Glenn Greenwald The Obama Administration War On The Free Press

On today’s show  Glenn Greenwald  (@ggreenwald) talks about how the Obama Administration’s DOJ’s unprecedented attacks on foundational journalistic freedom.

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  1. Memo Leaked to Retaliate Against Fast and Furious Whistleblower


    A former top federal prosecutor leaked an internal memo to retaliate against the lead whistleblower in the Fast and Furious gun-smuggling scandal, according to an article in the Los Angeles Times.

    According to the Justice Department’s inspector general’s office, Dennis K. Burke, a former U.S. attorney, leaked the memo to a television producer to retaliate against ATF Special Agent John Dodson. Dodson had blown the whistle on the ATF’s program of allowing guns to be bought illegally and then attempting to track them to drug cartels in Mexico.

    From the article:

    The Dodson memo discussed a case he worked on in which he served as an undercover agent posing as an illegal straw purchaser providing firearms to a trafficker, and he discussed the tactic of “walking” firearms as a way to build an investigation. Burke saw the document as evidence that Dodson also condoned “gun walking” investigations, and personally emailed it to a friend in Washington with the intent of sharing it with a Fox News producer.


  2. Katrina vandenHeuvel ‏@KatrinaNation 1h

    Background reading as we watch AP– and now FOX– story unfold/ Don’t confuse truth-tellers with traitors

  3. inequity speaks ‏@InequitySpeaks 5m

    When GREEDY CORPORATIONS LIKE #APPLE don’t pay fair share of #taxes it is burdened individual taxpayer that must make up difference #p2 #ctl

  4. National Journal National Journal ‏@nationaljournal 3m

    Why you can’t trust the White House (even if nobody’s lying) (via @ron_fournier)

  5. SenorBean says:

    good on greenwald for calling out maher on islamaphobia. i hadn’t caught that episode.

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