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107 Responses to Contact

  1. bibimimi says:

    Sam, this guy’s a schmoo.

    • Lucille says:

      as if you didnt have it..what do you want from me? let me know or fucking leave me alone you and marc maron..and bootleg Vernon!!!

    • Julio Jones says:

      Sam won’t admit that republicans havve been pushing for tax deductible health insurance for individuals for decades.
      Democrats have oppoesed it.

  2. says:

    The new website is awesome!

  3. Something wrong with “Play in PopUp” or has the MR website become fancier than my computer? Also, when I was able to hit the play button it played, then I had to pause it and it wouldn’t play again. Otherwise, it looks great, kids!

    • P.S. Got the pause/play to work. Will try the Popup again on Monday. 😀

  4. Kate McCarthy says:

    Where’s the amazon link? I need to place one more order for Christmas presents and want to send some money back to you all. I’ve shopped from more than one computer so I didn’t bookmark it.

  5. Since the new version went live — cannot get on pressing ANy button—tried all those in the live box but nothing works, not even SammyCam- which used to work when all else failed for me.

  6. Sylvester says:

    Good gawd you’re a douchebag. Shave, quit wearing douchie Park Slope glasses, and study something real before your mouth the fuck off fuckwit.

    • Yes. Indeed!
      How can he possibly get through unless he wears the right clothing!
      And other than reading “Dress for Success” what would you recommend?

      – Nattily Clad

  7. John Cook says:

    Hey Sam
    I was considering sending you a donation using a US money order but there is no mailing address. Am I missing it Whats up

  8. Wow! God bless him, but Dick Gregory went on some bizarre and extremely random tangents on Friday. But in regards to a method of “flushing out” your mind, has he considered meditation? P.S. Keep up the good work.

  9. Hina Pendle says:

    ok -you got me for the whole magila..I sign up 1/27 allowed for Shabbat and still no instructions in my email for the full show.

    Just downloaded Tim Wise..can’t wait to hear it,

    what to do?


  10. Cameron says:

    Love the show, first and foremost! I’m Very intrigued by your latest video exposing Ron Paul as a racist of sorts. Interesting broadcast to say the least. You seem to have an uncanny ability to “mobilize” progressive political thoughts to All of your listeners, bar none. I wish to inquire your permission & blessing to possibly ask your opinion/stance on some of candidate Ron Paul’s steadfast positions on his – seems to be – key running issues that he holds so dear. The goal of this exercise would ultimately become a purely informative broadcast to the nation of both the objective and subjective views he speaks consistently about without waiver.

    By the way, I attempt to check out your link regarding your proof of Sen. Paul being a racist. The site is offline. What gives? Perhaps a tactic taken by the republicans to preserve his name by shutting down the site?

    Again, I plead for your audience and intel possibly (and I’d actually prefer) via an email-base dialogue if I may be so bold to ask, haha. But it’s your call my friend. I’m a business man and rarely have time to physically speak to you through AIM, etc. during the allotted time your show is on-air.

    I truly appreciate your time and of course your consideration within this request. As I’m sure you are just as busy or more so than I in a given day.

    Mr. Seder, if you would be so kind to adhere to my humble request please email me at A thousand Thanks to you Sir! I Hope you have personally read this message to it’s entirety and realize my passion towards said issues. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks again, Cameron.

  11. I don’t why you are pushing this agenda. I guess I will only listen to the first part of your show. I listened to your show on Friday and you didn’t talk to the lady about what she was interested in presently just flirting with her and pushing her web site. I don’t blame her just you.

  12. The Oracle says:


    Enjoyed your conversation with Keith on the March 15th Countdown program, but there is even a better example of oil barrel and gasoline prices dipping due to something happening among oil futures speculators…the 2008 financial crisis.

    Was it just a coincidence that as Wall Street crashed oil barrel and gasoline prices started plummeting, with gasoline prices in the U.S. dropping below $2.00 a gallon, approaching pre-2000 Commodities Futures Modernization Act levels? Nope.

    When Wall Street crashed, not only Wall Street firms (and investors) experienced a sharp drop in trading, but the oil futures experienced a similar drop, maybe because the Wall Street “housing bubble” speculators were, and still are, oil futures speculators, too. Inadvertently, therefore, “limits” were placed on whatever trading, including on oil futures trading.

