Common Cause Bob Edgar & EFF’s Julie Samuels

UPDATE: LISTEN to the Podcast with Julie Samuels HERE
or, watch the interview on YouTube!

Welcome back folks! On today’s show we have, Common Causes Bob Edgar (@BobEdgarCC) on filibuster reorm and the Electronic Frontier Foundations Julie Samuels  (@juliepsamuels) and stupid patent rules and the end of podcasts? Listen up at noon!

YouTube Livestream:

Act against stupid patent rules now 

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17 Responses to Common Cause Bob Edgar & EFF’s Julie Samuels

  1. ThinkProgress ‏@thinkprogress

    Tagg Romney considering run for Senate. He formed an financial company w/3 people involved in notorious ponzi scheme:

  2. al AirAn says:

    morning/afternoon 🙂

  3. Ed Schultz ‏@edshow

    If you were watching the Super Bowl in DC, you probably saw this ad calling on Congress to curb labor unions. #1u

  4. juliet bravo says:

    Just caught part of the patent troll interview – scary stuff. How about naming the new baby “Patent Troll Seder”? It’s a name AND a career path.

  5. juliet bravo says:

    Now that’s a business plan – patent the conspiracy theory that the Obama administration is going to herd us all into camps and poison us by breaking CFL light bulbs, then sit back and collect a handsome royalty every time a libertarian calls in and expounds the theory – could bankroll the Majority Report for years.

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  7. Any word on when today’s podcast will hit iTunes?

  8. Sammy don’t be afraid of the patent trolls. No one could ever sue this or any other show for a patent violation. To sue someone you need a lawyer and I learned on the majority report that we don’t need any kind of tort reform because trial lawyers are only there to protect the little guy against big corporate interests. Their oath and professionalism would not allow them to pursue any case without merit just to make money, so the very idea is ridiculous. Remember the US has the best legal system in the world!

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  14. Always have to post a comment, I cant help myself! Thanks Sarah

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