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5. Important Links
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8. How do I IM Sam during the show?
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The Host:


Sam Seder is a New York based political talk show host. In addition to hosting the daily Majority Report, Seder also co-hosts the nationally syndicated Ring of Fire Radio Show with RFK Jr. and Mike Papintonio. Seder is also a contributor for MSNBC.

Seder has appeared on MSNBC, CNBC & CNN as a political commentator. Seder has substitute hosted for Chris Hayes on his former weekend program UP with Chris Hayes on MSNBC and for Keith Olbermann’s Countdown on MSNBC and Current.

Seder hosted four different nationally syndicated radio shows for Air America including the Majority Report with co-host Janeane Garofalo, The mid-morning Sam Seder Show, the weekly Seder on Sundays and co-hosted the web only video show Break Room Live with Marc Maron. Seder also served as the Editor in Chief of AirAmerica.com.

Seder co-authored Fubar: America’s Right Wing Nightmare with Stephen Sherrill, published by Harper Collins.

Seder is also a professional comedy writer and director. Seder’s writing credits include pilots for HBO, NBC, FOX, AMC and CBS. He co- wrote, produced, directed, and acted in the feature length comedy Who’s the Caboose?, starring Sarah Silverman, H. Jon Benjamin and David Cross, acquired by the Trio cable Network. Seder performed the same duties and reunited the cast in the Trio, six-part mini-series sequel to Caboose, entitled Pilot Season. Seder’s directing credits also include Comedy Central’s I’m with Busey and Studios USA’s Beat Cops. Currently, Seder does voice work on the Fox cartoon, “Bob’s Burgers” and his acting credits include 10 network pilots and guest spots on various television shows including Sex in the City.




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Master of all that is Technical:

Kyle Shank




1. How do I become a Majority Report member?
2. What are the advantages of becoming a Majority Report member?
3. Members get free stuff? What kind and how do I request what I want?
4. Should I expect a “Welcome” email from Sam when I sign up to become a member?
5. Are there any other alternatives to Paypal for membership payments?
6. Do you accept year long memberships?
7. Do you accept one-time donations?
8. Is The Majority Report podcast available on iTunes?
9. What is the email address for the show?
10. I heard Sam takes listener Instant Messages during the post show. How do I IM him?
11. How long does the show run?

1. How do I become a Majority Report member?
It’s easy! Just click on Become a Member and choose a level of membership. Memberships start as low as $10 a month. That’s only 50 cents per show!

2. What are the advantages of becoming a Majority Report member?
You mean besides supporting a strong, liberal, independent voice in the media? Well, all members also get access to the entire podcast which includes the first 40 minutes available to everyone and the Members Only post show which is another 50 minutes or more of news stories, Sam taking listener’s IMs, and some fun, candid and personal stories from Sam. PLUS (yes there’s more) every member gets at least one piece of Majority Report swag; like mousepads and DVDs. Click Membership Benefits to see the swag and Become a Member to see how much swag each membership level gets.

3. Members get free stuff? What kind and how do I request what I want?
Yes! Click Membership Benefits to see the swag and how to request yours and click Become a Member to see how much swag each membership level gets.

4. Should I expect a “Welcome” email from Sam when I sign up to become a member?
Yes. A few days after you become a member you will get an email from Sam from the email address MajorityReporters(at)gmail(dot)com welcoming you as a Majority Report Member. This email is very important since it will have information about how you sign in and get the full show podcast that non-members cannot download as well as any other content that is members only.

5. Are there any other alternatives to Paypal for membership payments?
Not at this time, though Sam is actively looking for alternatives to Paypal. Once one is found we will let all of our listeners know and update the website.

6. Do you accept year long memberships?
No. At this time only monthly memberships are available.

7. Do you accept one-time donations?
Yes. On the right-side of any page on Majority.fm you will see a section called “Make a one time donation to the Majority Report” (about 1/3 of the way down). Click on the “Donate” button to take you to PayPal where you can make a one-time donation using either your PayPal account or a credit card.

8. Is The Majority Report podcast available on iTunes?
Yes. The Majority Report is available to download on iTunes, RSS, and Zune. You can also listen live or download the show directly to your mobile phone (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry) with Stitcher. For more links see the MR Links page (coming soon).