    Some Democrats apparently realized this. The 2010 Dodd-Frank orders the Republican-packed Commodities Futures Trading Commission to enforce strict trading limits on oil futures speculation, but Republicans continue to block this from happening. I’d bet we’d see what happened in 2008 repeat today if only CFTC obeyed right now Dodd-Frank and placed limits, potentially with oil barrel and gasoline prices dropping significantly, something that Republicans obviously don’t want to see happen, especially not this election year while they are bashing President Obama. Coincidence? Hardly. Right-wing conspiracy, especially with the Koch brothers heavily trading in oil futures? Highly likely.

  13. Barbara Rice says:

    Haven’t listened to Wednesday’s show, but I’m a longstanding SILENT fan and member, who is speaking up now to tell you that I’m sick of libertarians.

    The only thing that MR libertarian callers have convinced me of is that their philosophy is even stupider than I could have possibly imagined! It makes me want to throttle myself for even contemplating this idiotic philosophy in the 90s, because of my opposition to the drug war.

    I’m now over a half century old, and I’m thoroughly sick of neoliberal philosophy and lunacy. I’ve heard every half-baked argument during my lifetime and I can’t listen to libertarians or conservatives any more. Heck, I’ve even quit “National Petroleum Radio” because they’re bowing to corporate overlords.

    Sam, every time I hear another pointless repartee with a libertarian “wit” and yourself, I feel as if I’ve wasted part of my precious life. It is time stolen from a period where you could be discussing something groundbreaking and constructive.

    Please, please, please don’t make me quit you! Please keep the libertarian repartee to a minute or two. I’ve just about had enough.

  14. Barbara Rice says:

    Also, I really enjoyed Sydney Moon. If you had on more pron stars and a lot fewer libertarians, I’d be awfully happy!

  15. Not sure if this is the place to leave this comment. I like your show at this time I only listen to the free protion and plan to join when I finish paying for mt daughter’s wedding (something you should start planning for now!) I also listen to several other liberal podcasts and had a marketing idea. You could join forces with shows like David Packman and or The Young Turks and offer a trial membership to an other show along with membership to yours. This probably been thought of before but thought to send this.

    Good luck and please keep going, hopefully this will pay off for you.

    Thanks, Eric

  16. you have got to shitting me i finally agree to let you charge my credit card every month but you dont offer me a log in option to get the full program. you have to unfuck this right now

  17. i paid so where is the log in option

  18. Can we have progressive media comment on this which has been completely ignored by MSM: REPUBLICAN TRAITORS Have Been Planning to Crash the Economy Since January of 2009 via @sharethis

  19. Christopher Carman says:

    I see Mark Maron will be a guest host on ‘Attack of the Show’. Now your chance to compete.

    Only kidding. But to my surprise Cenk Uygur did a segment one night.

    And here I thought that program was for cellar dwelling gamers and late old boozers like me.

    You can’t let Mark get away with this without giving him a load of crap.

  20. Chris Thomas says:

    Wait a minute… Cenk Uygur and Mark Maron will’ve been on AoTS… I haven’t watched that since they used to loop video of Olivia Munn eating a hotdog dipped in mustard and hung from the ceiling… Good Times, good times… Definitely the End of the World, Ye Olde Apocalypse, donchaknow.

  21. damon mcintyre says:

    I am just wondering how maany times a day you get called an idiot. I am sure it happenss more than you are willing too admit too!

    Sincerely Damon Mcintyre
    former U.S.Navy

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  23. John Arthos says:

    Sam, I heard about the schmo who complained you were out too much. Please ignore. You’re doing great. Take some more vacation, we can handle it.

  24. Barry R. Urry says:

    Sam, apparently you’ve watched too much tv. People don’t get sucked out of an airplane if the hull is breached!! All you had to do is watch Mythbusters to find that one out. And . . . are you so caught up in yourself that you didn’t get Mitt’s joke?? What a moron. The real joke will be when O’numbnuts loses his job in 40 days. Laugh on jeffe!

