Spitzer on the retirement of Lanny Breuer after a devastating Frontline expose, Untouchables, on the Justice Departments handling of Wall Street fraud. Tune in at noon!


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21 Responses to Eliot Spitzer: Justice Departments Lanny Breuer Steps Down

  1. PBS’ Frontline program on “The Untouchables” was sorely needed and a big thanks to PBS for airing it. Too bad they didn’t air it sooner.

    It’s a disgrace that these Bankster didn’t go to jail 4 years ago!

  2. how do we watch this on You Tube?

  3. HolyCity2012 says:

    fuck these screwy threads!

    I’m out!

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  5. salassian@gmail.com says:

    Desmond from S FL is a horrible debater. He doesn’t answer questions and repeatedly changes the subject. How are you supposed to talk to someone who does that?

    • Charles says:

      Too true. Classic rightie arguing style, I say.

      • digitalcyclist says:

        I am official sick of Wing Nutz whether Reagonomicites or Libertarianistas calling in.
        No worries Sam, I hate it when Hartmann debates Cons as well.

  6. HolyCity2012 says:

    Sam Seder x SchittReport On Glenn Beck x Peter Schiff & Their Silly Hyperinflation Theories


  7. SenorBean says:

    Sam, please… StopAtTwo. 🙂

  8. CranialVault says:

    Taibbi begs to differ with the usually on-point Spitzer on the topic of Mary Jo White:
    She is endemic of the revolving-door culture, and I’m surprised that Spitzer gave her such a glowing endorsement.

    • salassian@gmail.com says:

      What’s up with that? Did Spitzer punk Sam? The NY Times also gave White a glowing review but you can’t get much more establishment than they are.

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