9. What is the email address for the show?
The email address for the show is MajorityReporters(at)gmail(dot)com

10. I heard Sam takes listener Instant Messages during the post show. How do I IM him?
You can IM Sam at “majorityfm” in whatever IM application you normally use. If you do not have an IM account or unsure how to IM you can follow these steps on how to use a free program from AOL called AIM Express.

11. How long does the show run?
The Majority Report is live every weekday at 11:30am EST. The main show, which is available to everyone live and via podcast, is 40 minutes packed full of news, insightful commentary and intelligent interviews with some of the most respected minds in politics and world affairs. The Member’s Only post show runs another 50 minutes. The Members Only show continues with more news, listener IMs and fun guests. The Member’s Only podcast is available to Majority Report Members only (hence its clever name).




1. Do I need to be logged in to download the Members Only Majority Report Podcast?
2. I became a member and have not received my Members Only Welcome email yet.
3. How do I log in to The Majority Report website?
4. What should I do at the User Profile Page?
5. Where is the Members Only Content?
6. How do I download/listen to/subscribe to the members only podcast?
7. Can I see Members Only podcasts that were posted before I became a member?

1. Do I need to be logged in to download the Members Only Majority Report Podcast?
No. You can download the podcast by just using the link to your special members only podcast feed that was emailed to you in your Members Only Welcome email or in your user profile. You can also subscribe to the iTunes version of the podcast using the Subscribe in iTunes link also included in your welcome letter or user profile. See our other FAQs about how to use your user profile and viewing other members only content on the website.
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2. I became a member and have not received my Members Only Welcome email yet.
If you just became a member please give us 24-48 hours to get your account entered and email sent to you with instructions and password. Please also check the “Spam” folder in your email account to make sure that it didn’t automatically get placed there by your email system (to avoid this happening add MajorityReporters@gmail.com to your contacts list in the email client – check with the specific help documentation for the email system you use on how to do this). If you still have not received an Members Only Welcome email please send an email to MajorityReporters@gmail.com to make us aware and we will get one out to you as soon as possible.
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3. How do I log in to The Majority Report website?
In your Members Only Welcome email you will find a username (your email address) and password. Copy that information and go to Majority.fm in your web browser. At the top of the screen you will see a Members Only log in bar.

Enter the username and password copied from the Members Only Welcome email in the appropriate text boxes and click the “Log in” button. If this is the first time logging in you will be presented with your User Profile page. See the What should I do at the User Profile Page? FAQ to guide you through the profile page. If this is not your first log in, see the Where is the Members Only Content? FAQ.

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4. What should I do at the User Profile Page?

The password generated for you in the Members Only Welcome email is a random password that will be hard for you to remember. You can use your profile page to change that password to one that you will remember when you need to log into the site again. At your profile page (http://majority.fm/wp-admin/profile.php) scroll down until you see the New Password text boxes.

Enter the password you want to use (case sensitive) in both text boxes and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Update Profile” button.

You will get a “User Updated” message at the top of the screen if the change was successful.

If you would like to make more changes to your profile continue in this FAQ. If you want to leave the profile page and explore the members only content on The Majority Report see the Where is the Members Only Content? FAQ.

Other information that you can change or add to your Majority Report User Profile is your first and last name and your “nickname,” or the name that people will see when you comment on the website. Optional information about you; like your website, IM name, and background information can be added, but you do not need to share this if you do not want to.

The final bit of information in your profile is Your Feed Key. This is very important as it is the personal key and website where you can download and/or listen to the full Majority Report podcast including the Members Only show that will not be included in the free version of the podcast. Note: You do not have to be logged into the site to download or listen to the podcasts. You can click on the links in your profile page to bring you to your personal site to listen/download the podcast or subscribe to the podcast automatically in iTunes. For more information about getting the Members Only podcast see the How do I download/listen to/subscribe to the members only podcast? FAQ.
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5. Where is the Members Only Content?
Once you log in to The Majority Report website (see the How do I log in to The Majority Report website? FAQ) you will see your email address at the top of the screen and be able to see the Members Only menu link on the right hand side of the menu bar. Click the link.

