Kevin Gosztola on Bradley Manning

Good morning folks! On today’s show Firedoglake’s Kevin Gosztola (@kgosztola), talks about where the prosecution of Bradley Manning stands now and the state of whistleblowing and dissent in America today. Tune in at noon!

Go to the Bradley Manning panel moderated by Sam this Friday in New York City. Information here.

Also tonight go see Kevin Gosztola and Phil Donahue screen his new documentary and discuss the medias role in the invasion of Iraq ten years later. Information here.

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  1. CREDO Mobile ‏@CREDOMobile 38m

    More than 1,000 protesters! RT @HuffPostGreen Anti-Keystone activists disrupt Obama fundraiser in San Francisco

  2. The Hill ‏@thehill 1h

    Inhofe: Pre-emptive strike would get ‘attention’ of ‘deranged’ North Korean leader by @JTSThHill

    Leave it to the RW to try to get us into another war.

    • SenorBean says:

      hartmann made an off the cuff remark earlier this week about how we could just target kim-jong un/nk leadership rather than engage w/ the ‘peons’ during the talk radio news segment… maybe he was being ironic or something, but i don’t think so… i’d like to hear him riff on it further after taking the time to think it through…

  3. SenorBean says:

    Nothing demonstrates the situation better than the release by WikiLeaks of an immense number of secret U.S. government documents between 2009 and 2011. To some this was investigative journalism at its best, and WikiLeaks had established how superior the Internet was as an information source. It clearly threatened those in power, so this was exactly the sort of Fourth Estate a free people needed. Thanks to the Internet, some claimed, we were now truly free and had the power to hold leaders accountable.

    In fact, the WikiLeaks episode demonstrates precisely the opposite. WikiLeaks was not a journalistic organization. It released secret documents to the public, but the “documents languished online and only came to the public’s attention when they were written up by professional journalists,” as journalist Heather Brooke put it. “Raw material alone wasn’t enough.” Journalism had to give the material credibility, and journalists had to do the hard work of vetting the material and analyzing it to find out what it meant. That required paid, full-time journalists with institutional support. The United States has too few of these, and those it has are too closely attached to the power structure, so most of the material still has not been studied and summarized for a popular audience—and it may never be in our lifetimes.

  4. SenorBean says:

    See Amy Goodman interviewed on C-SPAN’s “In Depth” this Sunday, April 7th from 12-3 pm EDT.

  5. Zounds says:

    I’ve never heard someone who strongly identifies as a Libertarian that wasn’t an idiot, not even once. There’s no point in trying to argue with them as they believe what they believe due to faith, not reason, so when you present them a strong counter-argument, they just double down on the double-talk; they only become better at evading reality rather than accept the absurdity and unworkability of their beliefs.

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  7. HolyCity2012 says:

    “A Colorado Sheriff Responds To President Obama”

    “President Obama visited Denver on April 3, 2013 to push his excessive gun legislation. Not one sheriff in the state of Colorado was included in the event. The sheriffs of Colorado representing 62 counties were kept out of the event because their legislative needs were not useful to the president. Obama’s purposeful shunning of the state sheriffs could not silence them. Listen as Sheriff Shayne Heap from Elbert County Colorado responds to the president’s comments.”

    Published on Apr 3, 2013


  8. Harvest says:

    Today’s episode will not download to iTunes. Anyone else having this problem? It gets 1/4 way and stalls.

  9. SenorBean says:

    Sam! You will likely have to comment regarding this eventually! (even if you keep it brief)

    here’s the latest on ‘a long overdue debate’:

    greenwald singles out 3 of the ‘4 horseman of new atheism’ by name (dawkins, harris, hitchens), barring dennett… i’ve long had issues with hitchens regarding his support for iraq invasion, but i was unawre of harris’s pro-torture views…. whether or not it’s appropriate to include dawkins in this riff remains unclear, apparently even to greenwald. (see: update II)

    • SenorBean says:

      just finished the full read… greenwald’s aquired some pretty damning harris quotes… who knew?(not I) harris’ got nothing new on his site…

    • HolyCity2012 says:

      I always perceived the pro-torture position from Sam Harris as that of a Devils Advocate. Kind of like, here is one side, as flawless as possible now it is the other sides chance to compose an air-tight counter point. A conditioning exercise of sorts. It has been years since I have read it so I will review it to re-inform my perception.

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