5/2 Tim Karr: The Future of An Open Net & John Mullins Speaks Truth To Power

Free Press’s Tim Karr explained the background of President Obama’s new pick to head the FCC, who will control the Internet of the future, the drive by telecoms companies to control the Internet, Verzion’s Orwellian push to block your first amendment on the Internet and why net neutrality is still under threat.

John Mullins, a small business owner from Auburn Alabama explained why he spoke out on how the sequester is hurting his small business at a town hall, and how we can finally get out of the recession and the great outpouring of support he has has received.

On The Better Half: Sam examines his relationship with Marc Maron, The Obama Administration’s new ridiculous move on Plan B, PA Governor Tom Corbett thinks Pennsylvanians aren’t getting hired because they do drugs and your calls and IMs.

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