You will be brought to the Members Only versions of the site posts, comments, rundowns and podcasts (http://majority.fm/category/members-only/). Here you can engage with the site like you normally would but only other members can see your comments and the podcasts attached to each day’s post will include not only the free show but the entire Members Only show too.
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6. How do I download/listen to/subscribe to the members only podcast?
There are few ways that you can download the Members Only Majority Report podcast but the two easiest are from the Members Only feed right on the Majority.fm website and from iTunes. Links to both are included in your Members Only Welcome email and listed at the bottom of your Majority Report User Profile. On the Members Only Feed Page you can listen or download the podcasts just as you did on the non-member Majority Report site. The link to iTunes works just like any other. It is important that you use your specific link since it has a special code that the website uses to recognize that you are a member.
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7. Can I see Members Only podcasts that were posted before I became a member?
Yes. Once you become a member the entire archive of Member Only shows will be available not just the shows that were posted since becoming a member. So you will be able to go back and catch up on shows that you missed when you were not a member. (Be aware that Member Only shows came on line on 2/21/2011.)
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Welcome to The Majority Report Art Gallery where we will display pieces of listener created art. If you have any pictures you want us to include here please email them to majorityreporters(at)gmail(dot)com.

Sam Seder Photoshop Studies
Lindsey Licker
by DonkeyHotey
Sam Profile
by DonkeyHotey



Opening  Music

“Pressure Drop” – The Clash

“All You Fascists” – Billy Bragg & Wilco

Closing Music

“La Poupee Qui Fait Non” – Luna

“Pilot Light” – Dave Derby

Incidental/Segue Music

“Take the Skinheads Bowling” – Camper van Beethoven

“Wild Flower” – The Cult

“I Love a Man in Uniform” – Gang of Four

“Should I Stay or Should I Go” – The Clash

“Debaser” – Pixies

“Maps” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

“Rock the Casbah” – The Clash

“Last Night” – The Strokes

“We Are the Majority” – MuckRaker


Pilot Season Soundtrack




How to IM The Show:
Looking for the easiest way to Instant Message (IM) Sam Seder at The Majority Report during the live Members Only post show?

AIM Express launches straight from the browser and does not require you to install anything. Plus it works with an AIM ID, with your Facebook login or GoogleTalk. This is not the only way to IM the show, but it is what I found is the easiest.

AIM Express can be found here: http://www.aim.com/products/express

Just click on the “Chat Now” button to start.

Once it launches it will allow you to log in using your AIM or Facebook ID. If you have neither you can sign up for a free AIM ID by clicking on “Get a username”.

Then login with the ID you choose

Once logged in, type “majorityfm” in the search field and then click “Add as buddy”

At the next screen click “+Add” then select Buddies

MajorityFM now appears on your Buddies List. Double click the entry and that will open up a text box where you can send IM’s directly to Sam!



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Call in! or Contact the Show

Call in to the show M-F 11:30am EST: 646-257-3920
Skype: majoritylive

Email us! majorityreporters at gmail (use @ and add the dot com)



Looking for the easiest way to Instant Message (IM) Sam Seder at The Majority Report during the live Members Only post show?

AIM Express launches straight from the browser and does not require you to install anything.  Plus it works with an AIM ID, with your Facebook login or GoogleTalk.  This is not the only way to IM the show, but it is what I found is the easiest.

AIM Express can be found here: http://www.aim.com/products/express

Just click on the “Chat Now” button to start.

Once it launches it will allow you to log in using your AIM or Facebook ID.  If you have neither you can sign up for a free AIM ID by clicking on “Get a username”.

Then login with the ID you choose

Once logged in, type “majorityfm” in the search field and then click “Add as buddy”

At the next screen click “+Add” then select Buddies

MajorityFM now appears on your Buddies List.  Double click the entry and that will open up a text box where you can send IM’s directly to Sam!


82 Responses to About

  1. daveyeah says:

    In before the about page is done!