  25. Hi Sam – I enjoy your show on occasion but I’ve so far resisted the temptation to become a member because there often seems to be missing from the dialogue. A case in point: I was disappointed in yesterday (October 31)’s discussion with Matt Stoller about his Salon article that neither you nor he pointed out the obvious context of this Presidential election and the implications of it. That is, both of you seemed to assume that we vote by national referendum. We don’t. This means that if you’re a progressive living in New York (or probably 45 other states in which this election will not truly be contested), you’re wasting your vote by voting for Obama who neither needs your vote or deserves it. Obama will win by 20 percentage points without the votes of progressives who would be better served by voting, as I will, for Jill Stein and the Green Party. It’s a shame that you missed this chance to promote a realistic and strategic vote for a Third Party.

  26. Finally became a member! I’m wondering how I can download the episode to play it through itunes and put it on my ipod?


  27. dann baker says:

    Great Taibbi interview. But I’m seeing an unwillingness to connect the dots. We need to draw conclusions from this seemingly irrational refusal of the FBI to prosecute HSBC. Is it a matter of a “gray market” existing for virtually every large bank? This is no esoteric topic, is it? Or perhaps the desire of politicians to accept lucrative board positions at financial institutions upon retirement? Is this not a case of oblique bribery?

  28. Sam,

    The pro-gun blather that you and Cliff Schecter have been talking about is also the theme this week of coast to coast am. The guest host John Wells is one of those, “they are coming to take our guns!” gun nuts. He has been on this rant for the past two nights. He not the only one, the regular host, George Norrey is in that group too. They never bring on anyone with a differing viewpoint. This show is as much to blame for this absurb gun ranting as any other right wing show. You should mention that sometime. I think it is time to take on this show and call it on its bullshit.

  29. Forum please!!!!!

  30. Marcus Lewis says:


    Check this out. This scary, and could render the gun control argument moot. What happens when the gun control issue becomes part of the freedom of information issue? When 3d printing matures as an industry, people will download and print weapons.

    What do you think?

  31. I thought you made Jonathan Alter look like a fool. I can’t figure out if the guy is just a dim bulb, or if he is paid to print this nonsense.

    His position,
    which is uncomfortable close to Obama’s, seems to be you should ask your parent for more lunch money to win over the school bullies who are robbing you every day.

  32. Gregory says:

    Sam, you are about as entertaining as a plastic bag. Aside from the name calling you do, I see that your resume and education is a bit conspicuous in its absence. Take my advice, a night course or two, and then the snarkiness can at least be clearly defined with some semblance of understanding if not clarity.

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  33. Hi Sam,

    Great job on Viewpoint the other night. I am so glad you brought up why the IRS “scandal” may not be a scandal or an illegal act. If all the IRS did was target some groups as part of job efficiency, there was nothing illegal about that. There is nothing wrong either with “targeting” per se. Any investigative body would use targeting in order to be more efficient with their time and resources. THe only real issue with the IRA doing this with certain 501 [4][c’s] is whether or not they were doing this for political reasons. And there doesn’t appear to be any evidence so far that this was the case. In fact only about 1/4 of those groups that were put thru the ringer in terms of needing to provide lots of informatoin [and there is nothing wrong with that either] were “Conservative” groups. So not sure one can even claim these Conservative groups were singled out all that much.

    Rick Unger was correct in claiming that the White House is bad at messaging. It’s too bad you can’t be in charge of their Communications Dept. because I think you would be superb at this job. In reality though the Obama Administration has been not only poor at messaging but also poor at being on offense with a more forceful strong leadership attitude. They sort of ceded that attitude the moment they took it upon themselves to let bygones by bygones with all the criminal behavior in the Bush Administration not choosing to investigate any of it even going so far as to obstruct justice. The Obama Administration never seems able to send the signal that they mean business and show that they mean it. RJ

  34. Hello there, You have performed an excellent job. I’ll definitely digg it and in my opinion suggest to my friends. I’m confident they’ll be benefited from this site.

  35. Oakland Joe says:

    That Michelle Alexander archive show is so relevant and so dope you should play it once a month. How articulate and eloquent she is. Your question too struck right to the heart of the issues. Very impressive, very impressive!

