Casual Friday: Charlie Pierce & Christopher Rosen

Good morning folks! On today’s Casual Friday the great Charlie Pierce (@ESQPolitics) fills in for Cliff Schecter and seniro Huffington Post entertainment editor and old friend of MR Christopher Rosen  (@chrisjrosen) will give us a Oscar preview. Tune in at noon!

Today’s YouTube Livestream:

The Answer to the Horrible Comcast / Time Warner Cable Merger

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5 Responses to Casual Friday: Charlie Pierce & Christopher Rosen

  1. juliet bravo says:

    Great interview with Cholly Pierce from Woostah, and the the much heralded return of Chris Rosen can hardly surpass the fantastic array of jingles from Jimmy Reefercake!

  2. CeeCee says:

    It’s called shared prosperity. Something that the oligarchs don’t want anything to do with. Why should they share with those actually doing most of the work?

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  4. Christopher Rosen is a douche. My grandmother could have given a better preview of the Oscar nominations. “Dallas Buyers Club” is movie of the week-ish??? What? What a fucking douche

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