  2. Wow! This is great. I love Sam and Jeanine is going to be on too.

  3. Welcome back!

  4. Hey Sam,
    Mark from Just Coffee here. Wondering if you are interested in a sponsor? Still sponsoring your old buddy from BRL, would love to talk about sponsoring your show as well. Thanks,

  5. So thrilled you are back. Just listened to Wednesday’s show where you say you are planning to start fee subscription services. Yes, I want you to make money. I wondered how you were doing it all for free. Thought maybe you were wealthy. 🙂 But, please make it reasonable, or maybe free i-Tunes, with extras for subscribers. Or, let Mark above sponsor you! I guess I’ll listen until it goes subscription. 🙁

  6. Pat Connors says:

    Been listening to you since Air America. I have just subbed you show to my iPod via iTunes. Can’t afford to pay a subscription, already have Stephanie and living on medicare…but love you. If you could make it cheap and have less of Jeanine, I would consider paying.

  7. Could you put some sort of graphic clock on the home page which shows when their is, AND WILL BE, a live show streaming. This will help people around the world to instantly see if there is something to listen to

  8. Sam!!!!!! You MUST be sure that when you talk about Just Coffee that you ALSO mention they sell tea. I don’t drink coffee but am a rabid loose leaf tea drinker. Been following Just Coffee’s sponsorship of you since BRL and then following Maron’s WTF.

    But because tea was never mentioned, I never bought from them! Finally went to their site and placed my first order for loose leaf tea and will do so from now on as long as they support you.


  9. I’ve listened to your show since it was on AAR. GLAD you’re back!

  10. Debbie says:

    Hi Sam,
    Great to hear you back on my iPhone! I’ve been listening to you since AAR and couldn’t believe it when they replaced you with Lionel. I guess that was just one of the great management decisions that got them to where they are today! I’ll definitely subscribe to your podcast service.

  11. I am very glad Sammy is broadcasting again!!!!

    One comment about Jon Stewart. As one of about 250K people who attended the rally the slams on Stewart feel personal to me. I really don’t understand the anger against him coming from you, Sammy, and Ed Schultz. The rally allowed libs to come out, sort of in answer to the grim rally that Glenn Beck did and it was a great day with a great vibe. People had fun and that seems like a really good thing to me.

  12. Yeah Sam, how GREAT to hear your voice again.

  13. YES ! 🙂

  14. plooger says:

    Listen to The Majority Report with Sam Seder at http://Majority.FM, either podcasted or streaming LIVE every weekday at 11:30am ET

    Wanna communicate with The Majority Report?

  15. plooger says:

    Follow the show on Facebook, at: The Majority Report

  16. You should offer an option which would allow listeners to choose the amount they want to give. Personally I would pay 25 dollars a month. I signed up for 19 dollars. Other people may choose to only give 5 dollars but at least that is something.

    • plooger says:

      I’m with Tim. Though my short-term solution to that will be to buy some “gift” memberships for others.

  17. Good morning 🙂

    Sam could do a good porky pig impression…I’m just saying…

  18. Kathy Katz says:

    trying to become a member, can’t do it without Paypal

    • plooger says:

      Kathy, you *can* pay via credit card, absent a Paypal account, though it’s a bit difficult to see. Look below the Email and Password login fields, any you’ll see:

      No PayPal account? Pay using your credit or debit card

  19. Alan Fisher says:

    I just signed up for a membership via paypal. I did not get a confirmation from The Majority Report after I signed up via paypal. There was no link bringing me back to the website after I finished paying at paypal. How will the membership affect me getting the after show? Can a member sign in with member privileges? I do not have a majority report sign in…

    • plooger says:

      Same reply as to the Facebook comment…

      The membership has no effect*, at present, but will once Sam identifies and “sequesters” the premium content. (currently forecasted as the post-show chat)

      * Well, I shouldn’t say “no effect” — it’ll help the show, tremendously; so, one effect is that it may help keep the show available, the best benefit of all.

      • Alan Fisher says:

        Great! thanks, big fan of Sam, Janeane and Sarah. The Young Turks model works great for me. Been waiting for Sam since he left Air America glad to have him back:-)

  20. Jeremy says:

    Is there a way to stream the show on another port? My work’s firewall blocks port 8000 and I can only listen on my iPhone which is less than ideal when I’m at work.

  21. Sam,
    What’s the monthly rate to become “A Fucking Retard?”

    • plooger says:

      What’s the monthly rate to become “A Fucking Retard?”

