Casual Friday: Cliff Schecter & Film Guy Matthew Weiss: Hosted By Matt &Michael

Happy Friday everyone! Matt & Michael hold it down again with political maestro Cliff Schecter (@CliffSchecter) and Film Guy, Matthew Weiss (@langdonboom). Round 2.


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38 Responses to Casual Friday: Cliff Schecter & Film Guy Matthew Weiss: Hosted By Matt &Michael

  1. Yah!!!! So glad I’m going to hear Cliff and my favorite movie reviewer today. Thanks guys for keeping the show going while Sam is away!

    • al AirAn says:

      i want rosen 🙁

      • fabucat says:

        I thought that I was the only person who enjoyed Chris Rosen. Honestly, I think you guys bash him too much. He’s got a good grounding in the mainstream stuff. Listen, not all of us can watch the foreign language films from socialist countries! If you enjoyed Matt’s Walking Dead commentaries, then you have no standing to criticize Rosen’s mainstream film criticism.

  2. SenorBean says:

    NEW media, public re-lations, and strate-gy

  3. digitalcyclist says:

    If you want any of these services, you know who you gotta see…

  4. Steven says:

    Hopefully they’ve figured out how to work the phone today.

  5. I’m listening to the end of yesterday’s show before I listen to this show.

  6. Maureen says:

    Thank you Cliff for still coming on the show. You are my favorite segment of the week.

  7. MattintheBK says:

    I have more baby names:

    In honor of North Korea,

    Seder Sam-Un

    Or at least adding “Un” to “Hugo Fidel Che (Un)” Seder.

  8. juliet bravo says:

    It’s not Friday without Jimmy Reefercake serenading Cliff Schechter…

  9. juliet bravo says:

    Hooray for angry, sarcastic nuance!

    • al AirAn says:

      Tamalenight.. Daylight Savings Time.. 1:59am March 11 becomes 3:00am March one minute later 🙁 zzzZZZzzz

  10. says:

    I’ll have to listen to Chris’ rant on Rand again, to commit the succinct phrases to memory. The neo-confederate phrase says is all. Michelle Bachman is on the House Intelligence Committee?? Unf-g-believable.

  11. says:

    Wow, that was a great interview, thanks guys!

  12. says:

    Oh woah, investigating Hurricane Sandy-related corruption? This ex-SI’er (with family still there) needs to see this. What show is this again?

  13. says:

    “Maybe we should do a background check on Matt” – Matthew Film Guy…*lol*

  14. SenorBean says:

    Great job, Matt n Michael, though I bet the audiophiles are pissed.

  15. M &M Great job guys!!

  16. I like that –M&M.
    You guys are honestly entertaining! No one knows what going to happen next! Sam probably in a hole in the wall Bar crying, “their slowly destroying my work!!! No worries Sam, just you giving M&M control of the MIKE, shows us the true genius and progressive you are! Thanks Sam. I mean that. Germo

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  18. Mike Brown says:

    Missed the live show having trouble downloading to iTunes and play the it from the website.

  19. Guys… show appears to be posted, but the download and online player links for both the free and members show don’t seem to point to anything.

    Really want to hear the show soon 🙂

  20. Great job filling in for Sam, guys. I agree with Matthew Film Guy that Treme is worth watching, but I’ve never been even tempted to start with Walking Dead.

  21. Great job co hosting today guys. Btw, if you love the Walking Dead check out the free IPAD game. Very cool (though you have to pay for subsequent episodes). It has a comic book vibe.

  22. Donna Palmer says:

    I have really enjoyed listening to M&M host the show, you guys are hilarious. And thanks for changing up the music!

  23. PhillipsPhan says:

    Matt and Michael are great! May not have a lot of polish yet but that’s part of their charm.

    PS Please consider making “Matt Binder’s Walking Dead Aftershow” a regular segment, because I’m probably never, ever, never going to watch the program myself but Matt’s so enthusiasm is so infectious I’m dying to hear who will be the next to die.

  24. fabucat says:

    I TOTALLY enjoyed today’s show. So much better than Richard Kind’s sexist remarks of last week. You guys are doing great and I really want to reinforce Film Guy’s recommendation of “Treme.” I’m 50+ and thanks to Treme, I gained a new appreciation of jazz, after being a rock chick for most of my life.

    I’ll check out Walking Dead, but I suspect that it might be better watched stoned and those days are over for me.

    The Poupee v. MOB mash-up was PRICELESS.

  25. Hello Bob in Albany. We spoke on Thur. during the mishap with the phones. (Conference Call Error) I truly didn’t mean to criticize you for telling me what you wanted to talk to Matt and Michael about. With all the mayhem going on, I was laughing my ass off seeing M&M couldn’t get the phones going correctly. Next thing I hear you asking me who I am! I lost it. Hope you get to talk to M&M on Monday. These guys are priceless! Take care Germo

  26. And M&M, pleased no polish needed to the sans Sam. Let it rip! M&M own the air at 12 noon!

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