  36. In light of the Reza Aslan Book. This is a film you should see.

  37. john carpender says:

    good Limbaugh video

  38. David Ferdinand says:

    Hi Love you guys BUT trying to become a member-
    note says I don’t need to use paypal (and I HATE paypal- today just adding to that hatred)
    but there does not appear to be any way to pay without using or signing up for paypal
    How can I just use my credit card?

  39. Douglas says:

    Hey sam-

    Love love LOVE the show!

  40. Douglas says:

    Hey Sam-

    Your IPCC report ppiece reminded me of the NPR piece yesterday. Popular Science is ending public comments on its online magazine. The reason? Nutty birther types are ruining the science.
    The link:


    I do want to become a member, I just need a monthly auto EFT…

    Doug in Denver

  41. Tom Campbell says:

    Sam –

    Living in Honolulu I listen to the podcast long after the live show. I’ve been ill the past couple of days did not get to listen to the podcast until after 10 pm Hawaii time (4 am Wednesday morning in New York), so you probably have already heard this.

    Regarding Sodastream, there is a sort of knockoff, made by Cuisinart. However I’d call it a knock-up rather than a knockoff, because the unit costs more, and although the CO2 tanks cost about 1/3 less than the ones used by Sodastream, they are half the size. In short, you end up paying a lot more, probably more than you would pay for name brand soda when it goes on sale at the supermarket.

    The reason there aren’t a lot of knockoffs has more to do with maintaining a supply network for the CO2. A countertop soda machine uses custom sized CO2 canisters that commercial suppliers who fill large CO2 canisters for restaurants & bars aren’t tooled to fill, and on top of that you need each transport vehicle that carries compressed CO2 canisters across state lines needs to pass regular inspections & to have a special license from the EPA. So you’re faced with either retooling thousands of CO2 suppliers nationwide, or buying/renting a fleet of EPA certified truck & planes. This is the reason why even Sodastream has taken years to expand their marketing reach across the US.

    I’m really conflicted now, because I didn’t know that it was manufactured in the occupied territories. I bought mine used on eBay and I don’t buy their syrups, making my own lemon soda by sweetening bottled lemon juice and an Orangina like soda by using defrosted frozen OJ concentrate. But I still have to get my CO2 canisters through a Sodastream distributor, so I am supporting the company, only less than most customers. Bummer. Thanks for making my life a bit more miserable, Sam. (just kidding – I’m glad to know)

    To blend the subject of Israel with movie recommendation, check out the 2012 Israeli film, “Out in the Dark”, which I saw at this year’s Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival. It’s about a same-sex relationship between a jewish Israeli & a Palestinian Israeli who lives in Gaza, but commutes each day to attend university classes inside Israel. It offers a unique perspective on the political and social conflicts because Jewish & Palestinian Israelis who are LGBT are both not fully accepted by their traditional cultures & as outcasts, with only a limited number of safe places to socialize freely, there is more cross-cultural relationships than among straight Israelis. It’s a work of fiction with some good political intrigue and a much more realistic ending than you’d get from a Hollywood production, but by all accounts a very authentic depiction of life & issues in contemporary Israel. There is also a very good 2009 documentary, “City of Borders”, which I also saw at the Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival only in 2010, which gives a glimpse into the lives of LGBT Jewish & Palestinian Israelis who all patronize the only gay bar in Jerusalem and who come together to organize a gay pride parade despite their conflicting religious, cultural & political positions. It’s really heartbreaking to see gay Palestinians who face persecution in their own community risking getting shot sneaking across the wall at night just to go to a place where they can be themselves. It’s also unnerving to see what at first looks like any dance club in the US, until you realize that what initially appear to be purses or backpacks hanging off the shoulders of patrons are actually machine guns. It’s a very good film with both humor and some pretty tense moments.

  42. Douglas says:

    Great interview with Adele today.

    I know it takes a while for you guys to read these, but the Center for Protection of Patient Rights is one of those 501(C)3’s-a non-profit-No wonder the IRS was looking at these guys! Open Secrets shows 24 Other groups funded by CPPR!!!

  43. Douglas says:

    Sorry- 501(C)4…still tax exempt

  44. Larry Ball says:

    What song is it that you play at the beginning of the show? Clash? Sex Pistols? Name of song – please. Instant cred there.