      $6.95/month, or less if you’re willing to commit to a full year.

      • Hey Plogger, you obviously you missed the whole meaning of my post.
        You have a “Professional Left” rate, which was coined by Robert Gibbs
        You should also have Rahm Emmanuel’s a “Fucking Retard” rate.
        That’s what the White House calls progressives.

  22. Leonard says:

    Paypal is attempting to charge my “reporter” subsription payment as $10.00/Mo., indefinitely. I would prefer to pay a fixed amount. Anyway this can be offered as an option? Or, should I just use the credit card payment method?

  23. Robert Muntz says:

    I just signed up for monthly subscription thru Pay Pal.

    Great to hear you again. I have been a supporter since day 1 when you started your radio career with AAR.

  24. It’s time to get out the two way radios!

  25. Frances says:

    I was not able to pay with a credit card. Paypal recognized me and would only let me check out with my paypal account. I rarely use Paypal and do not check my bill every month. Also, I had to open an entire new email address for Paypal since they cannot retrieve info if passwords are lost. So I get paypal via and email I rarely check. Additionally, I do not want to support Meg Whitman’s future coup attempts. If you would post an address I will, (GASP!) send you a check! Just think, no money to the big bank credit card oil company defense manufacturer hacks. Just between you, me, and my Credit Union. (Move your money! Move your money!)

    thank god the Monty Python song, look on the bright side of life finally stopped so I got control back and am able to end this email.

    Like your show SO much.
    Frances from Texas (I escaped)

    • plooger says:

      Hmmmm…. odd. I was able to get to the final “credit card only” ‘Agree and Pay’ page without Paypal recognizing that I’d supplied all the info from my main Paypal account (verified and recently accessed).

      How did you try paying? Did you enter login information on the initial payment page, or did you click on the ‘Pay using your credit or debit card’ link beneath the login fields?

  26. Absolutely thrilled you’re back, Sam. I was a faithful listener to every one of your Air America shows and the much-missed Breakroom Live. And I plan to become a member. Really. I promise. Just as soon as I start getting paid for this comic book I’m drawing. And since I listen to the podcast while I work, I can write the membership off on my taxes, right? ‘Gotta look into that…


  27. Glad to see The Majority Report back but try to take it easy on the ad-hominems.
    I agree it would be a good idea to have a clock set to Sam’s time zone next to the live stream blurb. I have no idea what local time that is for me.
    And by the way, what’s a “WESBITE”? Your banner says “PODCAST via WESBITE”. That jumped out at me. Do I need to install WESBITE, visit the WESBITE website, or is this a yuor dyselisc ourtaech? WHO IS WES AND WHY IS HE TRYING TO BITE ME?

  28. find another way to pay for subscription, visa, etc., and i will join, no paypal for me, thanks

  29. Jay Schiavone says:

    Padilla was not being tortured. Shame on you. http://www.anonymousliberal.com/2006/12/padillas-blink-code.html

  30. AIM Express is crap. Just had to agree to allow it access to my Facebook profile and now IT DOESN’T WORK. Awesome…thanks for that!

  31. I was just digging through my Twitter list and didn’t realize I followed the show host.

    I’m the station manager and programming director of an Internet radio station in south central Illinois.

    I think I listened to a few shows in the past, but forgot what it is all about. So for the past couple of hours, I’ve been listening to more recent episodes and finally remembered what I was coming here for.

    I understand you have a decent sized following on basis of listeners, but why not expand that into Internet radio?

    WWPM MediaNet has been operating non-stop since August 2010, but before then we were on and off since September 2007.

    We’re actually looking for new content and would love it if The Majority Report could join our broadcast lineup soon.

    Contact information is there if you want to get ahold of me to discuss this further.

    Thanks and have a nice day!

    • plooger says:

      I’d think you’d at least provide Sam and his team a URL. And you *do* realize that this *is* Internet radio.

  32. Sam,

    Joined up at Majority Reporter level a couple of a couple of days ago. Gotta be cheap for a while until I get a job, plus I’ve been sending MM 10 bucks a month for a while. Will I need a password? Nothing back in the mail yet.
    Is there going to be another Survival Sam episode?

