How to IM Sam During Live Show

Looking for the easiest way to Instant Message (IM) Sam Seder at The Majority Report during the live Members Only post show?

AIM Express launches straight from the browser and does not require you to install anything.  Plus it works with an AIM ID, with your Facebook login or GoogleTalk.  This is not the only way to IM the show, but it is what I found is the easiest.

AIM Express can be found here:

Just click on the “Chat Now” button to start.

Once it launches it will allow you to log in using your AIM or Facebook ID.  If you have neither you can sign up for a free AIM ID by clicking on “Get a username”.

Then login with the ID you choose

Once logged in, type “majorityfm” in the search field and then click “Add as buddy”

At the next screen click “+Add” then select Buddies

MajorityFM now appears on your Buddies List.  Double click the entry and that will open up a text box where you can send IM’s directly to Sam!

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