  45. Ok I get it now, you’re a comedian acting stupid, I thought you were serious. Read Thomas Jefferson in your spare time.

  46. Todd Enrico says:

    Why do you only accept membership payments via paypal? Do you realize what a pain in the ass setting one up is? I like listening to you, but I’m 5 seconds away from giving up on sending any money to your cause due to frustration. If you accepted straight up credit cards directly like everyone else, you’d probably have considerably more members. Oh well, back to trying to get this set up.

  47. douglas says:

    Regarding your second anti-gay interview….he’s not the only one having to ansewr this question. I happen to live in an open society, and when my 6-year-old son asked me, “what is ‘gay’, daddy?”, I replied, “Well, there are a million ways to be happy, and that is one them.” BTW, we have 3 families raising perfectly normal kids in same-sex families at our school. The world HAS moved on, you are soooo right.

  48. says:

    app good on my ipad but I cant log in on my iPhone 5s running ios 7.0.4. it says wrong id/pw but it works when I sign in from a desk top or my ipad with the same id/pw. Should I change my pw and try again? love your show. I only wish I could afford to contribute more as a member.
    Thank you

  49. Randie says:

    I just became a member. How do I login

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  51. As a late baby boomer, I’ve always been told that the labor market would open up for me as the earlier baby boomers retired ahead of me. The Republican position against the ACA would, as you stated, keep them in the workplace, and put a downward force on income onto everyone.


    Sam Zell claims wealth disparity caused by policies and then offers “unfunded social security” as one specific example (see link above). He also complains about the President getting away with lying about his healthcare law while Gov. Christie’s “Bridgate has gotten more press”.

  53. says:

    You should do a segment on the sperm shortage in the U.S. due to all the GOP Koch suckers.

  54. Kate Orr says:

    I purchased a membership and had browser troubles. The payment is confirmed on PP but I never created any login credentials. What to do?

  55. Kate Orr says:

    Seriously, though. How do I log in?

  56. Kate Orr says:

    … found the About section. If I could delete the above two posts from existence, I would do that.


  57. douglas says:

    It strikes me this morning that the economy Professor Block (if that IS his real name) describes is that of a prison.
    Where else are people exchanging pens for wristwatches (or cigarettes) and thinking working for $3 is better then nothing!

    BTW, wanna trade those glasses for my old flip-phone?

    Your in insanity,


  58. Eva Rubinstein says:

    Recently on one of the morning talk shows, you said something about “Now Frankenstein is out there on the loose…” but I am sure you know that Frankenstein was the doctor who MADE the monster, not the monster…

  59. How come you don’t have Norman Goldman on as a guest.

  60. Hi Sam, I have been hearing about you taking over Thom’s old time spot, I am not a member, but will be soon, anyways I see there is an Iphone app to listen live, which is cool, but is there a live stream on iTunes? I would love to be able to tune in, while I haven’t listened to your show Majority report a lot, I listen to Ring Of Fire religiously, as well as Thom Hartman, and Mike Malloy, anyways look forward to tuning in to your show.

  61. Do you have any clips of Megan Kelly Cheerleading the war?

  62. Carl Jacobson says:

    New Topic for Show: Penn & Teller

    I have been watching Penn & Teller’s show Bullsh*t! for several seasons now. At first, they just focused on the usual suspects of fringe beliefs or practices like astrology, homeopathy, psychic-healers, etc
    But then their shows started to veer more to the right like shows debunking Global Warming, Organic Food and then finally even Religion itself.
    I started to research Penn & Teller and found that not only were they Skeptics and Libertarians but that they were devoted followers of Ayn Rand and even members of the CATO Institute. The CATO Institute is a libertarian/conservative think-tank co-founded by the Koch Brothers.
    In my opinion, I think that Penn & Teller are mouthpieces for the Koch Brother’s agenda. I haven’t seen them do a show on the fallacies of Ayn Rand’s Objectivist beliefs or the Koch Brothers and the Tea Party..
    Penn & Teller started as witty, innovative magicians/con-men and have now become shills for a corporatist agenda. I think they should be called out for it.