    Greg A

  33. Sam,
    I’m sad to see Olbermann out, but what would make me happy is to see you move up and get your own show.

  34. Sam, your reaction to this article posted on Comcast.net by STEPHEN OHLEMACHER of the AP and also NewsBusters.

  35. National Indian Health Board Leaders Defend Indian Health Care on Capitol Hill

    Leaders Defend Indian Health Care on Capitol Hill January 19, 2011
    CONTACT: Stacy A. Bohlen (202) 680-2800
    Washington, DC—Members of the Board of Directors to the National Indian Health Board met Wednesday with key Members of Congress to support and protect the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)—and in it, the permanent reauthorization of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act (IHCIA)—as well as Indian Health Service appropriations for Fiscal Years 2011 and 2012.

    Members of National Indian Health Board’s Board of Directrors carrying this message included:

    o NIHB Chairperson and Bemidji Area Representative, Cathy Abramson – Sault Ste. Marie Chippewa Indians Sault Ste. Marie Tribes Board of Directors representing Unit 1 – Tribal Board Member & Treasurer

    o Lester Secatero – Tỏ’Hajiilee Band of Navajos Albuquerque Area Representative Albuquerque Area Indian Health Board – Chairperson

    o Andrew Joseph, Jr. – Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation NIHB Member at Large and Portland Area Representative Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board – Chairperson Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation – Tribal Council Member

    o L. Jace Killsback – Northern Cheyenne Tribe MT/WY (Billings) Area Representative Northern Cheyenne Tribal Council Member – Busby District
    Although the primary statutory vehicle for Native health care, IHCIA had not been reauthorized for over a decade until it was permanently reauthorized in the PPACA last March. The passage of PPACA and the reauthorization of IHCIA represent a jump into the 21st Century for tribal health and tribal health care providers. Among other things, new provisions in these acts provide a long overdue expansion of preventive services, establish long-term care facilities, assist elders with prescription drug costs, and increase eligibility across generations. However, the newly elected majority in the House of Representatives is intent on repealing PPACA and with it, IHCIA.

    As House Members prepared for a vote on repeal today, Members of NIHB took to Capitol Hill to let Congress know how much PPACA and IHCIA mean to Indian Country. “Tribes throughout the United States have waited more than a decade for this hard-fought legislation,” said NIHB Chairperson Cathy Abramson. “This literally is a matter of life or death for American Indians and Alaska Natives. The repeal of this law would have devastating effects on our communities and the lives of our people.”

    Chairperson Abramson, along with Board Members Andy Joseph, Lester Secatero, and L. Jace Killsback, stressed the importance of PPACA and IHCIA to staff with Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI), the new Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which has jurisdiction over health care. The Board Members also sat down with Rep. Mike Simpson (R-ID), who will now Chair the House Subcommittee on Interior Appropriations, to advocate for increased funding to IHS. Chairperson Abramson called the meeting with Chairman Simpson, “Promising.”

    Other meetings on these topics included those with Rep. Don Young (R-AK)—Chair of the Natural Resources Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs—and Indian Affairs staff for Sen. Daniel Akaka (D-HI). “Although tribes have enjoyed and benefitted from greater funding in recent years, IHS remains funded at only half the level needed to provide quality health care in Indian Country, said Mr. Secatero, “Committing to the improved health of our communities means providing us with a more generous budget for Indian Health Services.”

    In addition to Congressional meetings, NIHB Board Members had the chance to participate in a National press conference in favor the preservation of PPACA organized by Families USA, along with 150 other supportive groups.

    NIHB remains committed to the protection and improvement of health care across Indian Country and will continue to fight for these all Tribal governments on Capitol Hill and beyond. Elevating the visibility of Indian health care issues has been a struggle shared by Tribal governments, the federal government and private agencies. The NIHB consistently plays a major role in focusing attention on American Indian and Alaska Native health care needs, resulting in progress for Tribes.

    About NIHB: The National Indian Health Board is a non-profit organization established by the Tribes in 1972 to advocate on behalf of all Tribal Governments, American Indians and Alaska Natives, in their efforts to provide quality health care and improve the health status of their People. NIHB is the only organization of its kind: solely dedicated to strengthening health care for all American Indians and Alaska Natives. NIHB is located in Washington, DC.

  36. SamFan says:

    Sam, please let us make one-time donations (in any amount) to Majority Report. I can’t afford to subscribe, but I would probably send you a few bucks if you made it possible. (Maron offers this option on his site!)

    Love the show and want to support you and your efforts, but just can’t commit to $360/year. Please, let us give you money without subscribing!

  37. Just became a Majority Report Reporter.

  38. response to SamFan: $360 a year? the lowest membership is $10 a month (Majority Reporter). Which I signed up for. Thats not $360 a year. Thats $120. Unless they added 24 months to the calendar.

    • SamFan says:

      My mistake. But I’m still not able to commit to $120. I just want to be ablet to give Sam $ without a commitment, is that so wrong?

      • Its not wrong but Sam is a special man. I think its time for a commitment from you. He loves you. He wants to be with you for the rest of his life. He is the perfect man for you. Give Sam the $120 and your heart and soul. And you WILL be happy. I promise.

        Paul the match-maker

  39. Ashton says:

    Just became a member. Been listening to all of every episode; time to start paying for all these hours of entertainment!

    I use Amazon all the time, would love to know about how much goes to you for each purchase.

  40. Ben Posner says:

    I would like to join, but I cannot afford the plans. I am on a limited income,and have some health insurance probs.

    any ideas?



    • Ben,
      Please email Sam directly at majorityreporters@gmail.com. He said on the show that he will try to find options to those who cannot afford to join. Also sometimes other members donate an account that can be used by others who are on hard times.

  41. Totallynext says:

    Guest Suggestion

    Bill McKibbon – founder 350.org
    Author of EAATH

  42. Hi Sam,

    Long time no e-mail. I caught your interview with the Zimbabwean blogger of itsdelta.blogspot.com.

    There are A LOT of blogs in and from Zimbabwe. Please check out a lot of them and from neighboring Zambia and Malawi:


    You should check out the Youtube post from my online buddy CrazyIntellect (who is distant Shona or Ndebele royalty – I don’t know which one; 80% of Zimbabwe is Shona and 20% is Ndebele (Zulu related). CrazyIntellect recently went on a visit back to Zimbabwe:

    (CrazyIntellect) My trip to Zimbabwe 2009 – I report back

    The gay issue. There is a lot of media grandstanding on the issue. This his how it breaks down in ALL former British colonies in Africa. Malawi, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe became independent from 1960-1965. They had basically British law, and Britain outlawed homosexuality, as late as 1981 in Northern Ireland. So there are criminal laws on the book. However, in the 1990s, these same countries adopted constitutions that have the very broad anti-discrimination clause from the UN Charger on Human Rights written into them. (Just check out any of these countries constitutions and search for the word discrimination.) This puts the criminal law at odds with the constitution. So the issue left is the testing of these laws against the constitution. I guess this is why there are so few actual prosecutions for outright homosexuality.

    In Zimbabwe, the issue was complicated when one gay activist, who is also the boyfriend of a New Labour minister, put a ‘citizens arrest’ on President Mugabe when he visited Britain in 1999. He literally put his hands all over the president, who by the way spent a decade of his life in the racist Ian Smith’s prisons. Since then, a specific clause has been written into the Zimbabwean Constitution condemning homosexuality. It wasn’t there before, and it doesn’t exist in the constitutions of Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, etc.

    I remember the joint anti-gay proclamations from Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai. I think Robert Mugabe played that one perfectly. He weaned Morgan Tsvangirai off at least some of his western support.

    I do not know of anyone in Zimbabwe who has been convicted for homosexuality itself. Which would indicate that prosecution itself is very rare. If it was, that would present an opportunity to test the constitutionality of these laws (which is another reason why I think prosecution is rare to non-existent).