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  65. Jack cann says:

    Sam, you are a brain dead dufuss, these so called refugees are nothing but invaders of our country. How about you house them at your place, feed them, cloth them and take care of them yourself. Put your money where your mouth is. However we all know you won’t do that, your just another mouth piece of the corrupt obama administration. Please leave the country and take all your refugees with you.

  66. Do any of you americans know why it has been determined that Americans are the dumbest generation which has existed. Don’t get mad at me , the proof is in all the hundreds of YouTube videos being showed all over the world.

    To get insulted over this proven and tested fact is to only show indeed that you are stupid. Instead , be humble and inquire and try to see what or who has made you dumb.

    The evidence is astronomical

  67. Andrew Radetich says:

    You should be on WCPT 2pm-5pm cst. Santos is a loser.

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  73. douglas says:


    you are missing a huge story in Colorado. JeffCo high school students are walking out because of a radical right school board’s moves to censor the history texts. The real story is the charter/privatize movement behind the board’s recent superintendent hire. Check

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  76. Randie Vietti says:

    How do I unsubscribe. I have been unable to get even the free version on my I-Pad. Yea, its an old IOS 5.1, but I used to able to listen as a member. Now I cant. I’m not going to run out and buy a new I-Pad so I can listen to your show. I am at least able to get the free version on Stitcher, but why pay for membership when I cant listen to the slightly New York centered-all folks west of Boston are hicks-East Coast Elite, “funner half”

  77. Ben Blount says:

    Great show. Love you guys. Keep up the great works and it’s wonderful to have voice of reason from you & Pakman and the TYT gang. Thanx

  78. Mark Henderson says:

    I’m an infrequent listener from back in the Air America days but I tune in for the big events once in a while. Have to say, I was a little disappointed in your position on the shootings in France. As a satirist yourself, how did you miss the true target of these attacks? Charlie Hebdo mocked everyone. World leaders, religions, celebrities, anyone with power. Why would they do this? Because ridiculing people with power is one of the only checks we have against them. In a free society contempt and ridicule protects us from tyranny without using guns or even threats of violence. Mocking and shaming the powerful is how we keep them in line or oust them from power. Charlie Hebdo served a very important function in the world and they were good at it. So good they even threatened a god.

  79. Freeze-dried gold?

    I’ll take summa that action!

  80. Sam – I’ve been listening since your first show on Air America with Janeane. I still love the show, but lately there seems to be some changes. It sounds like Michael and Matt are chiming in with more comedic input, and it’s getting kinda old. It sounds too Morning Zoo-ish. Sorry…

  81. please turn up the microphones. notice how sometimes the phone calls are much louder than Sam? Move the mics up to that level and we will all be able to hear much better.

  82. would it be possible to be interviewed on your show & now post a link to my crowdfunding campaign which w make road travel safer in the USA also Thank U & take care. ~ ciao

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  84. Please (please!) make your website secure (HTTPS, not HTTP). Anybody who is sniffing your traffic will see everybody’s usernames and passwords.

  85. Please clean up this comment section. Some of the comments are over 3 years old.

  86. You should check out this Michael Isikoff news piece directly linking Scott Walker to the dark money of billionaire John Menard Jr.

  87. So the Daily KOS scuttlebutt is that Hillary Clinton has signed a lease for a building on Clinton St., near that Gwanas Canal you speak about in every opening. Great timing Sam, you can wander over to interview the campaign when it strikes up.


  88. Tom Campbell says:

    Regarding Michael Brooks’ depiction of Rand Paul is highly offensive & insulting. Senator Paul is not some unsophisticated antisemite – he would NEVER insult Sam or anyone else by simply calling them “Jew”. No, he would say “filthy Jew” or “Christ killer”. He’s a much more sophisticated antisemite than you give him credit for. You owe the Senator an apology.

    Love the show, guys. Listening to the Majority Report is part of my daily routine – due to the time difference between New York & Honolulu I rarely listen live, instead downloading the podcast & listening as I go through my day. The last time I was in the chemo clinic one of the nurses scolded me for laughing out loud. You should have seen the look on her face when I tried to explain rightwing Mandella to her – priceless. Keep up the great work, guys.

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  92. Michael Brooks is a Fucking idiot