    There are A LOT of newspapers in Zimbabwe (physical and internet): like:

    Pro-government (however, also very professional):

    The Herald http://www.herald.co.zw
    ZimPapers http://www.zimpapers.co.zw
    TalkZimbabwe (Zimbabwe Guardian) http://www.talkzimbabwe.com

    Middle Of The Road:

    NewZimbabwe.com – generally MDC leaning, but with some pro-ZANU-PF contributors and some rabid (and paid) MDC contributors

    Anti-Government (US/UK/State Department/DfID sponsored):


    Mugabe And The White African

    I don’t know if you have seen this piece garbage. The word propaganda gives it too much praise. It is outright fraud, and I have debunked it here:


    The MDC

    If John Perkins was an economic hitman, the MDC is a neoliberal hitsquad. They assassinated the Zimbabwe Dollar through a credit freeze on the Zimbabwean government, through a piece of legislation called the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act of 2001 (ZDERA), sponsored by Bill Frist, co-sponsored by Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Russ Feingold and Jesse Helms.

    They put a credit freeze on the Zimbabwean government, freezing their accounts at international financial institutions overnight, from Jan. 1 2002 onwards. The effect was to force the Zimbabwean government to operate on a cash only basis, which led to printing of currency, and world record hyperinflation. This hyperinflation was also ‘helped’ by billboard inflation, from western (British) companies showing solidarity, by writing up their prices in Zimbabwe Dollars.



    (c) MULTILATERAL FINANCING RESTRICTION- Until the President makes the certification described in subsection (d), and except as may be required to meet basic human needs or for good governance, the Secretary of the Treasury shall instruct the United States executive director to each international financial institution to oppose and vote against–

    (1) any extension by the respective institution of any loan, credit, or guarantee to the Government of Zimbabwe; or

    (2) any cancellation or reduction of indebtedness owed by the Government of Zimbabwe to the United States or any international financial institution.

    From Section 3, which stipulates which banks were directly affected:



    In this Act:

    (1) INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS- The term `international financial institutions’ means the
    multilateral development banks and the
    International Monetary Fund.

    (2) MULTILATERAL DEVELOPMENT BANKS- The term `multilateral development banks’ means the

    International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the
    International Development Association, the
    International Finance Corporation, the
    Inter-American Development Bank, the
    Asian Development Bank, the
    Inter-American Investment Corporation, the
    African Development Bank, the
    African Development Fund, the
    European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the
    Multilateral Investment Guaranty Agency.


    You can see the effect of this law, which came into effect on Jan. 1 2002, on this chart, courtesy of anti-Mugabe The Economist Intelligence Unit, showing the exchange rate of the Zimbabwe Dollar vs the US Dollar. Notice the rapid deterioration from 2002 onwards.


    (The page includes more supporting data for the significance of the year 2002, and an article from Cynthia McKinney, who saw ZDERA for what it was at the time.)

    ZDERA and the MDC caused the collapse of the Zimbabwe Dollar. Now, their solution is to privatise everything, including the mines.

    Zimbabwe has the potential to export $1 billion a month in diamonds, which as you can imagine would severely suppress world diamond prices. The current monopoly on the diamond trade is held by Anglo-American De Beers, which controls 90% of the world’s diamond trade and mining. as the global monopolist, their wealth is predicated on keeping most of the world’s mines out of production. They have been working overtime to help smear the image of Zimbabwe, and hasten the installation of the neoliberal MDC.

    Check out this 1994 BBC documentary, The Diamond Empire.

  43. There is a common misperception in the public domain I wish you would address.
    “Congressional leader such and such”. “Leader of the blah blah” such and such organization.
    For the most part these people are NOT leaders. For the most part I loathe them. They are corporate whores, leeches, liars, and at my most polite: an official or just their office title.
    The last leaders who were also a politician I ever knew of in this country were Alan Grayson, Bernie Sanders, and Paul Wellston

    Thanks for what you do

  44. http://www.TheWashingtonFancy.com is an amazing political satire website.

  45. Zakery Carter says:

    A Robin Koerner, Huffington Post Writer – Interview Request


    I’m writing to ask if you would be interested in having Robin Koerner on your show. Robin is a political writer at the Huffington Post and has started the “Blue Republican” movement, which is asking Democrats and Independents to register Republican for a year to support Ron Paul in the primaries. You can read his article that started it all here – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robin-koerner/blue-republican_b_886650.html

    The facebook group and movement that has grown from this article can be found here – http://www.facebook.com/bluerepublican?sk=info

    I am handling Robin’s scheduling and I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Zakery Carter

  46. Hey Sam
    This looks great!

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